Grade the 'American Idol' finale:

  • Toni - 2 months ago

    Chayce was a fighter. Whole package going on! Grace and Willie may have had the bigger voices but don t see them in a pop or country radio!!

  • Sallie - 2 months ago

    In my opinion, the right choice was made. Chayce is the whole package, voice, talent, personality, not to mention his incredible good looks. If he keeps his head on straight, he will go far in the music industry. No denying the enormous voices of Willie and Grace but I cannot imagine sitting thru two hours of either of their concerts but cannot wait for Chayce to go on tour!!!

  • Shirley Williams - 2 months ago

    I was glad to see Chayce win!! He was so humble and the song touched home to so many Mamas❣️ I also enjoyed the top 3 so much as well as Casey❣️

  • Marinn - 2 months ago

    Absolutely stoked that Chayce won. Willie and Grace had the pipes to belt out the impressive notes but Chayce was humble and genuine. He deserved the win.
    Unfortunate that Caleb had a video emerge from years ago. I was also rooting for him. He is extremely talented.
    And was disappointed Casey didn't make it into the finale. She was an entertainer and fun to watch. Loved her duet with Luke! I absolutely loved the duet with Chayce and Luke!

  • Dawn - 2 months ago

    People! This is American Idol, not The Voice!! We’re not looking for a “stand in one spot” singer with just a great voice. I also loved Grace and Willie’s voices, but they were not entertaining or had stage presence. Unless they move around on stage and connect with the audience, a 1-2 hr concert of theirs would be a bit boring. I’ve been to disappointing concerts like that. We are looking for an all inclusive entertainer... voice, stage presence, entertainer, musician, sing various genres, write music from experience and from the heart. Of the 3, that’s what Chayce is. I can see that 1-2 hr entertaining concert fairly soon in his career. He came into the competition from a Van Halen and Bob Marley genre, and found he could also be in the Country genre, which gives him more “sell ability” in various genres and concerts. I was very disappointed when Alyssa and Deshawn were eliminated though. I would have picked them over Grace and Willie for the “full package” entertainment they showed. Casey was also great! I think the judges need more vote throughout the entire decision making, so it’s based on entertainment factors and not a popularity vote. I think these 6 Entertainers will all go far if they put in the hard work. I’ll be watching for each of them!! Good luck!! Great job AI!!

  • Sandra Johnson - 2 months ago

    I stop watchin America idol along time ago...just happen to watch this season...still the same...Willie should had Won...I WILL NEVER EVER watchs this show again...AMERICAN IDOL SUCK

  • Paul - 2 months ago

    Casey Bishop should have been in there and then the win a absolutely great voice

    Also i feel winner is not totally picked by the viewer that has a which way to go for the idol people for them to say who will be the winner

  • David Weatherholt - 2 months ago

    There is no way in hell Chayce should have won. Both Willie and Grace could sing him under a table.

  • Kristie - 2 months ago

    I predicted this. But I feel like as for as range and control go, Grace is the winner by far. Willie is also great, better than Chayce! But he to can sing and after all its a singing competition

  • Dana L Crawford - 2 months ago

    Omgoodness ! They are all soooooo talented.if I was 30 yrs younger I'd be in apple valley stalking chase.he is soooooo good looking talented sexy.i wonder who the lucky girl will be in his future.he better like the women!!! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.hats of to mom and dad.

  • Terry - 2 months ago

    I think Casey Bishop was the true American Idol this year. However she wasn’t one of the 3 finalists. Vocally willie and Grace were way more vocally talented than Chayce . It’s always had to see some fan favorites fall short. I just wonder if Grace was a slimmer woman and Willie a slimmer man if it would have made a difference in the nationwide voting? At the end of the day Chayce was crowned the Champion. Let’s just see how their careers progress.

  • Darlene - 2 months ago

    Willie was definitely the winner of this competition. He performed beautifully. every week,has the best voice and the most talent. Why does America typically vote for the white male regardless whether he has talent or not, ie; Chris Allen, Lane Hardy? Makes me wonder if a majority of the AI voters are racist, sexist, don’t like overweight people or people who are religious?

    Btw, Grace should have been the runner up and Chase 3rd!

  • Linda Twomey - 2 months ago

    I think Willie was robbed. He by far had the best voice, not just yelling loud or raspy but not excellent. I really thought he was steady and consistently excellent each round and everything the judges asked of him or selected for him to sing.

  • Chris Coffer - 2 months ago

    I've finally decided like some other things. I tired of the real people being looked over for the lesser. That's it American Idol, I'm done with you too!! Some things will never change until God returns Himself! All the best American Idol. I will no longer be a viewer. I guess we'll have another Jennifer Hudson...born out of people who are honest with themselves. How you all like her now, will you ever see the beauty of life, and may fill it in! Too many insecurities ????

  • Anita Klincko - 2 months ago

    Its about the whole package and Chase was the only one. The other two could sing for sure and will get recording deals. But as far as in the public eye it would be difficult to stay engaged watching them.

  • shirley - 2 months ago

    I wanted Chayce to win from the beginning. He was consistent every week in his performances and I can see him actually having a career after Idol unlike many that I haven't heard about since they won Idol. Everyone has an opinion about who should have won and I am so happy it was Chayce and no other contestant was robbed for sure of the title American Idol.

  • gaye mclaughlin - 2 months ago

    I thought the finale was great ! I was hoping Willie would of won but he didnt. Chance and Grace were good . I feel the right one hasn't won in the past 3 years ! I also agree that the judges should select thewinner. It becomes a popularity contest.

  • DIANA - 2 months ago

    I'm very disappointed with the finale Willie and Grace were the best ones chance was not that good Willie should of been the winner won't watch American IDOL no more

  • Yvonne james - 2 months ago

    I think that Willie should have won this it grace is a great Singer but Willie won it I have watch the voice and American idol I have not seen a black man or man win I don't think it's fair because we have had some amazing people on the show

  • Salomeja - 2 months ago

    This year was absolute BS!! Grace should’ve won easily. Every single year America always pick the people with the saddest story to tell and never the actual voice. Should’ve been grace then Willie then Chayce.. NOT the other way around

  • My Favorite was Grace she was exceptional - 2 months ago

    Without a Doubt the winner should have been Grace. We hear too much of Chayce voice year after year. Grace wad sooo good. Excellent job Grace

  • Gloria Kirkendall - 2 months ago

    I think it should have been Grace to win and Willie 2nd as he was. Chayce don't have the professional voice as they do. I think the final judgement should be up to the judges, they are more experienced in vocals than the American public.

  • Nina Gregersen - 2 months ago

    My choice was grace way better singer and liked Casey. All top 10 were great

  • k wall - 2 months ago

    Casey Bishop could sing anything and should have won. Willie and Grace do better in church. Chayce not in top 10. Best country singer was young boy Luke sent to Grand Old Opera and did not make cut.

  • Kathy - 2 months ago

    I like Chayce but I really wanted Grace to win

  • Madeline - 2 months ago

    Willie and Grace should have had a run off with Alicia Wray . From the begining I felt one of them would win.

  • Debbie - 2 months ago

    Willie should had Won ,His Voice was amazing.You could fill the joy in his Singing. They my Opinion made the Wrong choice,

  • Kathy - 2 months ago

    The finale was too long ! 2 hours would have been good ! I liked Chayce from day one ! I also liked Willie as well but I did want Chayce to win and Willie to be second place and Grace in third just as it was announced ! I think that all 3 will have careers in music !

  • Ronniered - 2 months ago

    Come on people! America voted and Chayce won! He’s super talented, writes his own songs and has a voice that one recognizes immediately! Willie was great, as was Grace! Both would do great on Broadway or go as far as they want! There are so many talented singers on AI anymore that it’s really hard to chose who’s best. Plus as we all know you don’t have to win to have a fabulous career ahead of you.
    I personally love the judges, I think they’re the best we’ve had in years.

  • Dean - 2 months ago

    I think Willie should have won and Grace second place those two are good your winner was not as good as some of the other singers he should have been voted off where did this win come from Willie and Grace was cheated last night anyone with ears to hear no Willie should have won and from the comments of the judge’s they thought so to this win was rigged that boy cannot sing you all no this is not right but now you don’t no how to go back and fix it

  • Becky Lott - 2 months ago

    I was very surprised Chase won this competition because his voice is definitely on just about one lane. Gravelly, to my ear, very country/bluesy, but great! In my opinion, he doesn’t have the voice to cross all genres of music, or the appeal to a wider range of listeners determined by age/ethnicity/styles! However, he’s fabulous at what he does!!
    Congratulations to Chase!! I’m really happy for your accomplishment!! I pray this will give you the boost to keep on your rising star!! ????????????????

  • Sonya - 2 months ago

    I wanted Chance to win all along. He makes the best fit for American Idol.

  • Cheryl - 2 months ago

    Chayce was my pick from the beginning. Love his voice and choice of music.

  • Angela Hale - 2 months ago

    Personally, I expected it to be Grace and Willie, with Willie winning overall. Chayce was good and he had a great story to tell. But this year's talent was incredible. I have watched this show off and own since the first episode many years ago. I do think the judges should have more of a vote in the final round. Not just audience votes. I look forward to seeing all of 3 in the future as they embark on their music careers.

  • Linda romero - 2 months ago

    I think Willie should have won, Chayce 2nd. I’m glad Grace did not win. She has a beautiful voice, but I didn’t like her attitude & way she treated others. She acted like she had this made, too conceited. I think Casey should have been in the finals. She over all better than Grace. I think when Caleb was dropped, they should have put Casey or Hunter in, in his place. My winners would have been 1. Willie 2. Casey 3. Chayce

  • Deborah A Nedab - 2 months ago

    I think Willie should have won. I also think that Grace should have been in final 2. Chase was good but not as good as the other 2 singers. All the build up and the ending was a great disappointment again.

  • Bill Baeschlin - 2 months ago

    The show was (3) hours and that was an hour to long. The show very good, but they should of allowed Hunter or the returned artist from last year to fill in the slot when they dismissed the artist for a photo. All the remaining singers were very good, Chayce did very well with the songs he was given, but the other two were given more powerful songs to perform and this is what made them stand out more so.

  • Lisa M Greenwood - 2 months ago

    I think Casey was robbed and Willey and Grace should of been top two. Reminded me of Taylor Hicks season. They new before last night. Because Grace wasn't even upset my son quit watching after Jennifer Hudson got robbed by the show I'm beginning to think he's right it's rigged

  • Gloria - 2 months ago

    Willie and Grace were excellent. Make sure they get contracts for future performances.

  • Debbie Mugridge - 2 months ago

    I feel Casey Bishop should have been the winner. I still do not understand how she was voted off!! Grace was robbed she was better than Chase or Willie put together

  • martha - 2 months ago

    I feel Willie or Grace should have won. They are much better singers. But I really wanted Willie to win. I hope some record label pick up these two. Martha

  • Laurie - 2 months ago

    There was no way the finale should have been 3 hours. I was there to see who won. Grace was robbed. She should have won. I won’t be watching ever again as I feel the voting is fixed. This isn’t a popularity contest but a singing contest. So many good singers were let go too soon.

  • Vickie - 2 months ago

    SO MANY GREAT singers this year! BUT THE TOP 2 singers were Willie Spence and Casey Bishop!! When Caleb Kennedy dropped out I think they should have put Casey or Hunter in his place.
    Hunter probably would not have won the top prize but I just love his unique voice and his sweet personality! Don't think I have heard this by anyone but his voice so much reminds me of Christopher Cross from years ago...Sailing, Theme from Arthur.

  • Mary - 2 months ago

    I wish they would go somewhat back to the old format. I hate that they rush through everything. The one thing I don't miss is how the auditions used to drag on an on with all of the bad singers they featured. Having said that, I wish when they get to the top 12 or 10, they go back to voting off one at a time and also do not vote off the night of performances. I think it makes this more of a popularity contest than a show about who deserves to be the American Idol. Some people may have a bad performance every once in a while but not be the worst but stand a chance of getting voted off when vote multiple people off at the same time. I have noticed that they say to vote for your favorite - not to vote for who is most talented. I hate what this has turned into. I really thought Willie or Grace should have won. I like Chayce a lot but think he was too one note. I was super happy to see Murphy on the show. That was one case of a big screw up letting him go when they did. He was so much better than many they kept. I hated hearing "they have potential for the cute young things" and then nope not good enough for other folks who sounded so much better than some they moved on. Going to have to think twice about whether I watch the next season. They also need a shakeup of judges. Would love to see some of the old judges back.

  • Larry - 2 months ago

    There were a few contestants that I thought was better than Chase. I was sure he would be voted off before Grace. Between Grace and Willie, it was extremely close. Willie was perfect on every note on every song. Grace was a baby step behind him throughout the competition. im curious how much their stories play a part in America’s decision?

  • Lisa - 2 months ago

    I’m happy Chayse won. I truly believe the best performer or entertainer was Casey Bishop. She has an amazing voice and was a performer. She didn’t just stand there and sing. Yes Grace and Willie both had outstanding voices but in my opinion need to be more entertaining.

  • Gloria J Paige - 2 months ago

    I think the wrong person won we all know Willie Spence should have won. I have nothing against Chayce but American idol also knew Spence was the best singer from day one of the audition. It don't matter whether you are black or white to me but fair is fair. I think Spence did not win because of his skin color. I am sure it would have been upsetting to people's if 2 blacks had won back to back. Just Sam 2020 and Willie Spence 2021. I think American idol has a lot to do with the voting. I even think Chayce didn't expect to win because he knew Spence was the better contestant as a singer. But congratulations to Chayce and congratulations to Willie you both have a hard road ahead .

  • Emeraldel - 2 months ago

    Willie didn’t have the optics and I’m sure that’s why Chayce won. Willie has the better voice and hopefully will get the contract he deserves. I’m glad and sad for Chayce because he’ll have all that temptation for drugs as a singing star. May he be granted a super human strength to avoid it.

  • Alice MacCord - 2 months ago

    I loved Chase the first time I heard him sing on the show. I think he was a great Choice for winning. He deserves it very much. Grace and Willie were fantastic too. But I believe that Chase was the right choice

  • Nikolaus - 2 months ago

    Once again. The best singer did not win. So sad America.

  • Anita Warren - 2 months ago

    Grace and Willie were the front runners. Chayce was the contestant who had struggled with addiction, overcame obstacles, and was " the pretty boy."
    I hope Grace & Willie will become famous in their own right, like Jennifer Hudson did.
    I am done with American Idol. I gave it one more chance this season, but the winner is unfairly determined....The winner is in the bag..terribly disappointing.

  • Cherryl - 2 months ago

    Too long!!!! Grace and Willie has stronger voices

  • Sharleen - 2 months ago

    I gave American Idol another chance this year after many years of not watching because I was consistently disappointed in the outcome. And once again the wrong person won. I won't be watching again. The judges were great and they should have more say in the final outcome. The voters don't look at talent..its just a popularity vote and western always trumps true talent. No more American Idol for me.

  • Laura Parker - 2 months ago

    Hunter should have been in the finals, and possibly the winner. He is awesome and will go further than any of the contestants!

  • Mary ann bertsch - 2 months ago

    Last time that I will be watching American Idol everyone was very fantastic this year however Grace was the top performer with every song she sang don’t know why she came in third -and three hours is a long time to wait for the final answer goodbye American Idol looking forward to America’s got talent

  • Karen Stinson - 2 months ago

    I like Chayce BUT felt Grace should have won.
    I turned it off once SHE was eliminated.
    Big disappointment.????

  • Oralia Cruz - 2 months ago

    Grace was the best overall package, best singer, what a voice......again American Idol is disappointing me....Willie should have been the runner up and Grace the winner......Time will tell like so many other times on this show....the best singers that were sent home have made it big.....Good luck Grace, God Bless you, your future is very bright!

  • Donna - 2 months ago

    Willie and Grace were clearly the superior singers and yet the country singer with a froggy voice with every song sounding the same same same won. I’m tired of this show.

  • Bee - 2 months ago

    The votes need to be balanced with the judges votes, maybe 50/50, because America votes for looks or whiteness or story rather than singing ability.

  • Walidah Bennett - 2 months ago

    Willie Spence, by far was the best, should have won. As is most often the case with singing competition the public tends to be heavily weighted on from the country genre which in my opinion does represent the broader public's listening preferences.

  • Janet Lyman - 2 months ago

    I think Grace should have won. She was robbed. Willie should have been the runner up. What great voices they have.. I am very disappointed with the out come.

  • Rose - 2 months ago

    Grace should have won. When they said she was going any further I turned the channel. Just like the week before when Casey was voted off I couldn't believe it. Her and Grace should have been the two finials not them two guys. Terrible can't watch anymore.

  • Rebecca Taylor Porter - 2 months ago

    Willie Spence was absolutely the best singer and Grace should have been first runner up. Both of them have exceptional voices, and both no doubt will go on to be successful. I think the winner won because of his story more so than his vocal ability. I just hope success will not send him back to those dark areas in his life before American Idol. Best wishes to all.

  • Thomas - 2 months ago

    Grace should have won and I liked her a lot she was a wonderful singer and haas great voice she was my favorite

  • Dan - 2 months ago

    I thought the overall talent for the season was pretty good, but the finale was disappointing. The moment seemed a bit too big for the contestants during most of the show. Generally speaking, two major mistakes were made during the season. 1) Murphy should never have been released by the judges and 2) the comeback contestants should have started far earlier so there would not be so much unfounded resentment against them. People say "they had their chance" but honestly, they really didn't. And this AI format made it even worse. The format was not their fault and it should not have been held against them. But Idol waited so long to reveal this twist that voters were already fully invested in their favorites. This may be one of those odd seasons again where several contestants who were not in the top 3 will end up having the most successful musical careers. Right off the top, I'm thinking of Wyatt Pike, Arthur Gunn, Murphy, Casey Bishop. Just that group alone is very talented. Music producers are not so stupid though, so they'll give the right ones a true shot.

  • Lori Wilson - 2 months ago

    Grace was the winner runner up Willie. Disappointed.

  • Dawn - 2 months ago

    I was for Willie or chayce to win. There were alt of good voices in the completion that didn’t make it. Graces voice may have been good but her personality was my problem she thought she was gonna win she was not kind to Willie on duet and did you she her expression last week when she thought she was gonna get cut because her name was called last? I just didn’t like her attitude. Not humble or nice to others. Loved willies and chayce. Willie I beleive has God guiding his path! He will go far!! The judges all need to be replaced on idol especially Katy she makes no bones about who she is for. And was rude when grace got cut showing disappointment that was rude for other contestants! A judge shouldn’t act that way they should act more impartial. And they should not have 50 / 50 at end on cuts they don’t pick best just look at Cecil he was horriable has bad voice and was a criminal. Show needs a redo check out contestants and get new judges I won’t watch next year! Sick of the judges we have finale was to long should have been 2 hours was happy with final 2 .

  • Finn Treanor. - 2 months ago

    Chayce has the overall package. Yes Grace and Will can belt but we already have Kelly Clarkson and a hundred like her. Chayce writes his own songs from personal experiences. He’s humble very likable handsome as could be and has a soothing voice. He deserved to win.

  • Meredith - 2 months ago

    Chance was a throwback American Idol in many ways. He was the total, complete package: looks, voice, crossover singer in 2 genres who writes his own music, humility and a backstory that resonates in some way with many people of all ages going back through decades. He wasn't the best singer, but he was the best overall. Look for him to make his mark in Nashville like several other contestant ants, etc before him.

  • Louise - 2 months ago

    Forgot to say did not like the idea of bringing back someone from last season. (A .Gunn)they had their chance Plus unfair to Talent of this season

  • Louise - 2 months ago

    Show was took long,but I watched it. Judges should have at 50% of final vote, they would vote on talent. America votes on looks,personalities back ground stores etc
    Grace & Willie, on my opinion were robbed ,they were both by far more talented than the winner. I pray someone will sign them to contracts, and they will go far
    Winner should have been 3rd grace 2nd and Willie should have won.

  • Michael cook - 2 months ago

    Remember their all just young adults and kids, their not professionals, yet.I think they did a marvelous job.the right person won although Willie is really good. Looking forward to next sesdon

  • Kim - 2 months ago

    I agree with Bernie! This is the the Voice!!! This is American Idol!! Congrats Chayce!!

  • Kim - 2 months ago

    Chayce definitely should've won! Everyone is saying he wasn't as good of a singer! He was the whole package people! He already has a song (he wrote) ready to be released. He's ready, he knows who he is, knows what he wants. We will hear him!

    Also, I think Alyssa Wray was robbed! She could've went all the way! They never should've brought back Arthur Gunn! He had his time! He came in second place last year. Sorry that he didn't make it on big stage, but he was on tv. If American Idol was so concerned those contestants didn't make it on stage, they should've just brought them back to sing on the finale. I thought they should have and would have brought back Just Sam...she didn't make it on the big stage either!!

  • Darlene - 2 months ago

    Grace and Willie were the top winners. If you listen closely his voice was not that strong even for country and western Chayce shouldn't of won. I'm done with this show.

  • Darlene - 2 months ago

    Grace and Willie were the top winners. If you listen closely his voice was not that strong even for country and western Chayce shouldn't of won. I'm done with this show.

  • Linda Exley - 2 months ago

    The show was all right but will Spencer was a whole lot better than Chase

  • Bev Back - 2 months ago

    Ok out of top 3 I predicted Chayse would win. Mostly females vote and they vote for the best looking guy NOT the talent. Chayse is a run of the mill mediocre at best singer. I don’t think he will become a star at all. In a few years he will fall by the wayside as so many have from past winners. Now Grace and Willie? I think it’s possible they COULD become stars as they both are so talented. America got it WAY wrong yet again.

  • Maureen Anstett - 2 months ago

    Excellent show! Very entertaining. 3 hrs went very fast. So difficult this season with so many good singers. I unfortunately didn't vote which doesn't help but I would have voted for Willie. Chase is good to but Willie I thought was better and could do more with his voice.

  • James Engle - 2 months ago

    The article reviewer's comments were too slanted , making much of the social-emotional content of the two non-winners' performances, and not appreciating the value of music/entertainment. Chance had originality, musicianship, versatility (varied his delivery, and didnt make every song a showcase for his vocal power,) and style. He didnt depend on high notes and "runs," but simply did his thing *in sync" with whichever group he was with. No showboating, just style and music.

  • Bernie Hansrote - 2 months ago

    Both Willie& Grace have outstanding voices however,this is not “The Voice”. Chayce is the prototype American Idol, although not my choice I predicted Chayce would win duringthe3 artist knockout. Simple voting & easy choice.

  • Tim - 2 months ago

    Please....Chayce should have been eliminated last week. Was clearly not the winner. Willie was by far never having a bad performance. Glad I did not watch. Chayce is a country singer so I never have to hear that typical 'I sing country so I don't need to sing well' voice ever again. Casey was robbed last week, should have finished 2nd behind Willie in the finale. Love the judges but they sometimes need to be more critical of a poor perfirmance and stop blowing smoke up everyone behind everytime. Chayce had some really bad shows this season, more than the rest of the others in the top 4 combined. I also do not like the format of being able to vote for a performer before they even sing. It's not a popularity contest. Voting numbers should only be posted after the performance and should change weekly. This would also mean the eliminated would not be able to eliminated that show, and go back to the old days of elimination by eliminating the following week. I tend to enjoy this show less as the finale nears, enjoying the earlier rounds more. Once it gets to the final 8, no matter how great these singers are, it just moves too fast to get to the final 3. Katy Perry is still my 'hall pass'.

  • Allen Schiavoni - 2 months ago

    Absolutely disgraceful if you're talking about pure voice and the ability to be graceful and have a voice that transcends... The standard Chsyce is not the choice... Willie and Grace have voices that are truly smooth and absolutely divine American idol should wake up.... The people got it wrong the system is wrong I won't watch it ever again

  • Linda - 2 months ago

    I agree both Willie and Grace was robbed, not saying that Chayce wasn't talented. The first day I heard Grace sing, I chose her to take it all, so I feel she was robbed. I don't know why I'm leaving a comment because my last comment was not posted. I think American Idol didn't choose either Grace or Willie because of body weight, Chayce is slim and maybe American idol doesn't want their show represented by a bigger person ( shallow America) is that what we teach or children? Think about it.

  • Linda - 2 months ago

    I agree both Willie and Grace was robbed, not saying that Chayce wasn't talented. The first day I heard Grace sing, I chose her to take it all, so I feel she was robbed. I don't know why I'm leaving a comment because my last comment was not posted. I think American Idol didn't choose either Grace or Willie because of body weight, Chayce is slim and maybe American idol doesn't want their show represented by a bigger person ( shallow America) is that what we teach or children? Think about it.

  • Jeanne - 2 months ago

    Willie was the winner from the beginning.His voice was magnificent, brought me to tears. He was singing from his heart. He will go far and hope he put out a CD soon.

  • Rosa Faison - 2 months ago

    I think they should go back to letting the audience vote 50% and the judges Vote 50% I think Willie should have one last night sometimes when the audience are voting a lot of the younger kids are voting popularity instead of Voting for talent and artistry . Chase was OK but Willie and Grace was better I thought it should’ve been between Willie and Grace and my choice was Willie

  • Nicole - 2 months ago

    Clearly American Idol has gone down hill. They should go back to counting 50 percent of the judges and then 50 percent of Americas vote. Sorry, but there is way too much predjudice in the world to leave it all up to America. Casey and Grace were fantastic and should have been final two. Chayce was good and I congradulate him. He also has an awesome voice!

  • Chuck White - 2 months ago

    This is not a singing competition, but who is the best country singer. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this will be the last time I’ll watch. The winner was an ok singer but not anything new. You need to reform the popular vote should not be the deciding factor. Be honest American Idol finalists is a popularity game show, not who was the best singer.

  • claudia flynn - 2 months ago

    I thought this a singing contest! The best singers were Willie, Grace and Crissy tired of teens picking the nicest looking! My last show!.

  • Stacy Crundwell - 2 months ago

    I have voted Willie & Grace every show. I voted both Willie & Grace again last night. Both have moved me to tears and give me chills with their performances.

  • Cindy Taylor - 2 months ago

    Finale was so-so... enjoyed seeing judges perform with contestants. Chayce was my pick from day one. Willie and Grace are amazing artists as well. Like others have said, it depends on America.. unfortunately people don't take the time to go through the voting process but sound off when someone they like doesn't win. I truly believe that most of the contestants from this season will go my opinion it was the best group of talent that they have ever had. Good luck to all....

  • Alan - 2 months ago

    Chance got the votes and won. Get over it people. Where was Arthur Gunn in this show? All three are great singers and will go further in their careers. I think the right person won. Great voice, even though they could have picked better songs for him like maybe Johnny Cash?

  • William Roderick - 2 months ago

    Grace probably deserved the win. What bothered me. But it seemed the show lean to politics with all the black singers and one white gal that sang so I thought surely Willie was going to win
    Leave the politics home AI

  • Joy - 2 months ago

    Grace has the best voice. The person I thought would make the best American idol was Casey who was number 4. Bur overall as an American Idol of the 3, Chayse was the right choice.

  • Peggy - 2 months ago

    I strongly feel that Willie Spence and Grace was robbed because this guy could not out sing Grace and especially couldn't compete with Willie Spence it was very unfair to Willie and Grace l want watch America Idol anymore I am done

  • Gwendolyn Brown - 2 months ago

    Willie was robbed for sure the fix was in I stopped watching years ago after Fantasia won remember Jennifer Hudson we will see better and bigger things for Willie again the white boy wins.

  • Barbara - 2 months ago

    I believe that Willie and Grace were robbed of the contest, but I believe that God has something better in store for both of them. They will be ok.

  • Hanna - 2 months ago

    Grace or Willie should have won. I thought Chayce was good, but there were others in the top ten I thought were better singers.
    And, for the record…country music is my usual go-to for listening to music, but I try to vote on talent and best singing voice in this show.
    Grace and Willie had the better singing voices.

  • Pet - 2 months ago

    American idol was fixed Willy and Grace should have been your top two

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