Grade the Season 2 finale of '9-1-1: Lone Star':

  • Donna Adams - 3 weeks ago

    We love and look forward to each episode. Really like the way both 911 & 911 Lonestar are scheduled after each other. Keep the shows going. Love the actors as family. Took us through covid 19. Big thank you for that. ????

  • RobZan - 1 month ago

    I have watched this show from the beginning, and really love it.
    The cast is amazing and have a great rapport with one another.
    Billy has shown time and time again he is a low life snake, there is no way he will come out the winner over Strand.
    This is just a fun show to watch, I wish the seasons were longer.
    Now we sit and wait for Fall.

  • Angie Ruiz - 2 months ago

    911 Lonestar is one of my favorite shows besides 911 I’m addicted and i cried a lot with 911 lone star with Tommy losing her husband I don’t want to see my show go away I want 126 to come back and more episodes please

  • Ruth Effan - 2 months ago

    I am sick and tired of the storyline that is pitting one fire chief against another. You can’t shut down the fire house in a populated area because of being spiteful against the person who is running the fire house. This is not the kind of storyline people want to see they want to see the fire department pull togetherAnd fight for their community.

  • Carma Villa - 2 months ago

    This show has been awesome since day one. I hope 126 gets back together. Keep up the great work

  • Sheila Allen-Krassner - 2 months ago

    I was so, so happy to see Mateo come into his own! Mateo is a great character, and it was nice to finally see an episode devoted mostly to him.

    I can't wait for next season!

    My only gripe is that I LOVED Charles, I'm sad to see him go!

  • Rosemary Dixon - 2 months ago

    Please please put station 126 back together where they belong. I could never trust Billy the jealousy he has over Owen. Please fix them I never miss an episode in lovevwith that show id hate to not watch it anymore.

  • Brooke Parker - 2 months ago

    Please put the 126 back together, they are family, something some of us really need.

  • Wanda Riley-Gaskins - 2 months ago

    Without them altogether it's not Lone Star. They all have grown up under Captain Strand. They seem like the first line of the first line.

  • Judy Jordan - 2 months ago

    Leave 126 alone. The pilot episode was emotional enough. Work on getting them back together. I would hate to watch something else. ❤ both shows..

  • Annmarie Duarte - 2 months ago

    I enjoy watching the show,. You can't get rid of the 126, they're family, and they are the only station that care about saving people.

  • Yvonne - 2 months ago

    The cast has such an awesome chemistry that if you don't put the 126 back together, I'm afraid you're going to lose viewers.

  • Charles Tupper - 2 months ago

    There were some deep reaches in the disaster. Airliner was very unrealistic. Crashing jets just don't come apart like that and that jet engine was from the 60s...not a modern turbofan. Jet fuel would be hard to ignite with a "spark from a metal prybar" doesn't have the flashpoint of gasoline. Actually, fuel from the little Cessna is more votile than the jet fuel. Otherwise, I loved the interaction with the jerk Captain (not a leader). I'd hate to see the 126 shut down...great crew there across the board.

  • Doreen Mavraganis - 2 months ago

    I'm a newcomer to the show but love it. Can't believe we have to wait till 2022. And yes Grace is pregnant.

  • Joan - 2 months ago

    Is Grace still pregnant?

  • Tammy wisely - 2 months ago

    I watch every week if I can’t I tape it but never miss it. I don’t like the team being split up. Rebuild the 126.

  • Theresa Gomez - 2 months ago

    While I was greatly surprised that matao stood his ground with the capitin at the other station I was was so happy.
    That he was able to show what he really knows.
    Props to the writers! I hope the next season will be just a great as the past episodes.

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