Grade the 'Black Lightning' Series Finale:


  • LJ - 2 years ago

    Best show EVER! Great storyline, Great cast. Saddened to see it AND Painkiller go!?! What are you doing to us superhero lovers. Don’t always get to see a great group of black and brown people doing this. Really hurt this is the last season, damn

  • Lorenzo Tucker - 2 years ago

    Loved the show, wish it would have stayed. It was my favorite. Hope his daughter's and TV come up with their own spin off. Keep it going.

  • Timie - 2 years ago

    I loved watching Black Lighting. I am a DC / Marvel comic fan. I will miss the show, awesome cast. But I must admit I want it Khalil and Jennifer to get back together I didn’t want him to forget her, and it’s sad that Painkiller won’t be a spin-off of Black Lightning. Alright I’m feeling some type of way, on CW what was the reason for the show ending.????

  • Charles George - 2 years ago

    Great show, loved it.

  • Pavlos Zimbrakos - 2 years ago

    This episode would be great at a SEASON finale not as a series finale there’s loose ends to tie up and it annoys me so much that COVID killed this show and the spin-off isn’t happening.

  • Billy - 2 years ago

    The Tobias and Black Lightning battle needed to be epic. Part of the fight was each one breaking wine glasses over each others head. I wanted to see Tobias trying to use a combination of a special meta formula, but Black Lightning using something special to still take him out. That's how you end a show with the top Good versus Evil battle. Black Lightning should have told Tobias you will never come after my family again. Not Tobias pulling out a couple of pistols to shoot at Black Lightning that he could shield from anyway. If your going to end the series, you make a strong ending. Tobias should have been like BBQ after Black Lightning closes the book on Tobias. There were many ways to make the final battle epic. Excellent Ending? NOT.

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