Would you have returned that $1M lottery ticket?


  • Shay - 2 years ago

    That lottery curse would be heavy on my mind when deciding if I wanna keep that money or not. I remember a huge story where I used to work about a lady who won an over 200million Megabucks jackpot. A Short time later she was paralyzed in a horrible car accident and her husband died. Then again we all gotta die sometime. At least I'd die rich. Just bury me in a solid gold casket!

  • Mdog - 2 years ago

    One thing I thought of with that ticket is that I think because they own the store the lottery ticket was sold at idk if they are even eligible to receive that prize. I also believe that when you are the store that sold the winning ticket you get a small amount of money too. So may have been worth it to them to give it back.

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