Grade the Season 20 finale of 'The Voice':

  • E.Lugg - 1 month ago

    3 hours overfull of ads was too much as well as the phony singalong goofing
    . I've never said anything negative & have watched since day one. Also I am 84 years old, & my 'kids' say I'm a 'rabid' fan.

  • Mark. Whitehead - 1 month ago

    Adam Levin keep him off the voice, he sucks

  • Donna D Palecek - 1 month ago

    I love the voice, I have watched it since day one.

  • Lisa Larson - 1 month ago

    I said if Cam didn’t win I was never watching again!
    See you next season!! ????????

  • J. Sanders - 1 month ago

    I enjoyed the Season 10 finale. I liked when former contestants thanked OG Coach Blake Shelton for his influence on their post-Voice careers it was great seeing the contestants being able to hug one another and the coaches this season. I accurately predicted the outcome from 5th place to the winner. This was a good season. Will be fun seeing Ariana Grande as a coach next season and the return of a live audience. Carson Daly has been a great host for 10 years.

  • Wayne G. Currie - 1 month ago

    America picked the correct winner.

  • Shellie - 1 month ago

    I love the show this season and all of the coaches. I'm happy for Cam Anthony as his voice is amazing.

  • Jean - 1 month ago

    "The Voice" needs to retire the tedious "What do you want to say to your coach"? It gets asked over and over, and there's nothing new for the contestants to say. There have to be better ways to spend time than solicit praise for the coaches' egos over and over. It's also ridiculous to ask the coaches to say something about/to their contestant. The one time a coach diverted from praise, Adam Levine got a lot of negative feedback - rightly so - for using his time to praise the contestant who couldn't compete that week over his contestant who stood on stage being ignored.

  • Aj armento - 1 month ago

    It was good wish it was a little less predictable

  • Jan Brown - 1 month ago

    Great season. All 5 finalists were fantastic but Cam was the true winner. So happy for him.

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