Grade 'Chicago P.D.' Season 8 as a whole:

  • H Lewia - 1 month ago

    Top notch series. A bit too much soap opera with the adopted kid and who will take care of her and the 2 couples. I guess the competing police shows pull in the audience that wants straight police work and violence, so Chicago PD fills a gap with police romance schmaltz. But that's ok. Voight is the rare kind of male leader that cannot emerge these days of PC and the writers give him a good balance. How he handles the aggressive/sentimental/rule driven/complex female police in today's world will be instructive. Voight had to get rid of Kent's body which had been beaten to a pulp. Still Kent's uncle may appear and ask what happened to him after he told Voight where he was.

  • Lynn Dion - 1 month ago

    It could have been the end of the series with no renewals, and maybe that's what they're doing. The kids are all grown up operatives in their own right, looking toward life and bonded to each other like heavy combat veterans into a professional force and a tight family. The final image of Voight was beautifully conceived: shot from above like he's in a hole, with the reflected flames flickering over his face and a look of profound grief and hopelessness. It says "in a hell of his own making" very clearly and tragically. Like Creon at the end of Antigone, to go to the classics, more dead than the dead. The kids have lives to live, and while they still love him and are loyal, they have to split off. He can't do things any other way; they can't keep doing it like him and survive. It's been the central tension of the whole series from day one.

  • Billie Faye - 1 month ago

    I love this show! Love the actors & the story lines!

  • Marilyn - 1 month ago

    I thought it was overall good except for the ending where Voight did wrong by disposing of the body. He should have turned the body over to the proper channels. He had been killed while trying to kill Voight so no foul there.

  • Jim bright - 1 month ago

    Voight did the right thing! Don’t need to spend tax dollars on that scumbag!

  • Paul Mason - 1 month ago

    I thought it was well written ltpresented entertaining scenarios for all of the awesome actors who bring this show alive and entertaining for a full sixty minutes

  • Dave - 1 month ago

    Political correctness and the soap opera love stories ruined a good show. Glad some of its edgy ness returned it the last episode of the season. Maybe next season the writers will bring back some of talents they had when they first started writing the scrips in the first couple of seasons.

  • Nicole smart - 1 month ago

    The best show ever. Bought is the best. If he was ever to leave I would leave the show and let's not forget Burguess she is a ⭐

  • Joanna W Randolph - 1 month ago

    I thought it was a very intense episode n Voightvn the whole crew did very well on their parts.I thought Voight was going to go back to his old ways n beat Kent down to find Burgess n give him a beat down..I'm surprised he backed off on Kent ,but then he went back to his old ways n took care of Kent..He almost got killed at the end if Upton didn't shoot Kent.That was very exciting n a scene that had me at the edge of my seat til the end of the show..I knew instead would get together n she would want to get married..But what's Voight going to do if they are engaged n the story they are going to tell about what happened to the IAD.I guess just going to have to wait til the fall.I did think that show was well written n an awesome finale for Voight n the crew.

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