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  • B stad - 3 years ago

    Any PPV of Hogan in WCW pre nWo not covered. Halloween Havoc 1994, SuperBrawl V, Uncensored 1995, Slamboree 1995 and Bash at the Beach 1995. Shit, just make this your next arc.



  • B stad - 3 years ago

    This episode has to have Hogan. OSW was built off of Hulk Hogan's "Grandstanding and Hotdogging".
    I voted for anything Hogan PRE nWo.



  • Guy Powell - 3 years ago

    Would love you to go through the 2003 heel run of The Rock, right from subtly shitting on the crown in February, through to the Rock Concerts and amazing heat he got against Austin and Goldberg. My favorite 2/3 months of any character in wrestling history.

  • Joe - 3 years ago

    Voted nWo. I would love it as an arc but that is essentially the last half of WCW

  • Thomas - 3 years ago

    I voted Survivor Series 1997 because I know they don't want to do it and that's when the boys are at their best.

  • Luke45 - 3 years ago

    I voted for Triple H v Cactus jack (circa post-Armageddon ‘99 to No Way Out 2000).

    But whatever the boys end up reviewing I’m sure it’ll be a great 100 ep.

  • Chyna is not a county - 3 years ago

    I voted for 1 Night in China as it would be a informative episode and would love to see the lads prospective on Chyna situation (You did Sunny give this one a chance ????

  • Aaron Bohr - 3 years ago

    I think NWO could be an entire arc...definitely an extension of the hulkamania era they started with in the first 30 episodes

  • WPG - 3 years ago

    Voted Hogan in TNA but really hoping for a 2002/2003 Raw Smackdown arc covering Lesnar Angle rivalry and also start of Evolution.

  • CreepEvee - 3 years ago

    Voted for Great American Bash 2004 because I love the JBL vs Eddie fued. I've always wanted to see you guys follow that build.

  • Branavan - 3 years ago

    I voted for NWO because I think there is some good stuff to be had.

  • DMC - 3 years ago

    I voted for Hogan TNA because I love to suffer

  • Victoria Walsh - 3 years ago

    The WCW where shock master makes a bollix of an entrance , but blood and guts would be nice

  • chicken - 3 years ago

    Voted Heroes of Wrestling. I'd like to see Hogan in TNA as well, but more so as a multiple episode series rather than a one-off.

  • DasKame - 3 years ago

    Batman and Robin!!!
    ...nah, not for the 100, but some day!

  • Aaron Briscoe - 3 years ago

    I voted for the 2002 Royal Rimble because it was a fantastic PPV and it’s a very nostalgic thing for me.

  • Jonny Matches - 3 years ago

    I think all the other options will be great down the line. But I think re-covering sone of those early PPVs is important. I can only speak for myself as someone who got into the show during the pandemic, but those first 10 or so episodes are hard to watch and so I’ve just skipped them. I think getting those done with the quality of the rest of the library would be great for the fans and for the overall library

  • Sam - 3 years ago

    I voted Summerslam 2001. A rare gen from the Invasion angle, and a properly good show overall. Rivals the first 3 in terms of match by match quality, and has one of my favourite matches of all time on it with Angle vs Austin for the title - I know V1 will mark out at the psychology in that match.

    Its a massive outsider as terms as voting goes, but I hope the OSDub boys cover it one day.

  • GreatBigStork - 3 years ago

    Voted Money in the Bank 2011 as the single PPV to be reviewed for OSW100. I'd like to give some ideas for future arcs here though.

    1. Ronnie Garvin Arc
    PPVs: Starrcade '87 and some other events

    Really, it's just 1 PPV that has Garvin lose the title. Garvin's title win happens on some dingy TV event you can find on yt (unless it got deleted). It would be a fairly light 2-3 episode arc. I doubt you'd want to do more. But still, it's Garvin's peak. Has a lot of interesting lore Jay would be forced to compile, lol. Get just enough of a taste before bailing.

    2. Eddie's title run arc
    PPVs: Rumble '04, Smackdown Mini-Rumble Episode, No Way Out, WMXX, Judgment Day, Great American Bash

    A neat 6 episode arc focusing on Eddie's one title run. Besides the feelgood stuff about Eddie, it has some bollocks like Goldberg-Lesnar. A little peak into Smackdown 6. The unfortunately tarnished Benoit story and win. It's nice, varied and compact all things considered.

    3. WWE2001 continued: X-Seven Aftermath/Invasion/Undisputed Jericho arc
    [X7-Aftermath] Backlash, Judgment Day, KOTR,
    [Invasion] Invasion, Summerslam, Unforgiven, No Mercy, Series '01,
    [Undisputed Jericho] Vengeance '01, Rumble '02, No Way Out, X8

    The idea ends up being 3 separate arcs that flow from one to the other. So it's quite the commitment. The initial idea was just to focus on the Invasion period of '01, which could be done. You would miss out on quite a bit of material however. It's a very eventful year. The Invasion portion needs no expanding, so I'll focus on the pre and the post.

    The period pre-Invasion/post-X7, besides the heavy teasing for the Invasion itself, has heel Austin bollocks, the 2 Man Power Trip, Ultimate Submission match, Angle v Shane snuffhouse match, among other things. It's fun and worth covering in and of itself. And it also serves as a good build up for the Invasion arc.

    Undisputed Jericho is the final happening of '01, it immediately follows the last Invasion focused PPV. It's a huge change of pace, and the unification is a significant milestone. Even if you choose not to follow the entirety of Jericho's reign, Vengeance '01 is a great epilogue PPV to the Invasion arc. You could alternatively extend until X8, WWENWO, Icon vs Icon.

    It really feels like, if you want to get the most out of the era you need to expand the scope a little.

    That last one ended up being thrice as long due to it kinda being 3 different things put together.

  • Jim Baldessari - 3 years ago

    Heroes of Wrestling might make me more depressed than the Sunny porno.

    That said, I'd be really curious to see a list of matches throughout OSW's history. We could learn if these years of OSW shows has changed your views on what makes a great match or a bad match, or a match that just has that personal appeal.

    You could even structure it like the Simpsons 138th episode spectacular!

  • Inaudibleslinky - 3 years ago

    HHH-HBK PPV feud from 2002 - 2004. I know it has to deal with the reign of terror but if you were to take Summerslam 2002, Survivor Series 2002, Armageddon 2002, Royal Rumble 2004, Wrestlemania XX, Bad Blood 2004. (Im sure there were 2003 ppv macthes im forgetting)
    You get:
    Brocks PPV win, his heel run, MAIN EVENT BOB HOLLY, and his exit
    Much the same with Goldberg
    Shawns return from injury, and that historic second run
    Benoits rise to the main event, as brief as it was (that mania XX ending)
    Eddies WWE Title run
    Some Smackdown 6 era stuff
    The chance to go into the elimination chamber retrospective
    The chance to go into the WWEs history of three stages of hell matches
    The chance to go into Hell in a Cell matches (the chance to do alot of separate videos for the youtube channel basically)
    All the RA bollix (katie vick, HLA, Bob wilson porking Dawn Marie to death, etc.)
    Takers death and resurrection, the end of the biker gimmick
    The formation of evolution
    Some time to enjoy the first few years of serious, bald kurt angel
    And other stuff Im sure Im missing, its a long shot, but would be cool to see.

  • Martin - 3 years ago

    You should do Survivor Series 1997. I’d love to hear everyone’s review of the tag division, gang warfare, Team Canada (with 1 Canadian) vs Team USA, the return of Stone Cold, and I think the main event was uneventful…

  • Mark - 3 years ago

    Voted HoW as its a one off, nWo and Cunt Hogan in TNA would be great arcs and one offs wouldnt do em justice. Thanks for all your hard work that brings us all such pleasure.

    All In might be a good shout for a one off as would WCW Wrestle War 92

  • Connor Adamson - 3 years ago

    Heroes of wrestling would be the funniest and you all know it

  • Dan Slater - 3 years ago

    All in!

  • Lewis - 3 years ago

    That Armageddon with Finlay and Booker t vs cena and Batista just for funlay being the main event.

  • Brash brah - 3 years ago

    Main event mafia arc in TNA or wwf from 1999.

  • Per-Kristian - 3 years ago

    Ohheeeow! myah! everyone!!

    My vote goes to.......

    Capital Combat: Return of RoboCop

  • Barry - 3 years ago

    All great choices with I threw in Warrior in WCW

  • Jeremiah Alterson - 3 years ago

    I voted for Hogan in TNA but after thinking I would love them too do the entire lucha underground as an arc maybe just season one but you can put a few episodes in each episode since they had no ppv.

  • Scott Parker - 3 years ago

    I put down Survivor Series 1997 because I know that it is the only way it can happen and I’ll never forget Jay saying it will never (EVER) happen.

  • Homer Weeks - 3 years ago

    I definitely think we should see a "Hogan in TNA" arc -- starting with the 100th episode. Or, maybe make it a movie-long event: two or three PPVs to cover a whole arc. So much bollocks.

    You could also just do "The Monday Night Wars" and then follow up with a further "Hogan in TNA" appearances.

  • AntoVarlo - 3 years ago

    Undertaker Vs Kane. The greatest rivalry of all time. Plain and simple

  • Barry - 3 years ago

    Voted for Heroes of Wrestling, mainly because nWo and Hogan in TNA need to be multi episode arcs, one POV won’t do it justice!

  • Darren S - 3 years ago

    Episode 100 needs to be one epic episode, so I vote Heroes of Wrestling.

    The nWo story needs to be a story arc. There's too much to cover in one episode: Bash at the Beach '96/83 Weeks/Starrcade 97/Hollywood vs Wolfpac/ The Fingerpoke of Doom/nWo 2000/WWE nWo...

  • Heavy Metal Collector - 3 years ago

    Clicked on Heroes of Wrestling without thinking, but you should review Dead or Alive at some point. It's bad but watchable and has Kevin Nash playing a Cunt Hogan lookalike.

  • Peter Bernard Siddorn - 3 years ago

    Voted for Hogan in TNA - You started with the Hogan era in WWF so it's only right you talk about all the shit he did in the brand (Bring in his mates, mocking the 6 sided ring and putting his daughter in charge of the women) plus you shitting on Cunt Hogan as Vince would say "That's good shit"

  • Peter McCreesh - 3 years ago

    Voted for ripple H’s reign of terror from 2002-2005… grew up with the ruthless aggression era and loved it with all the bollocks that came with it

    Congratulations on 100 episodes guys here’s to the next 100 ????????

  • Dean Porteous - 3 years ago

    Its got to be Hero's of wrestling! By far the worst ppv ever and so much stuff to take the piss out of

  • Allan McElvenny - 3 years ago

    Heroes of Wrestling! I'm tempted for NWO but there's so much material it has to be an arc.

  • Kevin Collins - 3 years ago

    I voted for Insane Championship Wrestling. The NWO needs to be a multi-episode arc.

  • Sad ken - 3 years ago

    I'd love a full nWo arc, so went TNA Hogan for this one off. HOW is amazing, but my bumhole would twitch so hard in cringe it'd collapse in on itself and form a black hole.

  • Alex - 3 years ago

    Voted for Hogan TNA, then looked up what Heroes of Wrestling was. Holy shit, vote for Heroes of Wrestling. Make this happen.

  • Cameron - 3 years ago


  • Cookiestroke - 3 years ago

    Big black bully cock!

  • Johnny Numbers - 3 years ago

    If Heroes Of Wrestling doesn't win this poll we riot.

  • John Stevenson - 3 years ago

    For as much bullocks as the boys have had to endure for 99 episodes, let's give them something good to watch for the 100th... Royal Rumble 2000 - one of the best, if not The, RR PPV...

    - the debut of "ITS TAZ!"
    - that tables match of Hardyz vs Dudleys (Battle of the Boyz!)
    - the Cactus/Ripple H match putting on a show with tacks is icing
    - the Rumble: birth of Road Doggin the bottom rope, RIP Taka's teeth, Duck Arse and of course the shite finish

  • N dizzle - 3 years ago

    I voted WBF
    Gary strydom wow

  • Patrick - 3 years ago

    I voted for King of the Ring 95. I want to see the boys' reaction to the crowning of King Mabel.

  • Michalovic - 3 years ago

    AWE Night of Legends or as I call it "Night I learned Perry Saturn was still alive."

  • Michael McG - 3 years ago

    I voted for Money in the Bank 2011, one of the more important PPV and one of the better ones from the 2010s. Would be interesting to hear your takes on the CM Punk era in WWE

  • James - 3 years ago

    Voted for NWO. Would love more wcw nonsense, the nitro lex won the title and the hog wild ppv. Jay leno in wcw. The list goes on.

  • Stuart Ratliff - 3 years ago

    Voted for Rubbish Ronnie Garvin getting the World Championship over Ric Flair. Hands down.

  • Alex Low - 3 years ago

    Voted for RUBBISH RONNIE GARBAGE, Flair story arc
    Pretty sure it has Garbage dressed AS A WOMAN!!!
    Massive push to get Garvin in the OSW HOF and would love to hear the lads mark out over prime Flair promos

  • MojoCrow - 3 years ago

    I voted Hogan in TNA simply because it was the Hogan in WWF at the start of OSW Review so espisode 100 being Hogan again made sense. Having said that, I'd love a Ric Flair in NWA arc (There must be so many NWA boys waiting to be adopted into a boy stable).

  • Patrick Spoon - 3 years ago

    Wrote in Money in the Bank 2011. The boys have never gotten to talk much about CM Punk and I like hearing reviewers talk about how awesome something is more than going after low-hanging fruit. The show will be a decade old by the time the review came out, and will also be an example of the forced PG Era which made the Punk stuff even better by comparison.

  • Joshua William - 3 years ago

    Voted for NWO but I’d watch literally anything you guys put out, best channel on YouTube! Legit highlight of my life when I see there’s a new video ya fookin animals!

  • Nick - 3 years ago

    I wrote in chikara King of trios 2011, you get some great talent right before the sign with wwe like El generico, cesaro, Johnny gargano. It's such an amazing show.

  • Dave - 3 years ago

    I wrote in King Of The Ring 1995. Since they said they aren't gonna do the IYH shows and were leaving the New Gen, it feels like we are so close to ultimate horseshit. Like last time when they finished at SummerSlam 92, but went ahead and did Mania 9 since it was so infamously bad. And it turned out to be one of the top 5 best shows they ever did.

  • Peter Hurley - 3 years ago


  • Jeremy Self - 3 years ago

    Episode 100 gotta be Cunt Hogan!

  • Your Boy, Ray! - 3 years ago

    All In

    It’s a unique show that is a landmark moment in wrestling history. We have the benefit of hindsight but at the time we didn’t know AEW would be formed. The energy at that show is something special and it was be a nice nod to the future of pro wrestling moving forward.

  • Sean Waltman - 3 years ago

    vote one night in chyna my best workrate yet

  • Jay Hill - 3 years ago

    The Rise of the Modern-Day Maharaja: Jinder Mahal would be grand, but Heroes of Wrestling has everything OSW, knackers, carnies, smellness test failures, bad commentary, etc. A fitting 100.

  • Matt - 3 years ago

    I actually had a write in myself... Wrestling Society X: The Entire Series.

  • Jon - 3 years ago

    I suggested WM36 because the no audience really made those shows hard to watch but it is such a unique event in wrestling history. Or for 100 you could review The Greatest Wrestling Match EVER from Backlash

  • Bill Hicks - 3 years ago

    Voted for Hogan in TNA. It's the Genesis of OSW. They started out doing TNA reviews, and went to the big time reviewing Hogan's WWF run. It only makes sense that 100 would be Hogan in TNA.

  • Rob - 3 years ago

    It's been mentioned long enough, time to do King of the Road.
    Big Black Bully...

  • El Neco - 3 years ago

    Voted for Hogan in TNA. It would be one hell of an arc, while Heroes of Wrestling and NWO have been done to death by everyone (not that it wouldn't be good anyway), but after the Black Reign arc I need more TNA.

  • Gary Cronin - 3 years ago

    I voted for the first Taboo Tuesday - top bollix, but they still had to put on a show. I wish you could redo the early episodes entirely, with what has (im)matured. nWo and Hogan in TNA could be arcs, and HoW is just not how I would like you to celebrate the big hundey (been here since the Flair Rumble, WOOO!)

    Also, from Dundalk, no mentions of 'aur lad Crocodile Dundalk in a while, c'mon ta fuk

  • Jojo Brando - 3 years ago

    TNA Turning Point 2004
    With Randy Savage being the mascot of OSW review, it is only fitting for episode 100 to be about his final
    wrestling match.

  • Marcus Sewell - 3 years ago

    NWO but I wrote in WM 20

  • Tony Allen - 3 years ago

    Come on everyone, you gotta vote for Heroes of Wrestling, the absolute worst PPV of all time. Just imagine the hilarity when the fellas get to The Bushwackers vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff. Jake the Snake at his absolute worst. Terrible commentary from Randy Rosenbloom and you thought Adnan Virk on Raw was bad, just wait!

  • spencer - 3 years ago

    nWo fafafa 4 lyfe

  • Chris - 3 years ago

    write in Vote for First war games match

  • Dan - 3 years ago

    I'm voting for NWO hoping to see more of Cunt Hogan and Sexy Lexy....possibly in the same ring at the same time!! Though I'd love to see this as an arc rather than a one PPV or summary.

  • dk240996 - 3 years ago

    Voted for Eurovision 2021 because: a) why not, b) you Irish brahs laughing at UK's result would be neat, c) I'm in a big Eurovision mood ever since the final ended.

  • Mordyn Caine - 3 years ago

    I'm voting something different and that is WCW Uncensored 1995 for one match: Black Reign vs Big Black Bully Cock AKA THE KING OF THE ROAD MATCH!!!!

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