Do you still think Karen "loves" Arbys?


  • Joe - 2 years ago

    I mean, does anyone really "love" Arby's?

    Arby's is the place you go to once or twice: the first time, because you happen across one and think "I've seen the commercials - I should try Arby's". The second time, because either nothing else is around or everything else is crowded. Neither time do you remember much about the food - the curly fries are good. The jamocha shake is alright (when they have it). What the f**k is 'horsey sauce'? That's about it.

    In any event, stay away from the Dairy Queen - that place is the fast-food twilight zone.

  • Alicia - 2 years ago

    Rod, stop shaming Karen for loving Arby's. Karen if you need me to email you an Arby's gift card or Papa John's gift card blink twice.

    She loves edamame too!

  • Angela - 2 years ago

    Karen is living her truth. The pandemic has apparently helped her realign her fast-food priorities. Too bad about those sunk costs Rod. I am heartened by this reveal though as it shows that this is a real love story. From Arby's to Papa Johns, Rod makes the food sacrifices and puts in the work for the woman that he loves - as it should be.

  • Mizzbarnes - 2 years ago

    I voted YES in the poll!

    I will have faith that Karen will love Arby's at some point. Keeping the faith :)

  • Anne - 2 years ago

    Never believed Karen really liked Arby's. Thanks for exposing the lie Rod.

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