Should businesses be allowed to ask if you are vaccinated?


  • Ali - 3 years ago

    My medical status is between me and my healthcare provider. Should we ask people how much sugar they consume or refuse service to obese people because they are much more likely to be infected and transmit. For a gene therapy masquerading as a vaccine that only has about a 1% absolute risk reduction, this type of scrutiny is futile. There are great treatments and preventatives for this set of symptoms and most do not have suffer if treated properly.

  • Toland - 3 years ago

    You can always rely on the comments section to show just how full of scientifically ignorant rednecks Indiana really is. Hur hur I don't wanna get a vaccine even though I smoke and drink. Hur hur, over half a million deaths in a year, but I still think the flu kills more people (hint: it only kills about 10% of that number). And, just to head off any of those nonsense claims that COVID deaths were "overreported"...

    There are three categories, and they are all accounted for separately by CDC. This is after extensive review of the death certificates and medical records, which is why there have been two total COVID-19 deaths counts, one the estimate based on death certificates, and the second one after close review, which was usually revised downward a bit after excluding COVID-19 as a contributing factor, and that number was released about a month later.
    - died of COVID-19 and no other contributing causes of death (very uncommon, about 5%, because usually there are complications from COVID-19 that themselves are contributing causes of death, for example pneumonia)
    - died of COVID-19, and at least one other cause. This would include the example above, as well as cases where there was another condition that interacted with COVID-19 or the treatment. For example, someone with severe diabetes cannot tolerate high doses of steroids, which is one of the staples of COVID-19 treatment. So that would probably be counted as both diabetes and COVID-19. They don’t list causes of death that weren’t relevant or found to be a contributing factor in the death.
    - died of something other than COVID-19, but either tested positive or had symptoms considered too mild to be thought the cause of death (also uncommon, less than 5%).
    So you see, by accounting for all three categories, there is no room for interpretation of what is meant by “with COVID-19” vs. “of COVID-19.” When COVID-19 was listed as a cause of death, it unequivocally was found to be at least one of the actual causes; otherwise it would have been categorized into the third category and not counted as a COVID-19 death.

  • Kristiana - 3 years ago

    Unless they are going to demand proof of vaccination for far more deadly diseases such as flu, whooping cough, and measles as well, absolutely not. Also, what about those who can't get the vaccine due to allergies to ingredients or have religious objections? Are they going to refuse their business?

  • Jennifer - 3 years ago

    Sure if you want to continue to lose customers..If you demand I show you a piece of paper I'll leave and so we most other people until you go out of business. I'd hate to see all of these companies who are supposedly struggling just go completely broke.

  • Anonymous - 3 years ago

    Indiana needs immediately join FL and AL and ban any form of vaccine passport!

  • V Card - 3 years ago

    Its not a requirement to prove you're vaccinated from other easily spreadable diseases. Its crazy to think that this could be a requirement in the future.

  • Truly Fair - 3 years ago

    I work in retail. Our store still requires mask wearing by customers. I am a greeter/counter at the door, I ask those entering w/o a mask if they need one. Currently, most customers will either reply yes or no (some even “rudely “ no). Even though our county also currently requires masks I still cannot refuse their entrance. Personally, I wear my mask always because I still don’t feel comfortable that all of this pandemic is over.

  • Jas Warr - 3 years ago

    It is a slippery slope. Hopefully the free market will take care of itself. For instance, if a business asks to see any of my medical history before I can enter their establishment, I will be going to a different business.

  • Jill Engel - 3 years ago

    Businesses should ask for proof of vaccination. This is not a HIPPA violation. Generally anti-mask = anti-vaccination. Variants are out there.

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