Grade the Season 2 finale of 'Nancy Drew':

  • Crystal Harmon - 3 weeks ago

    My husband and I watched Nancy drew every Wednesday. I can't wait to see the up coming season 3.

  • Devon P - 2 months ago

    I would 100% watch a spinoff with Carson and Ryan. When they're working together they're hysterical.

  • Dladysophia - 2 months ago

    I loved it. I am glad the nace train is loading. But what about the connections she had with the detective? I can't wait to see what evil baddie temperance would be YIKES!!! Oh Andy favorite couple Nick and George. I hope we get to see their wedding. Love the two dads and a girl situation. I just know I would enjoy season 3 ????????????

  • Alina Jeknavorian - 2 months ago

    It was so insane!!! There were so many twists and surprises! It was such a beautiful thing when Nancy dealt with her suppressed trauma, it was so beautiful and healing.
    When I saw that somehow temperance came back to life I was like whattt?! Was she alive the whole time and somehow was in her great great nieces body/was Myrtle even alive? And I really hope they figure out how to sever odette from George’s body so she can live her life!
    I’m so looking forward to season 3!! Amazing season!

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