Do you have homeowner's regret?


  • ShayDeeDame - 3 years ago

    We don’t regret buying our home at all. Yeah, homeownership is a SCAM. However, it’s one of the few ways to pass along generational wealth easily. Never mind the fact that when we were renting, we never needed to spend thousands of dollars replacing the driveway, redoing the deck, replacing windows. When you think about it, are we ACTUALLY making money on homeownership when taking all of the “extras” into consideration?

  • Bridgette - 3 years ago

    I’ve owned a home for over 10 years and I understand why people will have remorse over owning a home. We had to put in a lot of work the first few years and tbh me and my husband were ready to sell. But we’ve learned that’s the beauty of home ownership.... there’s always something. Lol. But you get to enjoy the equity you put into the home and understand this is OURS. We’ve been able to pay for the repairs we have had to put into this place (Thank God) and we get to appreciate that a little bit more.

  • Alicia - 3 years ago

    I was really angry for a long time because I believed in that American Dream lie. I grew up in the suburbs with poor and middle-class white folks we all went to school together, went on to college started working around the same time but yet after trying so damn hard I still don't own a home and can barely afford to! I graduated college in 2013. Yet the white people I went to school with are all thriving homeowners, making good money and I just couldn't figure out why and then, oh yeah. Racism. And it is so subtle. Like my co-worker who was in the same position I am now in at the same company started off making $7500 more than me! Maybe I could've negotiated better or maybe they value me less. And then the position has 'evolved' so that I'm doing more than she did! Yeah, it's great for my resume but dammit I want that money now! And when she was in this same position I am now in they paid for her study materials for her license and paid for another white woman to take the test. But when I go and ask, oh no sweetie we don't pay for that. Maybe the policy has just changed or maybe they just don't want to invest in me. Shit hurts, and is so frustrating. Sorry I went off on a tangent but yea, I wish I had homebuyer's remorse so I could sell it in this really hot market and get a better one.

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