Grade Season 4 of 'Station 19' as a whole:

  • Dee - 3 months ago

    The whole firehouse is a mess and needs to be shut down.

  • Christy Moore - 3 months ago

    Joe, this isn't a reality show or documentary, it is a TV SERIES and every episode shows them doing their job in some capacity. Adding to that point they jump around to add dramatics because again IT IS A TV SHOW. Also, the character development for each character has been flawless from Beginning to now so you are way off base. From the story of Andy and her upbringing with her dad, to maya's controlling abusive dad n her family dynamic, Ben and Bailey's family with their kids, Jack's story how he was an orphan and got separated from his siblings and how he's affected and struggling now, Travis's story with loosing his husband and his family dynamic I mean they LITERALLY covered every detail for every character so What part DON'T you understand because they laid it out extremely well.

  • Joe - 3 months ago

    Can we please actually cover fire fighting? Or actually act like its a firefighting show? Maybe? Please?

    This show is a wreck... The character development is really lacking since season 1. The bad timing and back and forth makes me wanna throw something at the TV. Characters on this show change personality at the drop of a hat, and the arc of some characters is just really confusing. At times I am not even sure what is going on...

  • Harry - 3 months ago

    Not bad season Maya and Carina's arc was very good,,, all the things they went through to get where there at BELLA!! Dean turning into a pain like his lawyer said a rich boy complaining about his life.

  • liv - 3 months ago


    now have to wait agessss for the aftermath!!

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