Grade the series finale of 'Younger':

  • MaryAnn - 3 days ago

    Diana Trout had become my favorite character. Without her, season 7 fell short for me. Overall, the season seemed like it lurched from one storyline to another. I had so anticipated season 7 only to be disappointed. The ending fell flat for me.

  • Miz Chris - 5 days ago

    Hi! Loved this show. Binged it out ( my first... ) at 59, it was great looking at another female professional reinvent herself with class, brains and tact. Liza could easily be a one woman show. Yummy Charles...really? A stick in the mud after everything? His daughter hugging and clinging to her during her " walk of shame- no, not REALLY " at the townhouse, showed such a deeper emotion and meaningful family equation over Charles trite secret keeping issue....Liza knew it would be pivotal for Charles' true love for writing. You think he would have appreciated that. I was disappointed. Josh is great, pretty and well established, has a kid, which was important to Liza, but their thing is old hat to me....ran it's limited course. And all of this without fabulous Diana! Really?! She was the best, and honorably the rightful heir for editor in would look like Liza slept her way into that position. She is too fine a person for that. Kelsey and Zane should have made it, and Maggie! How on earth did she wind up with scuzzy old Cass....disgusting!

  • Lisa - 5 days ago

    I enjoyed the series,always I thought an half an hour show was not enough it should have been an hour show .
    Well ,the finaly was exactly what I was hoping for Josh and Liza belong together ,they were lovers of a different age entwined with lies which became a problem ,but yet with time they became friends also so now they've gone full circle and only now they can be together.

  • Kim Pistor - 6 days ago

    So disappointed this show ended at season 7. Was so enjoying it. Disappointed that it ended with Charles and Liza not making it as a couple. Just loved loved this show. Loved the energy, the setting, the outfits, the vibe, the good looking characters.

  • Cris - 1 week ago

    Worst series ending ever. The show was doing well gaining a new fanbase and most actors on a show that's cancelled when the public is enjoying it rarely acclimate to another series at the same level of viewership. I'm sure the actors are disappointed by those hard facts. The last episode was disappointing. The shows creator killed a good soap opera, and it's a damn shame there's no more Peter Hermann to swoon over. He's a handsome guy.

  • Stefani - 1 week ago

    Very disappointed Liza and Charles didn’t wind up together. They were just beginning to break through being honest with each other. Her and josh have no chemistry at all anymore. I barely felt their close friendship. So that insinuation of them together was so disappointing and ridiculous to me. I hated how they all split up at the end and went different directions. Loved the series. The finale of the series was horrible.

  • Mari - 1 week ago

    Really pointless that Charles would get mad and they would break up over something like her putting him secretly in a contest for writers. He would have loved that, at least the old version of him before writers ruined his character. He even goes to the workshop, how is that a bad thing to break up over? This is so contrived for a "Josh exists" moment. I am just pretending season 5 is the ending. Nothing worth having comes easy, so said season 5 Charles.

  • Jo - 2 weeks ago

    It just seems like ageism to feel that Liza and Charles should be together because he is the more “appropriate” choice. We saw Liza struggle with these societal expectations throughout - women in their 40’s aren’t “allowed” to reinvent themselves professionally or personally. The lie that started it all is the core of who Liza is - a rebel who would never be happy with conventional Charles. I mean, think about her closest friends?!?! All people forging their own paths and identities. Despite the ambiguity, I think she and Josh will end up together. I also think it would’ve been more true to her character to leave stuffy old Emperical for Inkubator. I thought this season had some poor writing and narratives all over the place. Did the actors playing Zane and Diana get written out in such a clunky way cuz they had other contracts? Why wasn’t Josh given more screen time? Why did they have to “normalize” Maggie into a lesbian relationship with Cass? Did Quinn really have to turn back into the Wicked Witch of the West for Charles to realize he loved Liza? Thank goodness Lauren ended up in a non-conventional relationship, otherwise I would’ve been concerned about the messages this season was giving us.

  • Savannah S Smoot - 2 weeks ago

    So devastated about the ending. Too many loose ends. I want to see Josh and Liza together again! And I want to see her kicking butt as Editor and Chief of Empirical. There definitely needs to be a movie or spin off!!!

  • DMG - 2 weeks ago

    Honestly, I'm a little bummed at the ending! After all the ups and downs with Josh, they settled into a nice friendship. I was excited that Liza was finally going to be with Charles. That airport scene would normally have been the "You got off the plane!!!!' from Friends!! LOL!! To give us that, just to take it away the next week wasn't cool!
    Then to imply she and Josh rekindle their 'thing', was a little like kicking us when we were down! ????
    I guess tying up this show in a pretty ribbon was not on the cards. I feel a little like Josh did, when he found out he was dating a 40 year old. LOL!!

  • Star - 2 weeks ago

    I found this series several weeks ago and started binging through the seasons. I really enjoyed watching the characters grow and although I was disappointed in Charles & Liza not ending up together, I feel that the ending was perfect. The entire series was about Liza and her lie and accomplishing the goal of being an editor for a publishing company in spite of her age. Although Liza got what she really wanted in the end, I’m not convinced she didn’t earn it by “sleeping her way” up the corporate ladder or for lack of a better candidate - Diana.

  • Midget - 2 weeks ago

    I really loved the show from beginning to end. I was very sad to see it end but very glad they left it open so if in the future someone will pick it back up! Really hoping someone will pick it back up, we need more Younger!!!
    Hey they made more Lucifer!

  • Kate Willwerth - 2 weeks ago

    I was a fan from the first episode but season 7 was a huge disappointment!! Charles turned out to be selfish controlling and just completely wrong, which by the way I was always team Josh, I mean come on Josh was the one who showed her true unconditional love and always supported her and could he be any cuter??!! I wanted Diana in charge of Empirical and to see her and Enzo as a married couple and I would have liked to see Kelsey with Zane...and Maggie with anyone but Csss, ugh!!!

  • Robb - 2 weeks ago

    The series should have ended long before now. It was cute at first but Liza's vacillating between Josh and Charles wore on. Neither man, who is that good-looking, would remain single for very long and wait around for an indecisive woman (or man). So glad that it's done.

  • Bridget M CLARY - 2 weeks ago

    Definitely wish it was clearer if Josh and Liza ended up together, but true to life nothing is ever clear.
    Josh had such a small part in the last season, an occasional remark about whatever topic they were discussing. No drama, no storyline. I was disappointed. So glad she didn't end up with Charles but glad she had a last fling and ended up knowing he was not the man for her instead of pining for him. All in all, I enjoyed the show immensely. Thank you Darren Starr and writers and kudos to all the actors for bring life to the characters. A fine job!

  • Kay - 2 weeks ago

    I need more. I wanted to see Liza and Josh together. I need things more closed then left open. I wish they would've done a 6 months later part or something. I loved the show though. I just think it's ending too soon.

  • Adrienne - 2 weeks ago

    Final season of Younger without Diana Trout was foreshadowing of tragic endings. Although Liza and Charles were doomed from the start, the final episodes were painful and not in a pull at your heartstrings kind of way. Not sure what demoralized Liza more- her acquiescing to Quinn's manipulations, Charles' vacillating hot/cold reactions or Pauline's pandering. While Josh's final answer was typical adorable Josh, Liza's question was warranted.... none of us really saw him in Season 7. Loved the series, the fashion and the friendships; did not love the final season. Too bad Liza and Kelsey didn't get to edit the scripts first.

  • Alita - 2 weeks ago

    Surely I can’t be the only one that loved how this ended?
    A few episode into the last season I said to my husband wouldn't it be cool if Liza wasn’t with Charles and was at a bar and then Josh showed up and it was like the beginning on the first episode?
    I love how instead of really ending it kinda gave everyone a new beginning.
    Kelsey moving away to pursue her dreams.
    Charles going off to do whatever he wants to do.
    Maggie a new love interest that probably won’t work out but hey?
    Loren two new love interests.
    Liza her dream job
    Josh his own building and tattoo shop
    Liza and Josh a chance to start again.
    I’m so glad she is not with Charles! They are so not suited. I felt so sorry for her she was so in love with the idea of him. He, in my opinion, is a controlling, egotistical so and so that wants Liza no matter the cost and as soon as they get together tries to change her and crush her! Also he was the creepy old boss guy that was putting the moves on a “younger” employee with a boyfriend earlier on. You hear how he crushed his first wives dreams. He does whatever he wants no matter who he hurts and is no good for Liza! Like his relationship with Quinn who he didn’t even like? I mean come on!
    I like to imagine that Liza and Josh will hopefully get back together and be happy. He always brought out the best in her and she in him.
    To me the whole full circle story was wonderful and I love it

  • Jackie - 2 weeks ago

    I don’t know why Charles and Liza wouldn’t work out honestly. But I had always hoped that Liza and Josh would get together. I thought she seemed most like herself when with Josh. But with that ending it doesn’t make it clear they will be together. Or how it will go with her being head of imperical. I think there should be another season or a spin-off to show what happens with Maggie, Liza and Josh. Even just a few episodes to show into the future or something. Anything.

  • Natashia Jinxsie Jinks - 2 weeks ago

    I think there should be a spin-off focused on Liza,Joshand Maggie. kelsie in La as planned and focus on the crew left in New York. This shows so great but I agree with everyone this last season was super rushed and could go on and be great with guest appearances by Kelsey and Charles. Show Liza growing and if it's with Josh or a new love interest so be it! this show should go on! Come on DS make it happen you know that's why there's a poll

  • MJ in NJ - 2 weeks ago

    Wow! Been watching this great show from Day 1! Didn't like the way it ended with Charles and Liza at all! Always thought Josh and Liza would be best buds! And I did miss Diana big time this season - always entertaining but the ending between C&L too rushed - well rock on Darren Star! Wish it didn't have to end :(

  • Nancey - 2 weeks ago

    Really two grown people who claim to love each other can’t communicate?! Sloppy writing Darren Starr! Liza should end up with the grown up. Josh should end up with Claire! Horrible ending!!!!!!!

  • 406 Mama - 2 weeks ago

    I was missing Diana this season. I was happy that Liza didn’t end up with Charles because he’s too arrogant and judgmental. He’s a total Chauvinist. They ended that relationship on a positive note and they make better friends. I like Josh a lot but there wasn’t a romantic chemistry toward the end and I think it ended perfectly with him expressing how much he cares for her. It showed how their relationship evolved into a deeper friendship. I loved the friendships between the girls and Josh the most on this show.

  • Mara - 2 weeks ago

    Loved all seasons of this show but thought the final season sucked.
    Maggie was by far my favorite yet she winds up with this oily haired little shit? There were so many more interesting suitors.
    As far as Liza and Charles? No. He turned out to be quite a disappoint. Jumping into a relationship with Quinn so quickly really turned me off to him. Josh is by far the winner in my book but there was NO chemistry between them this season.
    And the loss of Diana this season really hurt.

  • Amazon - 2 weeks ago

    The reason this finale was dumb is because the only issue between Liza and Charles was the marriage proposal. Everything worked till then. He realized what he lost through being inflexible, he grew and adjusted. Now they created fake problems in the script that were not an issue the whole time till proposal.... Just pure stupidity.

  • Liz - 2 weeks ago

    I was disappointed with the ending - had Liza ended up with Josh while they seemed like life partners remember that was thought of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher too and look how that wound up - my choice was Charles all the way - I was sad they couldn’t find a way to make it work - I hated that the show ended, it was one of my favorites.

  • Laura Jordan - 2 weeks ago

    I always felt Charles was to judgemental for Liza so happy that it appeared she still had Josh in the end he accepted her for her once she told him the truth. It was exciting to see Liza make it after her husband left her on her own. Shows women they can after any age pursue their dreams.
    I truly loved this show and constantly rooted for Josh and Liza ♥️

  • Calley - 2 weeks ago

    I love how everything unfolded in this last episode. Everyone seemed to get the ending/life they wanted. I am not a fan of cliff hanger endings to shows, especially if they show is over. Would love to know if Liza and Josh give it another go. I think he was good for her and reminds us all that life doesn’t end when you get older or have kids. Josh also himself grew a lot over the seasons and became more responsible.

  • Beth - 2 weeks ago

    Really bummed that it's over, absolutely LOVED this show. Glad they got rid of Quinn, hated her or loved to hate her, not sure which. Excited she COULD end up with Josh and his baby craving has been satisfied, but not thrilled with tbe teary "We're not going to make it." They are grown adults, they could make it work if they wanted it to...glad Charles is pursuing the book thing....

  • Lisa - 2 weeks ago

    I'm sad that Diana didn't make an appearance in the finale because Charles definitely should have put her in charge of Empirical. But whatever. And I feel bad for Charles' daughters because they love Liza and were happy to have her around again. The ending was syrupy sweet with everything working out for everyone, which I suppose is nice for fiction. :) And hopefully Josh ends up with Liza forever, since Charles won't!

  • Susan - 2 weeks ago

    I couldn't finish watching the last episode. Soooo disappointed. Wanted liza and Charles to be together.

  • Mike B. - 2 weeks ago

    But it was an addictive and wildly entertaining series and commend Mr. Star and his entire crew for it.

  • Mike B. - 2 weeks ago

    The last season, particularly the last episode, was a whirlwind of build up followed by unrealistic meh. All characters finish on career highs but are otherwise adrift in their personal lives. Except Diana who was written out of the show apparently for it! While that my be emblematic of our culture, it would have been refreshing to see at least one of them enter into true character based commitment. I would have had Liza meeting up with her daughter in one one of those "what life is all about" tender moments.

  • Jamie Beale - 2 weeks ago


  • Amaryllis - 2 weeks ago

    What a horrible ending. Seven years of who is she going to end up with and she ends up with no one.

    I was waiting to see how this was going to end up and now that I know I'm not even going to bother watching it. I have Hulu so I could watch it for free. Total bummer. The show started out so great and ended so badly. Boo.

  • Danielle - 2 weeks ago

    I didn't watch it and now that I know she doesn't end up with Charles I won't watch it. I was rooting for them to get together since the show started. Charles has a lot more to offer than Josh and he's way sexier abd better looking than Josh.

  • Angela Dickson - 2 weeks ago

    I think the fans would love for the series to continue to let the characters grow some more and then give it a proper ending!

  • Mo - 2 weeks ago

    Agree, the season was kind of blah but I was happy that Liza and Charles broke up. Thrilled at the ending - I hope that Liza and Josh rekindle things slowly. I was Team Josh from day 1. I do not want to watch a Kelsey spin off.

  • Langela garcia-keller - 2 weeks ago

    So tired of these open ended finale ????. We felt in love w Josh in the beginning then we where obsessed with Charles. All 7 seasons watching her fall in love w these men. To end up alone even w out Kelsie. This was Trash...

  • JazHole - 2 weeks ago

    Finale sucked. Wasted time. Stuck true to the title atleast.

  • TT - 2 weeks ago

    I always wanted her to end up with Josh but this season felt rushed that the ending was meh...

  • Yuvonne Robinson - 2 weeks ago

    I wanted Josh and Liza to have a happy ending.
    The seven season was not great.

  • Patty - 2 weeks ago

    Who doesn’t want a fairytale ending?

  • Chrissy - 2 weeks ago

    Not really my favorite season, have to say a little disappointing. Still not happy Diana was not brought back for the final season. This season was definitely missing something.

  • St. Louis Gal - 2 weeks ago

    I love how Josh showed up at the bar in a scene reminiscent of the pilot. As for the Charles and Liza break-up, it was a good setting for a Josh and Liza reunion. The fact that the series tied up most loose ends was satisfying. Not the most amazing series finale, but definitely not a disappointment.

  • Debra Luce - 2 weeks ago

    I’m so disappointed that Charles and Liza broke it off!
    They belong together!
    Josh is a big NO!

  • Anu - 2 weeks ago

    Wish it had different ending.

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