Grade the final season of 'Younger' overall:

  • Sam - 5 days ago

    I was okay with Liza and Charles getting back together when it looked like that’s what was going to happen, but I hoped she’d somehow end up with Josh. The only real thing that kept Josh and Liza from staying together, other than Charles, was that Josh wanted kids and she had already done that. But when Jemma was born I was like “okay, perfect, they can be together now”. I thought the two of them ending up together was perfect. He better represented her new life and knew her better and grew so much after meeting her, while Charles better represented her past and wasn’t really going to grow or change with Liza.

  • Celina - 1 week ago

    I’m so mad. Why can’t they just give us what we wanted?? I literally want back to episode 11 to watch Charles and Liza reunite. For what??? The time invested for that moment was ripped away on the very next episode! I liked Josh but his run for Liza was over. It was Charles for the win and we couldn’t even have it. Even his kids were pumped! Come on!!! Please re-film the last episode and make us happy

  • Chelsea - 2 weeks ago

    I feel as if it ended right where it needed to be. All was right in “the world.” I’ve always been team Josh and I think the end was fun, flirty and left it up to the universe to decide. I definitely wouldn’t hate to see a reboot. One of the first shows in awhile, that I was eager to watch every single week!

  • Maria C Pepper - 2 weeks ago

    I was always Team Josh when came to Lizas dating life. But I am team Liza overall and she came out better in the end. I would have liked more closer but I feel they worked at leaving an opening for a reboot.

  • TT - 2 weeks ago

    Josh’s young character could love through Liza’s lies where Charles’s older character couldn’t. Which I hated I was team Charles! But, Josh clearly had the strongest love for Liza.

  • Liza - 2 weeks ago

    I used to be team Josh. Especially since my name is Liza and used to work with a really cute Younger guy named Josh! But since so much time was spent on Liza and Charles, I converted to a "Liza and Charles" fan. So I was a little disappointed. And I really missed Diana this season. But I understand her absence couldn't be helped.

  • E Daves - 2 weeks ago

    I agree with the previous comment, way too much of Liza climbing back to Charles and not enough solid chemistry as in previous seasons, nor time spent in this season between Liza and Josh to make the final scene climactic.

  • Marsha - 2 weeks ago

    The series was way more than a love triangle, but this last season…
    11.5 episodes to work through the Liza/Charles story ? So over the top! That Liza and Josh got the last 2 minutes of the show spoke to how strong their relationship was, but by the time the last scene rolled around , I’d given up on seeing Josh as part of the story. Way too much of one, way too little of the other! A failed last season to be sure…

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