Should Mayim Bialik be named permanent 'Jeopardy' host?

  • Sylvia Gray - yesterday

    Aaron Rogers is too egotistical. Incinuating he had the job in the bag. Mayim easily talks with the contestants. She doesn’t present herself as the ‘star’ of the show like Rogers did. He seemed to have a difficult time relating to the contestants. Mayim is smart and fun. She a perfect fit.

  • Patsy - yesterday

    Aaron Rodgers was my favorite, hands down! Had the most pleasant voice, too

  • Carol - yesterday

    Aaron, Richards, Buzzy. Bill was too quite, boring. Dr. Oz no, he's got too many other things in the fire. I don't want anyone from any news agency, no to Bill, Katie, Cooper and any one else that may come from news or reality shows.

  • Barry S - yesterday

    Her over the top exuberance seemed contrived/artificial. It was like she was to be putting on an act. Will stop watching Jeopardy if she became permanent host.

  • Catherine Blinsmon - yesterday

    Ken Jennings with a little less hand action. He is about Jeopardy and he represents Alex the best.

  • Debbie Taylor - 2 days ago

    No. Boring. It's a no for me completely.

  • Suzy Bita - 2 days ago

    I thought everyone so far did a pretty good job. It's not an easy job, especially trying to make it flow and not make errors. It's pretty fast paced. Overall I definitely liked Milam Bialik best as she was very articulate and bright and great with contestants. I also liked her adding information as Alex often did. I like follow through and it adds the element of learning. That's what Alex was all about. Also, in spite of negative comments, I felt her attire was entirely appropriate, demure, neat and professional. It's not a fashion parade. She is by far the best choice!

  • Sharon McCullough - 2 days ago

    I think Mayim is the best. Her banter with the contestants is wonderful. Her enthusiasm is great. She seems so comfortable in the role and effortless like she is keeping Alex's vibe alive without copying his style.

  • Sherri - 2 days ago

    OK., so I would like to revise my comments from yesterday where I was fawning over Mayim.
    Don't get me wrong, I still like her, however, there are a few habits she has which, if left unchecked,
    might be super annoying!
    First, the way she expounds upon almost every clue. Sure, more info is great but this is a 1/2 hr show,
    let's keep it moving. She also seems to be making fun of the contestants when none of them have a response.
    It's almost as if she enjoys the sound of her voice a bit too much. Which leads to my next complaint...
    Other viewers are right, she does talk about herself too much. Of course Alex shared a lot with us,
    however, he was our beloved host for 37 yrs, who we genuinely were interested in. Mayim is not at that
    point with Jeopardy viewers. She needs to relax & stop trying to sell herself. We're all aware that she's
    a neuroscientist!
    If she can do the job with a lot less ego, then she may (im) be (alik) the one! (see what I did there lol!)

  • Virginia Bird - 2 days ago

    I think Mayim did an outstanding. job. She has a wonderful personality, is very intelligent. and is excellent with the contestants.

  • Liz - 2 days ago

    Absolutely NO! We actually stopped watching mid-week her 1st week. She's just not the right one to replace Alex

  • Bill - 2 days ago

    I didn't like her laughingly saying "correct" or "that's right" which she did frequently after someone's answer. Seemed too loose, maybe nervous, or just trying to be familiar with a contestant. In any event, it is annoying.

  • Bill - 2 days ago

    I didn't like her laughingly saying "correct" or "that's right" which she did frequently after someone's answer. Seemed too loose, maybe nervous, or just trying to be familiar with a contestant. In any event, it is annoying.

  • Rebecca Ferrin - 2 days ago

    Mayim was a little self centered for me. By her 2nd week, she interjected too much information upon responding especially if no one had the correct answer. She was too quick to bring attention to herself...."I have been there". Her choice of suits was a misfire, but did not bother me as it apparently did others based on feedback. I can't wait for LeVar. Please don't give the position to stiff and smug Ken. He has The Chase so isn't that a conflict of interest? So far, Mike and Buzzy are my winners. I didn't think I would like quirky Buzzy, but he won me over.

  • Peg Vanore - 2 days ago

    Loved watching Mayim. She most of all made me comfortable and secure in the thought that she would replace Alex.

  • Tom - 2 days ago

    I think she’s terrific and would be a very good future Jeopardy host. In the meantime to give everybody else a chance to see what they could do I am holding out before I make my final determination but by far she is far ahead in the contest.

  • Doris - 2 days ago

    Richards has been the best overall but I also liked Whitaker. Please.... no to Jennings, Buzzy, Katie. If you choose Mayim, please address her wardrobe.

  • Victor - 2 days ago

    Is it really about how she dresses, though? We LOVE the additional insight and info she provides. She has, thus far, been the best overall. Bright, witty, engaging, and RELATEABLE. Other than the sometimes too-often chuckle after an answer, her stint has been the one we've genuinely enjoyed most of all. We've actually looked forward to seeing her each night!

  • Thomas Westberg - 2 days ago

    Buzzy was best! I would like to see Buzzy and Ken Jennings share host duties. Aaron Rodgers was awful. Arrogant and spoke in a monotone. Stick to football Aaron. Malik was kind of like a female Buzzy!

  • Beth E Schwartz irwin - 2 days ago

    I found Mayim very sincere in honoring Alex, and Jeopardy.
    She would be and access to your network.
    She's fresh , smart, and like hearted in her presentation

  • Beth E Schwartz irwin - 2 days ago

    I found Mayim very sincere in honoring Alex, and Jeopardy.
    She would be and access to your network.
    She's fresh , smart, and like hearted in her presentation

  • DL - 2 days ago

    Mayim is absolutely fantastic. Her combination of personalty, knowledge and intelligence is amazing.

  • MB - 2 days ago

    LOVE Mayim! She's got the right stuff -- brains, enthusiasm, joy. She is very relatable, not arrogant like others that have hosted ...

  • Clay - 3 days ago

    I say a big no to Mayim.
    Here's my rating from best to worst.
    1) Buzzy (I didn't expect to like him as host, but I thought he did a great job and enjoyed him as host. Most likable and professional, best connection with contestants.
    2) Aaron - very likable great connection with contestants. A very close second.
    3) mike a close third, but probably doesn't want the job.
    4) Bill - likable, did job well, not Anoying.
    5)ken kind of Anoying, manic, great player , not such a great host
    6-8)Andersen, Dr. Oz, & Mayim all equally Anoying, all totally wrong vibe. Maybe Dr. Oz was actually the best of the three. Anderson actually seemed like a jeopardy person, just not very likable. Mayim probably more out in left field than Dr. Oz., But not near as much as Katie.
    9+ Katie wins the prize for most annoying / least likable. Total tourist, not a jeapardy person in any way. It's jeopardy, not Katie has fun pretending to be jeopardy host.
    I will probably stop watching if anyone below Bill Whitaker - per my rating- gets the job.
    Looks like my critic came to play ;)

  • Laurie Basile - 3 days ago

    Mayim needs help with her attire. Please, she needs a new updated look!

  • ellen kravitz - 3 days ago

    I agree with all those who cannot stand Mayim...A brilliant scientist does not need to constantly interject personal comments to show off. I too will not watch Jeopardy if she becomes the permanent host...

  • Nancee Ille - 3 days ago

    no no no! if she is the host I won't be watching anymore. too self occupied, don't need all of her interjections.

  • Nancee Ille - 3 days ago

    no no no! if she is the host I won't be watching anymore. too self occupied, don't need all of her interjections.

  • Jenifer Burkett - 3 days ago

    She has just the right stuff...don’t look any further...oozing with self confidence, humor, speaks crystal clear..every letter! Please give her the job! I will start watching Jeopardy again if she is the host!

  • Patty Guilmette - 3 days ago

    Absolutely refreshing! Miss Mayim is a breath of fresh air. She’s smart, confident, articulate and interacts with the contestants letting them shine. I would watch her and Jeopardy. Alex Trebek would be proud. I’m not interested in Ken Jennings, Buzzy or Aaron Rogers. They don’t impress me nor do they bring the show to life. Wonderful choice!

  • Brenda Hall - 3 days ago

    1. MAYIM
    2. Aaron Rogers
    3. Buzzy

  • Roger Davis - 3 days ago

    She made several mistakes. I like Aaron Rogers, can not stand Katy Corac.

  • Chas - 3 days ago

    Mayim was AWFUL!!!
    The Producers failed to mention to her that the show is not about her.
    Every correct answer had to include her providing additional information….I DON’T CARE plus who dressed her???

  • Rita - 3 days ago

    Mike Richards is my first choice, then Mayim

  • M Puccinelli - 3 days ago

    Mayim is very articulate, energetic, personable, and compares to Alex Trebek with her wit and ability to connect with the contestants.! The other guest hosts just didn’t have Mayim’s charisma which was one of Alex’s many qualities.

  • Olivia Vigil - 3 days ago

    I loved Aaron Roger. If this lady stays, I will be watching something else.

  • Betty Thornton - 3 days ago

    She is so smart!!! She is personality plus and very endearing. She is is not stodgy and stuffy. I thought she was amazing. She is way smarter but not a ball buster if you say the wrong answer, just matter of fact. Go for her!!

  • Bebe McQuillan - 3 days ago

    Mayim is definitely the best so far. She is refreshing, witty and relates to the contestants very well. I love her sense of humor. She seems interested in what the contestants say and seems to want more time with them. Delightful, intelligent, what more could we ask for? We are casting our two family votes for her.

  • Gwyneth Williams - 3 days ago

    So far Mayim Bialik is far and the best person to host jeopardy if Ken Jennings get to host the show I will not be watching it any more.

  • Diana - 3 days ago

    Mike Richards is my first choice butI don’t think the execs will let him give up the excellent job he does now.
    The next host should be Mayim Bialik. She is intelligent, has lots of personality and seems to talk to contestants with ease. After 40 yrs of watching, I think Alex would be proud.

  • Linda Ferrell - 3 days ago

    She talks to the players and interacts with them just like Alex did. She is a female Alex. I hope she wins.

  • Patti Bohm - 3 days ago

    She’s doing a superb job, she’s a breath of fresh. Please make her the permanent host!

  • Tess Helfman - 3 days ago

    She is wonderfully personable and has really gotten even more enjoyable as her time went on! Better then even Ken Jennings .. I do hope she gets the job ..

  • Kevin Olds - 3 days ago

    Mayim. No, sorry, she interjected herself into the process too much plus she's loud. Buzzy's good. I expect to take his glasses off, jump into a telephone booth and change into his Superman suit. He's interesting. Arron Rodgers was very natural and I liked his interaction with the guest contestants. He seemed genuinely interested in them. Ken was a heavyweight contestant but a somewhat lightweight host.Sorry, Ken. Buzzy one week, Aaron in the next. That would work.
    Don't want to see the same host every week.

  • Bill Brubaker - 3 days ago

    In this year of the woman I think her getting the job would be perfect!

  • Milly - 3 days ago

    I wasn’t even going to watch these past two weeks with Mayim. But, after the first show I was hooked. She’s lovely, a natural. Next to her would be Ken Jennings.

  • Ross chabot - 3 days ago

    She is likeable, intelligent, humble and just has a nice personality. As I watched, she just felt like a perfect fit. She’s the one ????

  • Gary Perior - 3 days ago

    Making did a good job. However she is a long way from being my favorite. My top two picks are first, Aaron Rogers and then Ken Jennings. I thought Aaron Rogers was bright, relaxed and all together the best host.

  • Sue Curtis - 3 days ago

    Most all did good job. Didn’t watch one because of political views. But probably did a good job. So the best one for the job might be a person already liked before the host event. So I loved Aaron Rogers. But most of the others could do good job.

  • Jacqueline Cowan - 3 days ago

    Thought Aaron Rodgers was the one until Mayim Bialik came on the scene. She’s outstanding!

  • Tina W - 3 days ago

    Mayim has personality, brains and excellent rhythm and timing in her verbage. She's relaxed and engaging with contestants. The only shortcoming is her wardrobe which is ok but could use some tweaking for fit and style, a little more consistentcy in hair and makeup as well. But these are easily fixed and are superficial things, it doesn't affect her ability to do the job.
    So far she is the only guest host I really, really like. The others were either too stilted and wooden, seem uncomfortable reading the questions, overact their part or are just flat out awful!!!
    Mayim is different from them in that even though it's a woman's voice, it's very much everything Alex was!! I think having a woman take the helm for the next phase in Jeopardy would be something Alex would be happy about.

  • Faye Morgan - 3 days ago

    Bialik is the best. She honors the position, makes the contestants feel at ease, is intelligent, and has just the right way to balance humor against thseriousness.

  • Bob Khan - 3 days ago

    Mayim Bialik is a conceited,loud mouth,narcissistic, phoney actress that has no place in Jeopardy. She is way too loud and controlling in the sense of taking too long to respond to the contestants. Her personal comments at times indicate that she is craving attention. The show is not about her. There are others in line will be worse. Watching Gupta will be like Covid 19 :A plague.

  • Karen Combe - 3 days ago

    I love Bialik, but I also love Buzzy.

  • Jeralyn - 3 days ago

    I thought Mike Richards was best of all, so far. Not sure if he would want the job. Then Aaron. Ken Jennings would not be my choice. Mayim ok, but not my choice either.

  • Jeralyn - 3 days ago

    Loved Aaron Rodgers .

  • Odessa clark - 3 days ago

    So far she is the most distinct and I just like her better

  • Stephen Ginter-Clay - 3 days ago

    I loved Ken Jennings as guest host, he is a person who would keep you on your feet and make your day. I love how he keeps the show running and how he interacts with the contestants. He seems professional and knows Alex very well. I would love Jennings as permanent host. He has the energy for the job. All of the other guest hosts are good seem good to. Mike Richard's was good but is better at being Executive Producer, he in my opinion does not have the energy like Alex had. But when it came to Dr. OZ the Jeopardy ratings went down and nobody really likes him so I say if Jennings gets the Job the ratings will be high. I did like Mayam also. So I say my choices are between Jennings and Mayam.

  • Irene McAlhaney - 3 days ago

    Mayim has done an exceptional job. Please help her with her wardrobe!!!

  • Donna - 3 days ago

    I liked the majority of guests hosts but I cannot stand Ken Jennings or Dr. Oz. Any of the other guest hosts would be fine with me.

  • Ellen Honeybuss - 3 days ago

    I like Ken Jennings. Then Buzzy and Mike Richards. I think Mayim is a great actress, but host of Jeopardy....not feeling it. She's too self focused. I'm not enjoying the show so much these past couple of weeks.

  • Shirley Reynolds - 3 days ago

    Buzzy Cohen should be permanent host so far. He shows great personality and reads clues very well. That lady actress mayim bialek reads and talks too fast not professional too nerdy. Her hair and clothing makes her look very old etc. If mayim gets the job I may stop watching after many years.

  • Gini - 3 days ago

    My husband and I both think Mayim is wonderful, also Buzzy, Ken and Mike Richards. (We really enjoyed Aaron Rodgers, but he seems to be promoting himself left and right between his contractual issues with the Packers, and IMO, Jeopardy deserves more focus.) Mayim is professional, stylish without being a distracting fashionista, and is obviously very bright, personable and engaging. Near the end of his life, Alex actually seemed to gjve a nod of approval by saying maybe we would have a female host of Jeopardy. It’s more than time to give well-suited women other than Jane Lynch (wonderful host of the Weakest Link) an opportunity to host quick and smart prime time game shows.

  • P Morales - 3 days ago

    Buzzy has the best personality and conveys understanding to the contestants. I enjoyed watching him and loved his presentation and warmth. Mayim is more on the technical side of things and does not convey warmth. I think Alex would be proud to see Buzzy follow in his footsteps..

  • Barbara Sherry - 3 days ago

    My husband and I were pleasantly surprised with Buzzy. He was a natural!! We would love to see him get the job. Ken Jennings has had enough recognition, plus Buzzy did a better job. Mayim is also very good! Buzzy and Myim are our top two so far!!

  • Sam colacino - 3 days ago

    I have thoroughly enjoyed a few of your guest hosts: Aaron Rogers, your executive producer but my favorite is Ken Jennings. He had the closest relationship with Alex and it shows in his role.

  • D. Owen - 3 days ago

    Viewers must not forget Ken Jennings! He is the best since Alex! He has proven himself for 10 weeks! If he is not the next host of Jeopardy, I will be watching a lot of Gunsmoke reruns!????

  • Dixie - 3 days ago

    She has been the best guest host yet, and contestant's seem really engaged with her. Love her wardrobe. Not the usual stuffy attire. Still very professional and great sense of humor.

  • Donna - 3 days ago

    Almost all positive comments are from women. Men not so much. I would be careful what you choose. I prefer Ken Jennings, buzzy or Aaron Rogers. You someone a bit more lively, who can interact with contestants, and dress appropriately The current person... I can’t get past her clothes to focus on the actual program

  • Judy rooks - 3 days ago

    I think she is the best. Sorry to see her go.

  • Vicki Warden - 3 days ago

    Mayhim rich knowledge ànd sense of humor make it so enjoyable. She brings the savvy back and does Alex memory proud. I vote 100. Percent b for her

  • Jackie Auclair - 3 days ago

    Mayim does a good job. Permanent host - undecided. She definitely will need a wardrobe coordinator as her variety of jackets are not appealing to the eye especially since the button looks like it is going to pop. Sorry if I am being picky. I liked the way Mike Richards handled the job and also Buzzy Cohen who kept the game moving forward quickly and didn't make comments referring to himself as other hosts have done.

  • Jude - 3 days ago

    I do not agree that she should be the one to replace Alex. I feel she belittles the contestants if the three of them don't answer a question.
    She comes across exactly what Alex did not want... the host is NOT the focus of show, the contestants are. Not a good example to folks, could b seen as a type of bullying.
    We are glad today is her last day.

  • Elena A. - 3 days ago

    I think Mayim is doing a great job. She is very personable and has a great relationship with the contestants. The only other guest host I really liked was Mike Richards.

  • carol fendlay - 3 days ago

    She is absolutley the very best so far. Such personality, kept program flowing nicely. I love ken Jennings, but even he doesn't complete with her. ALEX would be proud to have her as permanent host.

  • Jackie Romanchik - 3 days ago

    Absolutely refreshing! Mayim gives Jeopardy a new spirit.

  • Lori - 3 days ago

    Mayim has a very nice voice to listen to.
    Adam Rodgers was too monotone.
    Buzzy Cohen was good, but had silly expressions.
    Ken Jennings IS Jeopardy, but he does that other game show.

    I actually ran home to see Mayim, she just shines, has a feel good presence. ????????

  • Denise Woody - 3 days ago

    I think Mayim has done a great job. I think her inter action with the contestants is great. Second Ken Jennings. Aaron Rodgers is at the bottom.

  • Esther Griffin - 3 days ago

    I liked Aaron Rodgers best!!

  • Carol - 3 days ago

    Mayim is a breath of fresh air, we have watched Jeopardy for years and loved Alex didn’t think that I would enjoy the show because Alex was one in a million. Mayim like Alex is excellent with the contestants, funny and interesting. I have enjoyed all of the guest hosts but Myiam is my favorite! Please give her the job.

  • Ann - 3 days ago

    All of the guest hosts have been good, certainly some better than others. Aaron was very good. And Jeopardy is a legend show to watch, so always look forward to it.. But with Mayim, I couldn't wait for it to start - just like with Alex. I really hope she gets the job.

  • Sherri - 3 days ago

    I have unbiasedly watched each guest host thus far. Some have performed better than others, but at the end of the
    day, I haven't felt like any of them were truly worthy of the position, until Mayim came along!
    She is articulate, intelligent,, personable, and very funny. One of the main things that impresses me is
    how she puts the contestants at ease with humour, everyone truly appears to be enjoying themselves! I think Alex would be very proud of her continuing his legacy!

  • Frank Shaffer - 3 days ago

    Before Jeopardy decides on a new host, they need to look at the demographics of viewers. Picking a black person just to be politically correct like the rest of mindless TV shows would be wrong

  • Barbara - 3 days ago

    I enjoyed the banter with the contestants and they seemed to relate well with Mayim. She kept the game moving, gave good clear responses.
    She would make an excellent host.
    Loved her enthusiasm and knowledge.
    Most people I ask say the same.

  • patsy - 3 days ago

    Mayim is excellent but needs to improve her wardrobe

  • patsy - 3 days ago

    Mayim is excellent but needs to improve her wardrobe

  • patsy - 3 days ago

    Mayim is excellent but needs to improve her wardrobe

  • Patsy - 3 days ago

    Aaron Rogers Buzzy Cohen, Miyam, Anderson

  • Laura M. Ginn - 3 days ago

    Producer Aaron Rodgers was excellent.

    Best of all so far.

  • Meg Kincaid - 3 days ago

    Mayim has been like a breath of fresh air. Smart, witty and personable, she manages to move the game along at a good pace.
    Before her hosting gig, my favorite had been Mike Richards - with honorable mention to Buzzy..
    Mayim definitely is well-suited to be the permanent host and would be enjoyable to watch on a regular basis. It would be great to see an intelligent, confident woman as the host.
    And please DON'T give it to Ken. I respect him immensely as a player, and he does well on The Chase, but on Jeopardy he comes off as unapproachable and somewhat arrogant. And definitely does not have the knack for humor that Mayim has.

  • Martha Smith - 3 days ago

    Never in a million…she was too into herself…constantly back to her…and she dresses like a grandma…

  • Sean - 3 days ago

    So far for me it’s Mike Richards, Mayim Bialik and Bill Whitaker. If one of those three gets it I’ll be happy.

  • Kristine Kahn - 4 days ago

    Mayim is doing a great job. Wonderful voice, articulate , personable , intelligent, & she has the pacing & delivery most reminiscent of Alex. Keeps things moving & interesting. Other hosts have made me nostalgic for Alex but she fills the void. Definitely has my vote.

  • Kelly L - 4 days ago

    Richards and Mayim are the best so far.

  • Nancy J Blum - 4 days ago

    Mayim is strong contender for Jeopardy host.She is a perfect combination of real & erudite. She has the timing to move the game along yet still can relate comfortably to the contestants .She has enthusiasm and a lively pleasant personality.
    The only caveat: she pronounces a hard middle "g" in
    words like "singing". Easy to correct because all else fits the bill .

  • Della Smith - 4 days ago

    I hope Mayhim is the permanent host..keeps the game going smoothly..has a sense of humour is very clever. Hands down my favourite so far!

  • Bridget - 4 days ago

    Of the guest hosts thus far, Mayim has been the biggest and most pleasant surprise! Notice how so many of the negative comments about her come from men, who are most likely intimidated by an intelligent, competent woman. Buzzy would be my 2nd choice. Waiting to see how Levar Burton does before casting my final vote.

  • Gina - 4 days ago

    Mayim is amazing! She definitely is one smart lady. Presents her self well with her wardrobe choices and relates well with the contestants. Reall enjoy watching her host.

  • Sj85251 - 4 days ago

    The constant laughter at almost every clue is grating and weird. I am ready for her to be done.

  • Val O - 4 days ago

    Mayim has been a pleasant surprise but my favorite so far is Buzzy Cohen! I am also looking forward to LeVar Burton. Aaron Rodgers is a favorite too mostly because he grew up in a neighboring town and is a fave local boy. His demeanor was very quiet and a bit too laid back.

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