Grade 'Rebel' Season 1 as a whole:

  • Tina Rinzema - 1 week ago

    Really disappointed the show was cancelled all the actors are great the storyline was good really I think it was a bad move to cancel it and not give it a chance. Covid and on and off weeks of the new shows and even all our regular shows are really to blame for ratings here its not fair to use ratings on the new shows during all the covid problems bec there was to many on off weeks even with well established shows this year so to be fair to the newer shows you really cannot cut them after one seasons based on ratings since we have had the pandemic bec illness has put even regular shows well established behind or shut down prouduction bec people were sick so I think the networks really need to rethink this for this past year during covid.

  • Maria ulloa - 1 week ago

    This is such a great show should never have been cancelled needs to be brought back

  • Lee Kools - 1 week ago

    This is a great show an we looked forward to it every week. I will never understand how some idiotic show like 90 day fiancé gets renewed and Rebel isn’t.

  • Ann - 2 weeks ago

    I love this show, should never have been canceled.
    Rotten move ABC

  • Vocame - 2 weeks ago

    Life is complicated. We are all flawed. What a shame to cancel a show that showed this in all its glory.

  • Kathleen Woekel - 2 weeks ago

    Such a tragedy to cancel such a great show while maintaining stupid cheap reality shows. Kathy was stellar in her role as well as the rest of the cast and crew. Very, very sad. Hoping some station, even if it is a streaming place which I don't have, picks this up. The story deserves to be told.

  • Linda Anderson - 2 weeks ago

    Love love love this show....I have never commented on a show before. This show and the actors are nothing short of amazing. These types of stories needs to be told on so many levels. Truth and justice. This is a one of kind, Cannot even believe you dumb asses cancelled it.

  • Hlrent - 2 weeks ago

    I rarely watch shows on ABC for several years now; but I watched this show! I love the search for justice and a voice for people who are unable to speak. The characters are terrific and very human…

  • Young - 2 weeks ago

    Cancel Katey Sagal? Insane.

  • Robert Pax - 2 weeks ago

    Rebel is a great show. Real people dealing with problems. Outstanding cast with plenty of storylines they can explore. Can't believe Rebel gets the axe while crap like the Batchelor' and Batchelorrete' and those sickening game shows survive'

  • Lorraine Cruez-Voigt - 2 weeks ago

    I love the cast great show!!! Please give to another station so we can enjoy some more. So looked forward to seeing the show every Thursday night!!!

  • Eileen - 2 weeks ago

    If my husband insists on watching Rebel with me, and we’re both laughing and rooting for the good guys, it’s a huge success! Loved the finale and the entire season! Bring it back!!

  • Phyllis James - 2 weeks ago

    I really liked the show and sincerely hope you will consider continuing it. I feel that more men made this decision than women; strong women are never liked and rarely rewarded!

  • Michelle - 2 weeks ago

    This show was Great!!
    I agree with the other comments. Other shows on TV that are worn out or flat out terrible. You cancel this series a few episodes in, crazy! I hope another network realizes how good this show was and pick it up.

  • Sherry N Parton - 2 weeks ago

    Screw you ABC!!! Took off a great show. Katey Segal is so good in this. Should have cancelled Big Sky because I never understood what that was about anyway. BRING IT BACK!!!

  • Berna - 2 weeks ago

    Love the show, why cancel?

  • Pat - 2 weeks ago

    This show was amazing! Great characters, strong women! Bring it back ABC or hopefully another network picks it up. I mean come on.... Grey's Anatomy is still on and they have worn that show out!

  • Ann Friesem - 2 weeks ago

    Someone really screwed up cancelling this show. Did it bother the executives to see a show about a strong woman do so well? Katie Segal is wonderful! Something is really off here. Hopefully another network will snatch it up!
    I’m disappointed in ABC

  • Trish Simmons - 2 weeks ago

    I can't believe they have cancelled this show. They didn't even really give it a chance announcing the canceling only a couple of shows in. This show is so good. Really disappointed it won't be back.

  • PSF - 2 weeks ago

    Since ABC made the mistake of canceling this well-written and creative show, another network should pick it up - and start promoting it ASAP. The fact that the character Rebel was loosely based on a real-life person made it unique in the world of television entertainment. If viewers’ opinions matter at all, ABC should reconsider their decision to cancel the series, or be prepared to see their network ratings decline in favor of whoever has the good sense to pick it up and keep Rebel on the air!

  • Patricia - 2 weeks ago

    GREAT SHOW!!!! Bring it back!!!!

  • M. Wyskida - 2 weeks ago

    I don’t usually comment, but this is horrible that ABC would cancel! So very disappointed.

  • Sue Travers - 2 weeks ago

    This was a great show. Can’t believe ABC dropped it already. Didn’t give it a chance with the viewers. Shame on you.

  • Caitlin - 2 weeks ago

    Why was this show cancelled ABC?!? Such a good show and a great cast! Katie segal? John Corbett? Tamala Jones (castle!), abagail Spencer, Andy Garcia, Kevin Zegers and created by krista vernoff! Such a different and refreshing show. They were so wrong to cancel this show. Couldn’t wait for the next one. Someone else needs to pick this show up. NETFLIX?!?

  • Caitlin - 2 weeks ago

    Why was this cancelled ABC?!?! Such a gret show

  • vanessa bauder - 2 weeks ago

    I can't believe that ABC was stupid enough to cancel this show of Rebel. Katey Segal was excellent in the role of Erin Brockovich. I had a hard time waiting the week to see the next show. Always kept me on the edge of my seat.
    It was so nice to see a new show that kept you in suspense from week to week. I pray that another network picks it up.
    ABC you made a huge mistake in cancelling this tv show.
    Yay need to fight ABC.

  • Cheryl - 2 weeks ago

    Best new show!! I was shocked and in disbelief that it is cancelled. Really?? Who decides these things? Great cast, storyline and huge potential for on going Rebel stories. I will be very disgusted with ABC if you let this winner go.

  • Joy Deem - 2 weeks ago

    Great show, please keep it on.....why cancel one of the best shows on TV.

  • Carol R Ommert - 2 weeks ago

    ABC how dare you cancel such a good show? You should really re-think your decision!! Stupid move!! Katey Sagal played the part perfect! Story line was great! Krista Vernoff a winner! Keep Rebel on!!

  • MARYANN MCLAUGHLIN - 2 weeks ago

    Best new show in a very long time. Rebel has the best cast and different storyline then all the other shows!!! REBEL SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CANCELED!! Shame on ABC!! Praying another network picks it up!!!

  • Andrea M Sahn - 2 weeks ago

    This is an excellent show. Shame on ABC cancelling. I really hope it will be picked up by another network.i guess ABC prefers reality tV instead of intelligent stories.

  • Mona Petersen - 2 weeks ago

    I loved this show please don't cancel it. !

  • Karen Keener - 2 weeks ago

    If you are canceling Rebel then why leave a potential storyline hang.
    Yes the case was solved, but there is still another story within the story. Characters were left hanging. I am not sure why this was cancelled to begin with.

  • Linda Allen - 2 weeks ago

    Extremely upset that this show was cancelled! It's the best thing on tv and about the only reason I turned to ABC.

  • Susan Forbes - 2 weeks ago

    Wrong move ABC! This was a really good show with an awesome cast! You did not give this show a fair chance! This show got better and better with every show! Then you put on the special of Erin Brockovich before the last show. You know that could of, would have brought in new viewers. Should of but that on with the first show. Who is running this network? Shame
    To other networks and streaming forms please scoop up this awesome show!!!

  • Connie Gragnani - 2 weeks ago

    This was a great show with a stellar cast. ABC did not give it a chance but i guess that is what is happening now. ABC obviously did not base their decision on the popularity of the show. We are hoping this show , along with two of our other favorites - All Rise and The Unicorn - will be shown on streaming opportunities. Meanwhile inane reality shows remain. Go figure!

  • Wanda Madison Minor - 2 weeks ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching Rebel with my husband every Thursday. We are both in our mid-60s. We only missed it that once because we were out of town. I'm not a fan of many shows on any of networks. In fact Mondays and Thursdays nights were the only two nights that we watched network television. However, I/we religiously watched Rebel and All Rise. Now, we are left to go back to Cable news--tired of that too. I urge ABC to reconsider their decision to cancel the series. Rebel is an outstanding drama/comedy. I remember Katey Sagal from Married With Children. She is one of our favorite actresses. Actually, I agree with the commenters above that the whole cast was outstanding. I want to see all the family working together to take down corrupt corporations, governments, or politicians. There was joy and goodness for a cause with the show. I pray one of the other network stations will pick the show up, if ABC doesn't reconsider. Rebel is definitely one television show to be saved in such a time as this. BRING BACK REBEL.

  • Nick Abernathy - 2 weeks ago

    Loved this show! Hope ABC changes mind and renews for several years or another network picks it up. It's too good to just go away!

  • Brenda McDonald - 2 weeks ago

    I loved this show. Just cannot believe ABC cancelled it.

  • Jennifer Jennings - 2 weeks ago

    Unbelievable!!! Why would you cancel such a well rounded and diverse program? Thought we had finally found something worth watching!! Definitely think this show is worth bringing back!

  • Gail Williams - 2 weeks ago

    PLEASE rethink the cancellation and restore Rebel to your lineup. Or, at least, transfer it to a different network
    I like VERY few television shows but really liked this one. Seeing Katie Sagal, the former Mrs. Bundy, has been such a treat!!!

  • Fran - 2 weeks ago

    I loved the show. Please put it on another network. They have done that with other shows. You find a really good show then it gets pulled. Then they leave the worse shows on not naming any names.

  • carrie - 2 weeks ago

    loved this show. please don't cancel it

  • Connie McCleese - 2 weeks ago

    Don't cancel a Great show! Tired of all the reality shows. This was so Real, Luv the charectares!

  • Theresa Davis - 2 weeks ago

    Loved this show! Amazing actor’s with a fantastic story to tell... how could this be canceled?? So sad watching the nail biting finale and thinking this is it?? Please bring back, don’t cancel!!

  • Sylvia - 2 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed the show. Sorry to see it go. This was one of the good shows. I am tired of reality shows and spin offs of the same formula. This was a refreshing new show with great actors. Shame on ABC.

  • Mary Franklin - 2 weeks ago

    Rebel is the hero that we all need to know at this time in our lives. With all the crappy issues in the world, Rebel is a breath of fresh air! ABC needs to listen to the people and FIX THIS!

  • Terri Swan - 2 weeks ago

    WTF ABC???

  • Kathy - 2 weeks ago

    Finally a show with real characters you can get behind, with reasonable problems and stupid ABC cancelled them. I don't typically watch ABC because I don't do reality tv, but this was awesome. You suck abc!

  • Pam - 2 weeks ago

    They finally put a great show on with an incredible cast AND they cancel that show!! Come on FOX pick this one up!

  • Judith Doe - 2 weeks ago

    Do not cancel. This is a great show

  • Sherry - 2 weeks ago

    Love Rebel. This show should not be cancelled. Entertaining and interesting. The actors are excellent and I would like to see how they develop.
    Please bring it back.

  • Jennifer K Tlusty - 2 weeks ago

    Should not have been canceled. The show is funny, entertaining, suspenseful and the cast is excellent!

  • Pat Britter - 2 weeks ago

    I’m so disappointed about Rebel’s cancellation. This show was humorous and serious at the same time. I really would prefer ABC give this show a second chance. I loved it.

  • Nicola Robertson - 2 weeks ago

    I loved that show, so disappointed that ABC cancelled it.
    It deserves another chance!

  • Kathleen Rice - 2 weeks ago


  • Kathleen Rice - 2 weeks ago


  • Michele - 2 weeks ago

    ABC is insane! They keep shows that are mediocre around or shows that should have been gone years ago, but get rid of an excellent show like this! If ABC won't reconsider and rescind the cancelation, I hope Netflix or Amazon will pick it up and continue. I LOVE Rebel and need more!

  • Brenda Koeller - 2 weeks ago

    I hope they rethink cancelling this show. It was amazing. It was a feel good show, leaving you thinking maybe we can make a difference in the world. We all need that right now. So wish ABC would give it another chance!!!!!!

  • Julie Kinzer - 2 weeks ago

    Please reevaluate cancelling this show! It was one of the best and ABC never gave it a chance!!

  • Sherri - 2 weeks ago

    Loved the show. ABC Please do not cancel this good show!

  • Teresa rundell - 2 weeks ago

    So disappointed in abc decision to cancel. One of the best shows this season, amazing cast and stories!

  • Angie Holt - 2 weeks ago

    Please reconsider! Great cast, great story! Give it a chance?

  • Linda - 2 weeks ago

    Rebel was such a great show. Their whole problem was they were on the same time as the new law and order with t hff e return if Detevtive Stabker. Nobody was going to win against that.
    REBRL NEEDS TO COME BACK !!!! FOR A SECOND SEASON. Hopefully somebody will pick them up

  • Sandra Hoops - 2 weeks ago

    Rebel is a great show! Try a FULL 2nd season then decide if it stays or goes….

  • Shirley Rediker - 2 weeks ago

    Great show,very dissapointed that ABC cancelled it.

  • Dana Littlefield - 2 weeks ago

    One of the best new shows this season. ABC didn't really give it a chance. Very poor decision on their part. Let me guess. They'll replace it with another idiotic reality show. Ugh.

  • Michele Dorr - 2 weeks ago

    A great show should not be cancelled ABC has chopped all the shows away now one show left The Rookie for me Rebel was the other good one . The other networks benefit from this dumb move leaving nothing but junk to watch on their channel

  • Reb - 2 weeks ago

    Keeping my fingers crossed that they do not cancel this show. All of the characters on this show are great. I enjoyed tonight’s last two episodes and all of them joining together in the end was great. I am really hoping since they have a new case that they can all work on, the show will go on...

  • Yvette Fernandez - 2 weeks ago

    So disappointed it wasn’t renewed. Please reconsider!! It’s a damn good show.

  • Kay Lubinsky - 2 weeks ago

    I was really enjoying this show, esp since the characters were interesting. I’m very disappointed it has been canceled. I don’t think it was given enough time to build up the audience.

  • KevinO’Connor - 2 weeks ago

    The last two or three episodes allowed character depth to come to life after development took a few episodes. This showed the show had potential if given time to develop

    Rebel/Katey Sagal really excelled throughout the two-episode finale.

  • Marlene Hamilton - 2 weeks ago

    It was a good show. I was very upset it got canceled. There should have been a season 2. You not very fair to the viewers.

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