How confident are you that new projects such as Mexico City's airport and the Maya Train will be free of construction defects such as those found in the Metro?

  • Jeff H - 4 weeks ago

    what an odd poll question. How would the average person have any opinion on “confidence in foreign construction”.

    How many people have confidence in the next Miami Beach condo construction project?

  • Cactus Jack - 4 weeks ago

    How are they going to prevent the "Maya Train" tracks from being constantly blown up by the rebels ?

  • Cal Kinsey - 5 weeks ago

    Start hiring independant inspectors and hold them financially responsible . This is taxpayers money that is being wasted

  • Ve Ray - 5 weeks ago

    Too much corruption. Too easy to pay a bribe, get away with & take shortcuts; pocketing the money.

  • Brad Boner - 5 weeks ago

    As with everything designed and manufactured by Man, well, it's a crapshoot - one of many we Humans endure on a variety of levels. We'll live and hope and hope we keep living.

    I'm pro-Mayan train, sure.

    It could become the Mexican Orient Express!

  • Jacobo - 5 weeks ago

    Appointing the army as construction project managers and supervisors, seem very strange to me and asking for trouble due to lack of knowledge and experience.

  • Mariluz Holmes - 5 weeks ago

    I doubt that it will be done right. Things are done here hurriedly and to please the current administration responsible for their contracts.

  • Luis Muñozcano - 5 weeks ago

    Corruption and hurries (just like in L12 construction process) will ensure a bad ending

  • Luis Muñozcano - 5 weeks ago

    With no Executive Project (like the L12) and direct assignments to "friend and family" companies, defects are a sure thing

  • Luis Sarellano - 5 weeks ago

    Soy muy optimista y sinceramente creo en la 4T y nuestro Presidente y al mismo tiempo tengo toda la confianza en los profesionales de ejercito que construyen el mas moderno aeropuerto de todo el continente y del mundo. Nuestra gente son los mejores trabajadores del mundo por eso son preferidos en los estadoss unidos.

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