Should Savannah Guthrie be named permanent 'Jeopardy' host?


  • KS Baltimore - 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t want Savanna to leave the Today Show. Definitely not Oz. Not Katie. I will make a final decision after I have seen all of the contenders

  • Pat Gennell - 2 years ago

    Mayim, Savannah, Aaron and Mike are my favorites. Never missed an episode of jeopardy until dr oz hosted. Unwatchable.

  • Geoff COGGAN - 2 years ago

    Ken Jennifer was a boring dry host. No energy.
    Wished they had tried the bartender guy, he was fun when he competed

  • Walter O’Neill - 2 years ago

    Mayim outshined everyone else. Intelligent, charming, sense of humor, pleasing voice.

  • Linda - 2 years ago

    Ken is top of my list followed by Aaron. Mayim, Anderson and Buz on bottom. Dr. Oz is well in negative

  • Mary TenHave - 2 years ago

    #1- Buzzy
    #2- Ken
    Not Mike. He comes across as plastic and fake. And like a used car salesman.
    Please stop glorifying Alec as though he was a god or superhuman. He did a good job but he is not deserving of such over the top praise. That should be reserved for true heroes who put their lives on the line for the sake of democracy,
    Freedom, and safety.

  • Alayne Farries - 2 years ago

    Mayim, Buzzy, Ken ,Mike in that order then Aaron
    I could live with all of them thank you for being such good sports Savannah is okay. I like Katie Dr oz and Anderson and Bill.
    I could watch them but you asked for rating. We really enjoy the show ! Look forward to see the rest.
    Thank you Mr Richards

  • Colleen - 2 years ago

    I would pick the Executive Producer first, Buzzy next and Savannah next. I thought Arron Rogers was too monotone and hard to listen to. Ken Jennings seemed rather stiff and nervous. None of the others sparked any interest.

  • Peggy smith - 2 years ago

    Ken Jennings is my favorite.

  • Peggy smith - 2 years ago

    Savannah's voice is too shrill. Can't listen very long...annoying.

  • Donna - 2 years ago

    Savannah Guthrie was a breath of fresh air. She has been in my top three favourite hosts - along with Aaron Rodgers and Mike Richards. I thoroughly enjoyed her positivity and style. Not a fan of Oz or Mayim Bialik. Loving the show!

  • Mary Stockman - 2 years ago

    Don't go with political opinionated people. You lost us.ken. buzzy apron director man

  • Jennifer Whiting - 2 years ago

    Ken Jennings has been the best by far, IMHO!

  • Paula - 2 years ago

    I used to never miss a program, but I did not watch Anderson Cooper, or Katie Couric, and will not watch
    some of the others.So far the best has been the producer, Mike Richards, Buzzy is good.

  • Christine King - 2 years ago

    The top 3 are: Mike Richards, Buzzy Cohen, Mayim Bialik.
    I agree with the person who commented on Savannah Guthrie’s
    Interviewing skills. She’s very rude and abrasive. Ken Jennings is too dry and the rest take too long to verify the answer.

  • Linda - 2 years ago

    Did not like her. Still think permanent host should be Ken Jennings. He knows and loves the game. Has the most respect for this game.and Alex. True Jeopardy fans are tolerating these fill ins. I would NEVER had missed a game, just not as interested. And, am disappointed in the clues..they seem SIMPLE. Not up to the old Jeopardy standards. Thank you.

  • Mary Lio - 2 years ago

    Mayim was the best! Why not an intelligent, educated woman to replace Alex? Good chitchat and kept the proper fast pace. Very impressive.

  • Judy Laur - 2 years ago

    Aaron Roger is best so far. He was relaxed, seemed very natural & was having fun. He didn't act 'programmed'. Please no woman permanently!! The ones so far have been very hard to 'hang' with & OMG, some of the fashion... Hoping too, for someone with a bit of natural humor. So far, except for Aaron, pretty 'stiff & dry'. Sure miss Alex!!

  • Jennifer - 2 years ago

    I enjoyed Savannah over Miyam Bilak, but my personal favorite so far has been the producer. I’m really looking forward to Levar Burton as well. I’m trying to give each co-host a fair shot and not make it political.

  • Lori - 2 years ago

    The producer BY FAR was the best. So smooth, he really knows what the show is all about. GREAT PERSONALITY! I wanted to watch him. I looked forward to each night and was able to watch him every night. I was not drawn to the others. I continued to watch the others because I love Jeopardy but unfortunately the others did not impress me. Hence, my continuous watching after a person is chosen will be unfortunately questionable.

  • Brenda Lay - 2 years ago

    Savannah Guthrie was my least favorite of the entire parade of unqualified “hosts”
    that have been “tested” to replace Alex Trebec. I vote Ken Jennings first, next
    would be Aaron Rogers, but I am not nieve enough to think that Rogers could go from
    the excitement of football to a game show or does he need the cash

  • Mary Napier - 2 years ago

    I think Aaron Rodgers was very good, because he was having such a good time. But, I think if he Buzzy would take the job, he would be the best. He was very comfortable in the job.

  • Eileen - 2 years ago

    I like Miyam Balik. I also like Aaron Rodgers. I couldn’t stand listening to some of them on a long term basis but I’d tune every night to watch those two. I also like Ken Jennings, Buzzy and the Producer. The rest weren’t that great and I doubt I’d watch every night like I do now if some of the others were chosen.

  • C. S. - 2 years ago

    I’d like to see all the guest hosts first.
    Note to Angelina Russ, why does everything have to be political, liberal versus conservative?
    trump lost, he’s done...get over it!
    This is a game show...period

  • Teresa Rakestraw - 2 years ago

    Mayiam was the bomb! Be enlightened choose an accomplished woman!!!

  • Shirley hanna - 2 years ago

    Not Guthrie.
    Bialik was by far the best.
    Aaron Roger's would be my next choice.

  • Naomi Sweeney - 2 years ago

    My favorite so far is the producer. I think he is knowledgeable and knows what the show is all about.

  • Joni M. Dowling - 2 years ago

    Savanah Guthrie shouldn't have been chosen as a guest host. Her interview with former President Trump was SO unprofessional, disrespectful, even hateful. I don't care who the President is, no one needs to disrespect him/her with such disgrace. She was not a good example for children who could have been watching. She's almost as pathetic as Jane Fonda.

  • Angelia Russ - 2 years ago

    AS long as you continue to let these liberals host the show, you're going to lose most of your audience .You had Katie Couric on who said all Trump supporters need to be deprogramed, there goes half of your audience....Thanks, but no thanks!

  • Essie Dube - 2 years ago

    My favorite is Buzzy Cohen. He has panache and radiates positive vibes.

  • Bob Marsh - 2 years ago

    Without exception I would go with Aaron Rodgers. It was obvious that he grew into it, and enjoyed it!!

  • Jerry Johnson - 2 years ago

    Miyam Bialik is my favorite so far. Quick read. Good enunciation. Keeps it moving at comfortable pace. Has a little flair and a great smile.

  • Kathie Ostrander - 2 years ago

    She has done fine but have liked some of the others better

  • gayle - 2 years ago

    Guthrie is disappointed. She has a very unpleasant tone when people get an answer wrong. Her voice grates.

    Mayim is OK but needs to pick up the pace and dont express unhappinesscwith contestants try to be neutral on incorrect answers.

    The Jeopardy producer is my favorite. He channels Alex the best. humble, good pace, easy going, charm but not excessive. and entertaining.

  • Goya - 2 years ago

    My pick is Mayim Bialik!
    Savannah Guthrie is boring, almost painful!

  • Syd Lillick - 2 years ago

    Name Miyam Bialik permanent host!

  • Frances - 2 years ago

    She was at the bottom. She was not a clear speaker as some of your others.

  • Judith - 2 years ago

    Way down my list of favorites

  • Carol Perry - 2 years ago

    I’m waiting for Levar Burton

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