Who would you choose as full-time 'Jeopardy' host?


  • Mary - 2 years ago

    Ken Jennings is my 1st choice. Aaron Rodgers is my 2nd choice. IMichael Richards already works on the show. I
    ididn't mind Anderson Cooper, same with Buzzy.'. ll stop watching if Mayim is chosen. None of the women. I think Alex would agree with Ken Jennings being the permanent host, he's earned it.

  • Mary Rush - 2 years ago

    Ken Jennings is my 1st choice. Aaron Rodgers is my 2nd choice. I'll stop watching if Mayim is chosen.

  • Angela - 2 years ago

    I have to say I am so done with the rotating guest hosts. I’ve actually been very inconsistent with watching the show these days, as I find it hard starting with someone new every 2 weeks. My 2 favourites when watching have been Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. I think it’s dragged on long enough, and let’s get naming our new host so people have something to look forward to! I seriously don’t think any other scheduled guest host is going to even come close to matching the numbers of Ken & Mayim. Jeopardy…..pay attention!!

  • Irene Williams - 2 years ago

    I have been watching and enjoying the since its inception until I passed 5 years ago.
    My 1st.choice for a new host would be Mayin Bialiik..

  • Carol Gerbrandt - 2 years ago

    I loved Mayim Bialik, I didn’t think I would like a lady host. But from her first day, I couldn’t miss a Jeopardy.I also loved Mike Richards. But Mayim is a natural down to earth person. I quit watching after Alex died. I can’t remember when I started watching Jeopardy, even before Alex started and the old show.

  • Lorraine - 2 years ago

    I loved the kindness, intelligence and great sense of humor that Mayim Bialick brought back to the show. She truly listened to the contestants. She was not stiff. She did not present an agenda other that her fine intelligence, Mayim brought back a sense of high standards that has been missing in the guest hosts and a sense of quiet spirit for the contestants. She made them feel warm and welcomed. She did not make you feel the show was about her but rather about the contestants. She made them all shine whether they got the answer right or wrong. She was not judgmental. I truly look forward to seeing her as the new host. A highly intelligent woman who can bring life back to this show while showing the world’s youth that a woman can DO! Please give her a good chance to shine right along with Alex!

  • Suzanne - 2 years ago

    Katie Couric and Savannah Guthrie were horrible. After seeing the REAL Savannah Guthrie being so rude to our sitting President, I have no use for her or her fake, smiley ways!????

  • Wmoon - 2 years ago

    NOT Ken Jennings he is a bore and tries to make a joke but is horrible at it. My vote is Mike Richards or Aaron Rodgers. Liked both of them. Don’t like any of the women that have been on.

  • Barbara bradshaw - 2 years ago

    I wanted ken Jennings until I watched the chase. He is a jerk
    Mayim bialik was very smooth and professional. And my husband also liked Aaron Rodgers. No one can replace alex, but mayim was very talented.. she was the best

  • Michael J Thomas - 2 years ago

    Mayim hit a Grand Slam....... And she hasn't even warmed up!!!! She will do Alex proud!!!!

  • Ruthie M Hodge - 2 years ago

    Ken, Mike, and Buzzy were the best and were the closest fit to the beloved Alex. If any of the others were chosen I would no longer watch after many,many years. I would never ever miss a show until some of the guest host started hosting, Aaron, Dr. Oz, Mayim, Savannah were all horrific and where are they getting the contestants.? They certainly haven't been the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

  • Virginia L Weinert - 2 years ago

    its starting to get boring with so many hosts. i say pick one and be done. Mike Richards or Savanah would work for me.

  • Kathleen Cruise - 2 years ago

    If Mayim gets to be picked as host I will stop watching this show that I have watched from inception. Too stand off -ish and high brow.
    On the other hand Ken Jennings is absolutely perfect for the role. He has the cadence and pace down perfectly. He is part of the history of this show with his longest appearance and he has an Alex Trebeck demeanor. He does not override the contestants but gets the best performance from them during the game. He easily represents us, the viewer.

  • Jacki Chavie - 2 years ago

    Anderson Cooper, by far! Loved him on the show. Watched every day. while in the the hospital. A big NO ????on Aaron Roger's. BORING!
    Haven't see an episode since then.

  • Julie A Trapp - 2 years ago

    Ken Jennings, by far the best. Mayim B made every show about her. For an educated woman, she had a terrible command of English grammar. Didn't watch the 2 weeks Dr. Oz was on. Savannah G was awful. Mike R already has a job with the show. Not sure if I will watch anymore if Ken J doesn't get the job.

  • dfgeorge - 2 years ago

    My top two so far are Mike Richards and Aaron Rogers. Runners-up are Ken Jennings and Buzzy Cohen. Everyone else just seemed too stiff, like they were reading off of a script. All four of my favorites seemed relaxed behind the podium and demonstrated a sense of humor akin to Alex.

  • Sooper - 2 years ago

    Buzzy has been the best so far, he keeps up the place and moves the game along, and doesn't make a ton of asides to try to make the game about him.

    I don't know who these people are voting for Bialik, she was second worst after Dr. Oz, if she's got the job I'd stop watching. Her incessant giggling after every correct answer got on my nerves, it was like she was giving us the punchline to a joke nobody told. But then, given her history in tv comedies that are also not funny, it's fairly clear she doesn't know how jokes work.

  • Hansie - 2 years ago

    Jennings is a back stabber. He was so mean to Alex in the early days. Do people forget this?

  • Susi - 2 years ago

    Savannah ~ omg she was worst, she is so rude, she’s on tv too much already anyway
    Buzzy ~ too weird
    Bill Whitaker ~ creepy voice
    Dr Oz ~ just plan NO
    Aaron ~ did ok was fun to watch
    Katie ~ ummmm just NO, almost as bad as Savannah
    Mike Richards ~ YES
    Mayim ~ YES

  • mariegreenlaw@comcast.net - 2 years ago

    Ken jennings

  • Mike A - 2 years ago

    Mayim Bialik was quite impressive, but I voted for Ken Jennings as he has a greater association with the show than her.
    I was not a fan of Buzzy, but was impressed by his stint, as he ratcheted down the obnoxiousness that made him disliked during his contestant days. As a host, he came off quite professional and personable.
    Savannah Guthrie has been by far the worst host, even worse than the abysmal Dr. Oz.
    She comes off as being pretty vapid. She makes stupid attempts at jokes in the middle of the competition, which on one day in her second week led to Double Jeopardy not being completed. Her interviews of the contestants have also been very shallow, and she has talked over them more on occasion.
    The others were decent some times and not so decent other times during their stints.

  • Martha Penwell - 2 years ago

    I agree with Angelia Russ. Since Savannah Guthrie has been hosting, I have not watched the show. First time in 50 years! I refuse to watch anyone who has such little respect for our Commander in Chief. My pick would be Mayim Bialik and then Aaron Rodgers. (We graduated from the same high school). They have outstanding personalities, just like our beloved Alex had.

  • David - 2 years ago

    Buzzy has been by FAR the best guest host ... I didn't care for him as a contestant, but he gets from question to question the best and most smoothly.

  • Lillian Hagen - 2 years ago

    Buzzy is my first choice and Ken Jennings is my second. I don't like the women ones .There are some
    that I would never want to watch.

  • frambley1 - 2 years ago

    Ken Jennings is my first choice, with Buzzy being my second. I would never watch scam artist Dr. Oz do anything, and Aaron Rodgers was the least interesting to me. Anyone of the others would be fine as far as I'm concerned.


    -Constant Watcher

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