Karen The Movie


  • Joe - 3 years ago

    They had Robin These under contract a few years ago. She could have written a solid Karen movie in her sleep. But Coke Daniels, you say? The man who brought us “who made the potatoe salad”? I’m gonna need you or Brandon to talk about it first.

  • Shay - 3 years ago

    we sit up there every day and watch these karen videos and share them with who ever is within our social circles. As sick and twisted as it is these videos are a form of entertainment for a lot of ppl. Including myself. So I dont understand being all up in arms and shook when someone makes an actual movie based on this Karen trend. If your favorite tik tok person makes a sketch you'd watch it, so how is it different on Snl on a bigger platform

  • Khalil - 3 years ago

    Hey Karen and raekwon another great episode as always that Karen Movie looks like a movie I want reviewed by podcasters but I don’t intend on watching . speaking of Karen’s did you Guys see the video of a Karen demanding a refund at a Burger King drive thru while the Burger King is literally on fire, if. Not here is the link.


    I myself would have told her to go inside and will be in there in about 5 10 minutes but that’s just me lol

  • PAMELA - 3 years ago

    Hey Karen and Rod - I'm listening to you talking about the IKEA Juneteenth menu and I'm right there with you! Oooh would I be BURNING if in place of hot delicious crispy fried chicken they're going to offer me some MEATLOAF?! The audacity, and how dare you? I'm looking at the cover of the cookbook for the Sweet Home Cafe, the restaurant for the National Museum for African American History & Culture, and fried chicken is prominently displayed!

  • Amil - 3 years ago

    Well damn. The producers of the movie should come out and say the trailer is an SNL digital short and not really a movie at all.

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