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2022 Best Boat Tour (Poll Closed)


  • Jake - 2 years ago

    My kids only want to go to OC to do the oc bay hopper crabbing trip with captain Dave. The oc bay hopper is part of our annual trip to the beach.

  • Bobby Z - 2 years ago

    Got engaged on a private sunset cruise on the Bay Hopper. These guys do a great job. Highly recommend.

  • Lila K - 2 years ago

    Did a private charter on the Bay Hopper with my family (15 people) and had a great time! The captain was fantastic and everything about the trip was top notch. We look forward to our next trip with the Bay Hopper!

  • Bella - 2 years ago

    Sail Alyosha was amazing!

  • Mikie L - 2 years ago

    Great trip this morning with the Bay Hopper! First class people here who are attentive and very knowledgeable about the Bay and boating. I highly recommend.

  • Carlos E Cubillos - 2 years ago

    E. Excelente service

  • Maria - 2 years ago

    Nice People, service

  • Tom - 2 years ago

    Have not taken all, but "great" experience and highly recommend Sail Alyosha. Not a booze cruise but a true sailing experience and very customer friendly captain and crew... and ice cream :)

  • Thomas - 2 years ago

    Honest opinion here. Guys I honestly can't believe it's this close! I would say Bayhopper should have higher numbers easily! I've been on both. Tipsy Tiki can be a VERY choppy ride on the bay, mixed with alcohol and gas fumes. I felt more ill afterwards than really enjoy myself, especially on a hot day. OC Bayhopper was a more enjoyable ride and family friendly. Great staff with a lot of knowledge - REALLY great with the kids and everyone on board. Different experiences on both for sure! I love that it's this close! Great for Ocean City!

  • Richard S - 2 years ago

    Took the Crab Trip on the OC Bay Hopper with Captain Dave and we had the best time ever. Great trip. The family and I loved it.
    Caught crabs...learned and Capt. Dave is a really good guy.????????????????????

  • S. C - 2 years ago

    Awesome boat ride

  • James - 2 years ago

    This is going to be interesting when the results are challenged and a complete audit of votes is completed. Interesting indeed.

  • Ben Shapiro - 2 years ago

    Ok. Let’s say hypothetically, you identified as an Apache helicopter, just for the sake of argument. Let’s just assume for the debate that someone has the time, and money, to complete this so called transformation into a helicopter. The argument make sense the surface, but if you look at FACTS, not your FEELINGS, the notion is completely erroneous. My wife, who is a doctor, has already explained to me that basic elementary biology would prevent you from ever being anything remotely close to a helicopter. This is just another notion by the nasty woke left as an attempt to take away freedom in our country.

  • Bruce S - 2 years ago

    Tipsy Tiki was a lot of fun. they picked me up from my condo and dropped me off after the cruise. was great not worrying about having to drive! Highly recommend 10/10

  • Hugh Janus - 2 years ago

    Steve B gave me one too. He was very “handy” with the fellas (if you know what I mean)

  • Peter Guzinya - 2 years ago

    Steve B gave me a handy in college when he was studying IT

  • Megan - 2 years ago

    Tipsy tiki only paid me $1 as well! Worth it though

  • Dingleberrry - 2 years ago

    You’re valid Apache. Thank you for speaking up about your condition. ❤️

  • Amanda Hugankiss - 2 years ago

    Tipsy Tiki only paid me $1 for this vote. Cheap bastards!

  • sandy cheeks - 2 years ago

    the dickriding for bayhopper is insane. bayhop off deez nuts and take a trip on the tipsy tikis ;)

  • Apache - 2 years ago

    I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over the oilfields dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a helicopter is Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114 Hellfire missiles on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Apache” and respect my right to kill from above and kill needlessly. If you can’t accept me you’re a heliphobe and need to check your vehicle privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

  • Hugh Jass - 2 years ago

    it’s Morbin Time!

  • Barnacle Boy - 2 years ago

    Today when I walked onto the tipsy tiki I saw something I dread every time I close my eyes. Someone had brought their new gaming laptop to the boat. The Forklift he used to bring it was still running idle at the back. I started sweating as I sat down and gazed over at the 700lb beast that was his laptop. He had already reinforced a table with steel support beams and was in the process of finding an outlet for a power cable thicker than Amy Schumer’s thigh. I start shaking. I keep telling myself I’m going to be alright and that there’s nothing to worry about. He somehow finds a fucking outlet. Tears are running down my cheeks as I send my last texts to my family saying I love them. The bartender starts pouring drinks, and the man onboard turns his laptop on. The colored lights on his RGB Backlit keyboard flare to life like a nuclear flash, and a deep humming fills my ears and shakes my very soul. The entire city power grid goes dark. The boat begins to shake as the massive fans begin to spin. In mere seconds my world has gone from vibrant life to a dark, earth-shattering void where my body is getting torn apart by the 150mph gale force winds and the 500-decibel groan of the cooling fans. As my body finally surrenders, I weep, as the tipsy tiki and my city go under. I hate gaming laptops and more importantly, the tipsy tiki

  • Mo Bamba - 2 years ago


  • Richard Head - 2 years ago

    I was on OC Bay Hopper and they had to pull up to Tipsy Tikis to allow me to buy drinks. Tipsy Tikis gave me drinks for free!!

  • Gerald - 2 years ago

    My best pal chuck took a trip on the tipsy tiki and has had mental health problems ever since. Those people just do not understand how difficult it is to be a fat man in America in 2022. Frankly I can’t believe they are still in business. As a member of the fat community myself I will head to the superior OC bay hopper where they take care of people like me. The OC bay hopper is amazing and I recommend it to all of my friends

  • Harry Dickinsider - 2 years ago

    OC Bay Hoppers 23 customers this year surely vote a lot.

  • Bofa - 2 years ago

    To run another company down on a public forum is despicable. But, if that makes you feel good about your company, good for you. You can see that no one has bashed OC Bay Hopper. That shows professionalism.

  • Laura - 2 years ago

    Dienda is wrong, vote bay hopper!

  • wallis - 2 years ago

    OC bay hopper revived my will to live, after I went with this service over tiki tipsy i rethought my plans about walking into coastal highway. Glad i made the right choice.

  • Dienda - 2 years ago

    If anyone believes that OC Bay Hopper is getting this many votes without their IT savvy owner running a scam program, they also believe that Biden got the most votes. If ya have to cheat to win, it’s an empty victory.

  • Barry - 2 years ago

    I will name my child Dave after crabbing captain dave. Oc bay hopper 10/10

  • Chuck Gorbollup - 2 years ago

    I have had a lot of troubles growing up in terms of food. I am 467 pounds but that’s ok. To get out of the house and get away from food, I went on a Tipsy Tiki. However the moment I stepped on the raft began to sink. Someone yelled at me and said “you are too fat” and “you need to lay off the muffins”. I was so depressed, I had to go to Wendy’s and order 8 bacanators to console myself.

  • Ralph - 2 years ago

    Superb! They are amazing and super positive! OC Bay Hopper fan club!

  • Jim - 2 years ago

    Had a great time. Captain Steve is a dilf

  • Wade - 2 years ago

    Tipsy Tiki is the most fun thing to do in OC. Bartender Katie K is a milf

  • Rita moore - 2 years ago

    Love OC hopper and all there tours ❤️

  • Sue - 2 years ago

    Love the Hopper Ice cream cruise. An annual event with my kids.

  • Brenda Johnson White - 2 years ago

    I had a fabulous time last Sunday 9:00 pm. Conner was our bartender and I cannot remember the caption's name. But they were 2 wonderful people. I do plan on going back before the season is over. It was ALL POSITIVE ENERGY.

  • Sawyer - 2 years ago

    Samual Butz is a superb employee

  • Mark - 2 years ago

    We've been doing the Bay Hopper for the last 4 years. My kids love the crabbing trips and trips to Assateague. We've also done the pizza cruise and sunset cruise. Bay Hopper has a ton to offer and has become a regular part of our family vacation to OC.

  • Donald III - 2 years ago

    I love the bay hopper I go as much as I can. Nothing beats crabbing on the bay!

  • Billy - 2 years ago

    The oc bay hopper made me have a ton of fun and I also got tipsy on it

  • Carlos - 2 years ago

    Had wanted a boat ride for my family and chose the Bay Hopper. The other option we looked at seemed like a raft with a hut on it. Glad we chose the Bay Hopper!

  • Jenna - 2 years ago

    My family had an amazing trip on the Tipsy Tiki. Best time on the bay and the best place to be to see the sunset. Great memories made!! Thank you!

  • Susan - 2 years ago

    The Bay Hopper is great for family adventure on the water! All the other boat options seem like there just about getting drunk. Some of the other boats don't really look safe. Highly recommend the Bay Hopper.

  • carol - 2 years ago

    Bay Hopper is the best!

  • Carli - 2 years ago

    Best time ever on Tipsy Tikis!! Great drinks and fun on the sandbar. Went for my bachelorette party and the Captain and mate made the experience so fun! Will do this every year!!!!

  • Bobby - 2 years ago

    My family loves the Bay Hopper. Great fun!

  • clive - 2 years ago

    Great trip on the Bay Hopper. This is a well run organization. Highly recommend.

  • Lisa Payne - 2 years ago


  • Katie M. - 2 years ago

    Bartender Katie is the BOMB

  • Bailey Berquist - 2 years ago

    OC Bay hopper is the best! Been going on my whole life. Highly recommend

  • Anne - 2 years ago

    What a great time! Very professional, clean and more importantly super fun! I would recommend OC Hopper in heart beat if your looking for a FANTASTIC time ☺️

  • Clarita - 2 years ago

    Professional staff

  • Bev Dickerson - 2 years ago

    Very fun!!

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    The Greatest experience ever!!!!

  • sydney price - 2 years ago


  • Tamara Wilkins - 2 years ago

    OC Bayhopper is the BEST, most reliable, and best price…..overall great experience. Fantastic crew!!!

  • Bobby Ratchford - 2 years ago

    My family of four and I had a wonderful experience on the Oc Bayhopper. Their service was excellent and we got a surprise visit from the cute pup kiwi- @kiwibutz. My family and I will definitely partake in the awesome adventure when we are back in OC!

  • Sam - 2 years ago

    The tipsy tikis was not fun and when I saw the oc bay hopper I wish I was there :(

  • Bev lowman - 2 years ago

    tipsy tikis! Great people running this tourBoat

  • Cusack - 2 years ago

    Tipsy Tikis rock! Total awesomeness!!! Best Captains and mates in the business!!

  • Jeanice Dolan - 2 years ago

    Tipsy Tiki s a must do while at the beach! You won't be disappointed!

  • Shonna Schulz - 2 years ago

    Tipsy is a blast with extremely friendly staff

  • Debra kelly - 2 years ago

    Most polite and fun crew

  • Lauryn Boone - 2 years ago

    One of the best experiences we had while we were in Ocean City! We will definitely do it again during our next visit.

  • Shana Shay - 2 years ago

    Best all around! Best captain and crew!

  • Connie blankenship - 2 years ago

    Great time. Adults and kids enjoyed it.

  • Crystal Hartz - 2 years ago

    By far, Steve and his crew are OUTSTANDING on the Aloysha.... nothing compares to it!

  • Kevin T Klunk - 2 years ago

    I gave my wife a sail on the Alyosha for her 55th birthday and she loved it! The ice cream at the end was an added bonus!

  • Trisha Farrow - 2 years ago

    We had an awesome time. You’ll love it!

  • Frank - 2 years ago

    Outstanding tours, large variety to pick from, and the captains are “the best” there is around ocean city.

  • jeff - 2 years ago

    great boat ride

  • Duane Mrazek - 2 years ago

    its ok

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