Should more resources and effort be put into saving the vaquita porpoise from extinction?

  • Ysaura Bernal-Enriquez - 1 week ago

    Is there any other way besides petitions to pressure the Mexican government to protect the vaquitas?

  • Frantz - 1 week ago

    Saving a species is far, far beyond a "sob story!" We homosapiens are too often outlandishly arrogant when it comes to other species.

  • Brad Boner - 2 weeks ago

    A lot of sob stories here on this topic. Hey, fyi, the dinosaurs and the Dodo birds are gone...and who misses them. These vaquitas are cute, but not essential for man's continued existence.


  • Joyce Blonskij - 2 weeks ago

    Will votes really change policy?

  • Joeta Brozosky - 2 weeks ago

    Once they're gone they're gone forever. That n would be tragic.

  • Denise L Breceda - 2 weeks ago


  • Shirley Hutson - 2 weeks ago

    Absolutely, when the animals go, humanity goes.
    All living creatures have a role to play.

  • Robert Campbell - 2 weeks ago


  • Lesley - 2 weeks ago

    No creature on this earth should be allowed to become extinct.

  • colleen milligan - 2 weeks ago

    KEEP the chinese OUT of mexico. They do not honour any animals or community traditions. STOP them at the entrance to the Sea of Cortes. It is not international water and the chinese are criminals

  • George - 2 weeks ago

    If we (mankind) are responsible for the increasing demise, it’s our job to do something about it.

  • Gilbert Mata - 2 weeks ago

    Species must be saved. International efforts must be used.

  • Loxi Schneider - 2 weeks ago

    We are destroying our world. We owe it to our children to save what we can. Once they are gone, they can never be replaced. Once we are gone, there is not a planet B. we can escape too.

  • hill. haas - 2 weeks ago

    There are plenty of other areas to fish where they will not harm an endangered species

  • Mary Shrauger - 2 weeks ago

    Isn’t a beloved species who is so close to extinction worth the effort to save it? Mexico‘s efforts to save the Vaquita have long been revered by so many around the world. Today its the Vaquita that will lose its fight to exist. How many more of Mexico is unique wild treasures will be abandoned to enrich special interests such as the fisherman. All of us around the world need to preserve these special examples of wildlife for future generations.

  • David Smith - 2 weeks ago

    How can Mexico not protect the innocent from the greed. If we don't protect the hel;pless creatures, soon we will not protect our own defenseless. This is cruel and inhumane. It's al;most too late - protect them NOW.

  • Allberto Rohatsch - 2 weeks ago

    Mexico is rich in natural wonders and we must try to preserve as many as possible to show the world how much beauty and caring exist for all.

  • Karen Davis - 2 weeks ago

    Humans need to be responsible for how they fish, farm and take care of the earth or we'll be the ones going extinct.

  • Karen Davis - 2 weeks ago

    Humans need to be responsible for how they fish, farm and take care of the earth or we'll be the ones going extinct.

  • Helen Perkins - 2 weeks ago

    Why did the government back out?

  • Lyn - 2 weeks ago

    We MUST learn to coexist if we are to keep our world. We are killing off too many species in the name of progress and for monetary reasons. Our earth will not survive. Too many changes too quickly. Not enough efforts being made to protect our planet. People seem to want to forget about he future.

  • Cathy J Adams - 2 weeks ago

    It is LONG OVERDUE to regulate & oversee that rules are FOLLOWED. Every year there are LESS & LESS FISH! Weve been going for over 10 yrs & it is tragic to see the nets & dead fish caught up accidentally in them. To many BUG DREDGING SHIPS ships even in the bays & nothing done to them. Fishing is NOT VERY GOOD ANYMORE & without fishing tourism what will they do???? Already people are choosing Alaska & Salmon over riding in a HOT boat & coming back with little or nothing in Mexico & risking being robbed. Not a fun triop anymore, more fearful & loss of $$ for nothing. To Bad, it WAS ONCE a great kFUN place.

  • Lorne - 2 weeks ago

    Gill nets need to be outlawed. The northern Sea of Cortez has been overfished and requires time to regenerate itself and given time to heal. It’s shortsighted to think man can continue to exploit the area without causing a bleak future for all marine life in the area.

  • Pete L. - 2 weeks ago

    The government is completely abdicating its responsibility in this matter. Shameful!

  • Amy Cordova y Boone - 2 weeks ago

    I have taken students to CEDO to learn of the precious Vaquitas. We must protect and treasure the vaquita. Money cannot buy them once they are gone. Gone is forever.

  • Mar Azul - 2 weeks ago

    it is every society's duty to protect their patrimony, and the world's patrimony. It is unthinkable to let profit driven cartels in league with the politicians to get away with this violation against society and Mother Earth.

  • Lynne Anderson - 2 weeks ago

    how stupid and selfish NOT to try to save the vaquitas from extinction--the only reason not to is moneyed interests--a bad habit that has spilled over from the US!

  • Marge Scott - 2 weeks ago

    The Sea of Cortez is the only place the vaquita exists. Continue to protect them.

  • Carl Knudson - 2 weeks ago

    Hope you pendejos can eat money.

  • frank s graves - 2 weeks ago

    they deserve to live as God intended

  • Sweezie Vignal - 2 weeks ago

    All animals should be protected

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