Do you have a family doctor?

  • Tim Silveira - 2 weeks ago

    We have a family doctor, but he is rarely at his practice. He's usually away doing volunteer work in other countries. Great for them, not so great for us. We usually have to go to a walk-in-clinic, but lately they've been closed at odd hours.

    The last time we ended up going to the emergency room (wasting their time and resources) because we had no other option for 3 days.

    As for the quality of service we've been receiving... well, that's a completely different (and far less civil) conversation.

  • Teresa - 2 weeks ago

    I've had two doctors retire and am now without a doctor for myself and my family. Your health is definitely compromised when you don't have a doctor. The province needs to step up and get enough family doctors in place for everyone.

  • Ruth - 2 weeks ago

    This lack of family doctors is very difficult for people with complex care needs. Nurses and Nurse Practitioners aren't equipped to handle these needs. What is happening in B.C., because of the doctor shortage, is the creation of a two-tier health care aystem: those with family doctors get a higher level of care than those who don't.

    Unfortunately, those without doctors often receive inadequate care and this will drive up health care costs in the long-term. It also creates intractable and unnecessary suffering for those who are not fortunate enough to have a family doctor.

    A handyman I hired had just moved to Victoria from Alberta. His wife met a doctor at a store and asked him to take them on as they're doctor and he agreed They had only been here months when this happened. This is not the right way to allocate health care. It shouldn't depend on whom you were fortunate enough to bump into in a store. I think the governor needs to create a priority system for people with complex care needs and degenerative diseases.

    My own health has suffered tremendously since my family doctor retired and I was left without a doctor. Nurse Practitioners may be suitable for routine health care but simply don't have the training or skills to handle complex care. Because I am now "attached" to a Nurse Practitioner I will never have a Family Doctor again and my health will continue to deteriorate. I can't simply "quit" my Nurse Practitioner and hoped to get picked up by a Family Doctor at an Primary and Urgent Care Clinic because I have ongoing, weekly health care needs. My quality of life has significantly diminished, my pain is not controlled and there is no end in sight for me.

    Primary and Urgent Care Clinics don't help patients with complex care needs. As well, despite knowing that people are living without proper care, the government has done nothing to provide more in terms of Home Support. I have intractable pain and frequently can't care for myself. Home Care offers me one shower a week. To be specific, Home Care will send someone to my house to watch me shower, once a week. They will also open a can of soup for me on e a week.

    This level of support is ludicrous. Many days I don't eat because I am in too much pain to prepare food or eat. The government's suggestion? Order prepared food and have it delivered. How can anyone afford that?

    I'm completely appalled at the current health care and home support system.


  • Sharon - 2 weeks ago

    My Doctor retiring. Am without Dr. for myself, 1st time in 17 years. Is my only option a walk in clinic…somewhere?

  • Barb - 2 weeks ago

    Not for my husband! The north island is in bad shape! No Doctors!! Sad! ????

  • Brett - 2 weeks ago

    Not for my family, just me

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