Did McCarthy make the right call to yank all Republicans from Pelosi's Jan 6 committee?

  • Joni - 19 hours ago

    Dennis, your second choice in poll, makes no sense! I do think tho, McCarthy made right choice. Repubs have woke up to corruption of dems, and their evil plans, to turn us into the next Venezalia, where they are eating their dogs, to keep from starving!

  • Cas - yesterday

    Current administration is so corrupt and the double standard of not punishing real criminals is horrific. Harris with help of Soros cash bailed out thugs who literally burned down businesses and cities.

  • Kathy Holt - 2 days ago

    Don't be fooled, this too was all planned. Nancy never had any intention of accepting Kevin's picks. Why do you think RINO Cheney was Nancy's pick? So the witch can claim a bipartisan committee, of course.

  • Mary - 2 days ago

    He definitely did the right thing. Now it's our turn. If he goes ahead and forms his own investigation, we can dig deep into who is really the source of the "inserection". Be careful what you wish for, piglosi. But somebow I would bet she'll chicken out and try to make a deal to which McCarthy should refuse and let the games begin!! It's inevitable that everything is gonna come back to bite them all on the arse. Like he said, she is abusing her power. They are all drunk with power and it's time to sober them up. This is gonna be one hell of a shit show.

  • Daryl - 2 days ago

    Don’t trust him. He’s a Rino

  • Cas - 2 days ago

    Kevin M. We need to have a real study commission not Piglosi snd her BIG LIE PIGLETS! We can show that she and her idiot demonRATS planned, orchestrated and financed this with scumbag Soros to use to impeach Trump and abuse Trump supporters. Capitol Cops, Soros, obummer, FBI, CIA WERE ALL IN ON IT. PIGLOSI IS GOING TO GET MAJORLY NAILED BECAUSE ITS ALL COMING OUT. THIS WITCH IS GOING DOWN DOON

  • S.Cox - 2 days ago

    It's time to stop playing noce with people that play as dirty as possible and Fight back to save this country. Pelosi is the reason 1/6 happened it was a set up by Pelosi and the FBI. Truth will set us free

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