Which Contender Would Benefit The Most From Jonathan Schoop?

  • MarkP - 9 months ago

    Rays, Mariners, A's Blue Jays,Padres etc....Phillies would be a fit but Al Avila and Dave Dombrowski are not doing deals together...They worked closely together with the Marlins and Tigers Front Offices. Their relationship was badly damaged the way former Tigers owner Mike Illitch dumped Dombrowski and installed his 1st lieutenant in the middle of the night without discussing it with Dombrowski was kind of underhanded and low class by Mike Illitch. Avila was caught in the middle and sworn to secrecy by former Tigers owner Mike Ilitch. It was very poorly handled, petty, low class move by Mike Illitch...It put Avila in the middle when it was not his decision and damaged the frienship/relationship...between the two Front Office Executives..

  • DP - 9 months ago

    Phillies, Brewers, and White Sox are automatic NOs …..
    AA and Dave Dombrowski have a very strained relationship since their Tigers days.
    After a disastrous stint with the Brewers a trade to MIL is not unlikely.
    As division rivals, White Sux and Tigers just have no history of trades.
    Boston seems to be the best match …..
    he has hired Boras as his agent but a nice extension with the Tigers would be awesome as they head into contention.

  • Brewers Guy - 9 months ago

    The Brewers have a better chance of trading for Mike Trout then this guy. They traded for him a few years back and he was a disaster in Milwaukee. I never understood why they even got him, they didn't need him.

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