Have you ever watched a live music video premiere on TV?


  • Doug B - 2 years ago

    Those were some fun times with those music video premieres—The MJ videos of the 90s, TLC’s Waterfall. When I got to high school it was the height of Hype Williams and big budget videos. Every rap video had a speedboat chase. Missy and Busta seemed to be trying to out do each other. And videos would end with a “To Be Continued…” never to be addressed again.

  • ClassicR&BLover - 2 years ago

    Yes, I watched a live premiere. Michael Jackson’s Black or White was given a prime time slot and everyone watched. I remember it was all people were talking about the next day.

  • Sofa King - 2 years ago

    Here you go again, Rod, with your unscientific assed polls! Why it ain't an option for those of us who are also old, but *didn't* watch music videos, hmm?

  • Leslie - 2 years ago

    Scratch the "y'all old" part because I honestly don't know if those were still happening in the 90s. My parents didn't get cable until I was in middle school (so the 00s). Plus I was too square to know "live music video premieres" were a thing. All that to say, I may also be old, but was raised under a rock.

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