How would you rate the government's coronavirus strategy?
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  • Barbara - 2 months ago

    They are not traditional vaccines. They are an experimental gene therapy. And now it is confirmed many who accepted the experimental injections are still getting sick and even trsnsmitting the virus. So the fewer sheeple/ people participate in this fiasco better. I am grateful to be living in Mexico.

  • john mc dermott - 2 months ago

    Read @realdavidjensen twitter

  • eddy mcdonald - 2 months ago

    some vax are probaly ok but how long do they protect you if at all

  • Werner - 2 months ago

    I am a happy Canadian who was glad not to be locked down for one full year, Mexico handles this much better.

  • -El Codo- - 2 months ago

    The first SINOVAC shot arrived. The 2nd never did. Sector Salud will not permit mixed dosing. Wonderful. According to WHO I am 3% protected. Now SINOVAC has been re evaluated as being a garbage vaccine. Any protection fades after 3 months. And not a word from COFEPRIS.
    I remember Carlos Slim Helu getting involved at the first saying he would underwrite the vaccination program. His promise and fifty pesos will get you a small café at any Starbucks.

  • Gina C. - 2 months ago

    I am a US citizen, permanent resident in MX, and in my 70s. The rollout in CDMX was organized, efficient, and s pleasant (!!!) experience. I went to Estadio Olímpico for both shots and was in and out within the hour. I regret that other people who commented did not have the same experience.

  • Doug - 2 months ago

    Mexico, ah! the rich get richer and vaccinated, and the poor...well the poor are still very poor.

  • George - 2 months ago

    I think the results speak for themselves. The government finally admitted the death toll is likely 60% greater than actually reported.

    And rather than spending a few billion pesos to fund a referendum to see if an investigation is warranted to look into possible corruption by past presidents, how about using it to get the vaccine out to the millions in remote areas of the country? And/or using the Cruz Roja offices, farmacias, etc., as places to go to get vaccinated? Along with proper freezers for the Pfizer et. al.

  • Karen Rowell - 2 months ago

    We have been banned from going on cruises that stop at several countries because we live in Mexico (unless we agree to quarantine for 2 weeks in specific countries before we can visit).

    The strategy in Mexico is negatively perceived in some parts of the world...

  • Blu - 2 months ago

    Get our residents vaccinated NOW!

  • lynn Albert - 2 months ago

    Not enough being done to vaccinate the population of Mexico.

  • Helen Andersen - 2 months ago

    I stood in line for 8 hours for my first shot , for the second shot 6 hours ,
    Wasn’t pleasant . This was at El Chante ,Joco .

    I have a Friend 79 and is still waiting for her Second Shot,
    Any News when the next vaccine will be at Joco or Ajijic .

  • Casey - 2 months ago

    What strategy?

  • Gixellia - 2 months ago

    Unfortunately, my impression is that Mexico's president is talking and promising more than he is actually doing. I have seen similar behavior during the last four years in the U.S. and feel deeply for the Mexican population.

  • Brad Boner - 2 months ago

    Not to be cold-hearted or macabre, but Covid-19 has afforded many countries a way to thin the population herd. I'm no conspiracist, but it seems a possibility to me. Slow the vaccinations, or at least not be aggressive about it; that's the ticket. The world now counts more than 8 billion people, a monstrous statistic that simply cannot keep growing.

    Something has to give, as Jack Nicholson might about here...

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