Should reservations be required for all travel on BC Ferries?

  • Glen Hopps - 1 month ago

    It's a terrible thing when a corporation that is made from a public government institution, makes money and dictates the rules and regulations, making money from sumptin that we already still pay for through subsidies...So far as I'm concerned...make more sailings....there should never be a reasonable excuse for the inability and restriction for freedom of travel

  • John - 1 month ago

    Shoulda , coulda , build a bridge , tunnel , something to take the place of the Ferries , just saying

  • Jackie Mottershead - 1 month ago

    It is terrible that businesses who use and support our ferries daily and weekly are not given a priority pass. Poor management by BC Ferries.

  • J - 1 month ago

    Everyone has the same rights and access to the ferries, business should not be prioritized. Long weekends are busy everywhere and reservations are necessary at most parks/ferries/activities. If anything BC ferries should do a better job of increasing sailings as they are part of the highway system.

  • Ann - 1 month ago

    No: a number of spots should be held for islanders (until boarding), who may need to travel for urgent reasons.

  • Mike - 1 month ago

    No, Island residents should have a lower travel cost to the mainland. Visitors to the islands should pay regular price. It’s already expensive to travel to and from the mainland.

  • Debbie - 1 month ago

    Reductions for residents are long overdue. Businesses should get priority boarding because we need the transfer of goods to flow.

  • Bill - 1 month ago

    No, ferry fees are high enough, Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen subsidizes the gulf island routes. Reservations are another tax on all islanders.

  • Debbie Kilfoyl - 1 month ago

    NO! The ferry route is part of the Trans Canada Hiway
    What an absurd proposition! Already far too much deck space reserved as it is.

  • John Clark - 1 month ago

    I totally agree with Brett above, extension on the highway and should be drive on and free

  • Sandi - 1 month ago

    BC Ferries is part of Trans Canada highway and should be free. At least for VI residents!

  • Les - 1 month ago

    Reservations should be eliminated completely

  • Brett - 1 month ago

    Repeat question,
    NO, not everyone can estimate when they’ll arrive at the terminal. After all this is an extension of the highway you should be able to just drive up, load and go,,,, all for free. No gimmicks, cash grabs or excuses for taking more of our hard earned money

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