Do you think we will have to lock down again?


  • mdog - 1 year ago

    Like Biden said in response to this "We past that" lmao. Honestly unless the States move up for this the only thing the Feds can do is give guidance, and it looks like a lot of States weather its because its Republican Gov, or the Republican legislature reducing the power of Dem Governors (Like in michigan), I dont see them shutting back down again even if theres a new variant that is shown to just blow through the vaccines.

  • Mizzbarnes - 1 year ago

    This is where we are headed. But I feel that it will not be as restrictive as the first time. I see that Pfzier recommended a third shot as a boost and I will gladly roll up my sleeve for a shot. I will still wear my mask and tell mofos to get out of my personal space.

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