Are you travelling on this busy long weekend?

  • Andy - 1 month ago

    When is the bridge coming. Would make travel so much easier to the mainland and back. You could be in Vancouver in 30mins. So much better.

  • vince - 1 month ago

    Watch the covid numbers soar after this long weekend at least ontario is smart enough to stop alberta from crossing the boarder i totally agree with brett no better time to enjoy homespace

  • Bill - 1 month ago

    From Vancouver island people stay away it’s already clogged up

  • Andy - 1 month ago

    Love the island. So much space. They need to run more ferries and possibly more routes to the northern part of the island. They need to build more hotels and campsites as well.

  • Jack Johnson - 1 month ago

    After over a year of social distancing and travel restrictions every Tom, Dick and Henry with their families are going to be clogging up the road ways and ferry terminals in this heat wave. Do I want to sit in that? Hell no.

  • Brett - 1 month ago

    Like Donna I am happy to stay at home and off the roads for three days. My dogs will be pleased. Thank goodness for a weekday job and home in the country, life is sweet

  • Donna Webster - 1 month ago

    Good weekend to enjoy my own backyard and leave the clogged highways to the tourists!

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