How would you grade the government's record on environmental protection?
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  • Chris H - 2 months ago

    Anyone who says Mexico protects the natural environment must have been blind since birth. The Yucatan's elevation is actually increasing in Quintana Roo - from the hills of garbage and construction debris that sits over the ancient cenotes. There isn't a tree standing that can withstand any developer's dream. To suggest that Mexico has either a social ethic or strong environmental practices at any level of government would be a good comedy movie if it wasn't all so sad. Anyone that says Mexico does better than the US has never been to the US. In most states, you can't do 90% of the crap that happens daily in Mexico's land development. Even arrogant, well-connected rich people face jail and / or huge fines for violating building and zoning codes and environmental protections. They make news whenever they try. I know - I was in charge of administering public land use policy, regulations and enforcement in several US cities over a 44-year career.

  • Nora Sanchez - 2 months ago

    Environmental issues it's not only government's, but everyone's responsibility. When it comes to individual level, I wish my compatriots were more concern and did more to preserve the environment. In other words, be more SDGs-people.

  • Italia - 2 months ago

    Mexico leaves the trees up when thye build. That is better than most countries..
    Many animals exist and monkeys can still be seen in the trees..amazing I see so many birds of different types..fantastic place Cancun and area.

  • Victoria Anne Bodine de Martinez - 2 months ago

    I thinking killing off indigenous people for oil reasons means that their environmental policy sucks. Very, Very much. Since every beach in Mexico is public, there should be places to dispose of trash. People are very, very bad at "carry in, carry out" they just leave a lot of trash on the beach. There should be stronger surveillance and care of the sea turtles so that the eggs are not poached. Mexico is not making huge strides towards independence from fossil fuels.

  • Erica - 2 months ago

    The tourist zones of the Southeast are a disgrace (Cancun, Playa, Tulum, Bacalar)- money rules

  • Eric - 2 months ago

    It's not possible to endorse petroleum and the environment. The prior will badly damage the latter, always.

  • Brad Boner - 2 months ago

    Total knee-jerk reaction so far, is what I see here. Environment? What do you mean by environment? The air that we breathe? Water that we drink? People we have around us? World environment is a lost cause. The planet groans. You have to look at your own personal environment anymore. Are you happy where you are?

    That's all that matters for the individual...

  • Capitan - 2 months ago

    Mexico has its conservation moments, till someone with money wants it different. The Vaquita dolphin situation sums it all up, sold out to China. So I have to rate Mexico’s efforts as a failure.

  • Werner - 2 months ago

    I am surprised at the poll answers, Mexico is taking well care of its environnement.

  • Kathryn Burton - 2 months ago

    Lake Chapala is very polluted.

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