Who was cooning harder for them white girls?


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 3 years ago

    In the poll I voted CARLTON because didnt nobody ASK this nigga to cape for white girls; at least they "ran up on" Josh and ASKED him what he like (I think we all gathered enough info from looking at him to not be shocked by his answer). Also, to tske it ALL THE WAY back, what Alfonso did to Janet Hubert felt like it had "racial undertones".

  • LordyAmina - 3 years ago

    To Anne, damn I forgot he's Trinidadian????. Alfonso was out here so much it'd make Latrell from White Chicks tell him to calm his ass down. Why can't these playing in the snow ass bastards be more like The Weeknd? He loves his molly/cocaine dipped white girls in peace, donates to black causes, and as far as I can recall, doesn't talk shit about black women.

    Not getting an invite to the BET Awards is something that has nothing to do with the black community as a whole. I didn't even know his ass was married, let alone to a white woman. It really says something about these men that they honestly think that black women are in a war room plotting to bring down the League of Male Swirlers.

  • mizzbarnes - 3 years ago

    That was the 'Sunken Place' episode of Fucking with Black people....ending with Wayne Brady showing us what it looks like when you refuse to go into the sunken place! Thank you for ending that on a happy ending.

  • Anne - 3 years ago

    Alfonso is an embarrassment to all things Trinidadian. We don't claim him any more.

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