Who is responsible for the surge in Covid Cases


  • Bridgette - 2 years ago

    I wish there was a combo option. This answer could be like what happens first, the chicken or the egg?

    If Toupe Fiasco (S/o to Bassey) had handled the pandemic from jump, then things wouldn’t be all fucked up now. But scientifically, viruses naturally mutate and if the host is unvaccinated then you got the surge in Delta cases.

    It’s truly scary what’s happening especially with kids going back to school soon. I live in Memphis, and the icu beds in the children hospitals are full. It’s good our health dept is mandating mask for all schools systems. But how are kids going to social distance? Plus you know most kids haven’t seen their friends in a yr so you know hugs will be happening.
    Kids probably won’t keep their mask on. It’s a lot to think about.
    I’ve seen ppl blaming the CDC for dropping the mask mandate but the key phrase that ppl are missing is the unvaccinated was suppose to “KEEP WEARING A MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCE.”
    That’s their ass for not following directions.
    So now we got divine 9 variants running through unvaccinated children and teens includes which are about to congregate for 8 hours a day/ 5 days a week

    Woosah. God Bless

    Thank you so much for keeping us Tippers abreast of the Coronavirus news. It’s how I stay sane and hitting the people with the facts!


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 2 years ago

    So, I voted "the unvaccinated", but I blame THEM on the disinformation campaign of the trump administration and that simple mf that people pretended was CREDIBLE for 4 fucking years...I'm still salty. I dont know if you can tell, LoL.

  • EvieE - 2 years ago

    I place the blame firmly at Donald Trump’s feet. Had he acted like a decent human being for once in his life and handled this pandemic like someone who actually gives a fuck, there wouldn’t be so many of his followers refusing to get vaccinated. I believe the vast majority of the people who are unvaccinated are Trump supporters. DeSantis and Abbot are following in his footsteps in hopes to be the next Trump. So yes they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell.

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