Should masks be mandatory next school year?

  • Jack Johnson - 1 month ago

    Harve C; you should check your "facts" with science based data other than what you're fed of social media and youtube. They have in fact isolated and identified the Coronavirus and all your claims have been debunked.

  • Joseph - 1 month ago

    Making the mask mandatory in the school ???? system would be an excessive that
    students and staff do not need at this point.
    With fully vaccinated staff......the students deserve some kind of normality.....and a chance to enjoy their environment.... without the fear factor !

  • Harve C. - 1 month ago

    August 2021 - the Chief Medical Officer of Health Alberta has no material evidence - proof of Isolation of SARS-COV2 virus. Therefore there is no COVID-19 virus.

    July 21, 2021 US CDC
    PCR Test does not have the ability to differentiate between the flu and COVID.
    To date NO ONE has isolated COVID-19 Virus.
    There is no physical certified reference material sample of the COVID virus.
    There is no means to calibrate diagnostic equipment to identify the COVID virus.
    I.e. the PCR Test is Fraudulent. It is testing for Influenza, NOT COVID.
    There is no certified reference material for the Delta or any other Variant of the virus.
    PCR Test Emergency Authorization will be revoked December 31, 2021.
    In 2020 Influenza essentially vanished, those who were diagnosed as having COVID, had Influenza.
    Influenza was rebranded as COVID.

  • Jack Johnson - 1 month ago

    If they've been fully vaccinated and are not displaying symptoms of sickness, then it really wouldn't be nessassary.
    That said, in Asia it's common courtesy to wear a mask when sick to avoid passing your cold or flu onto other people...I certainly hope that mask wearing WILL become a common courtesy in public.

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