The Arkansas "Hustler" ad


  • Adhana Davis - 11 months ago

    The ad was certainly written by a group of middle aged white men who have only heard of Black people [insert hello fellow kids gif here] but I'm cackling at this, not f*ucked with on this at all.

  • Shay - 11 months ago

    I think the ppl offended by this are the same ppl offended any time theres a less then exceptional/magical black person betrayed on screen. They don't want black ppl portrayed as drug dealers, we can't be poor, we can't be non college educated. they really need to put an asterisk next the BLM in they bios because they really don't give a fuck about all Black ppl. the reality is there are Black ppl in our society who do not have all their shit together and they catch, spread and die from this virus just like everyone else. If someone sees themself in this man in this ad and gets the vaccine it was absolutely worth it

  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 11 months ago

    He's just an entrepreneur who "sells things"....why should that be offensive? Lmao

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