Do you know anyone who was antivax or hesitant but got Covid?


  • Bridgette - 3 years ago

    I have a friend who had COVID in November and she hasn’t received the vaccine. We have a group chat and I try not to get to preachy like I do on social media about COVID (If You Know, You Know). But one day another one of our friends put an article in the chat about Bill Lee allowing parents to overrule the mask mandate in the school systems.

    I put in our group chat that if you haven’t been vaccinated, then need to do it ASAP. Thar friend who got COVID in Nov texted back, “YoU CaN sTiLL get COVID if YoU gET vACCiNaTed.”
    Before I knew I started furiously typing back like that Jim Carrey meme. “Yes you can still get COVID, I texted back. However, you are less likely to die or end up in the hospital. That is why the ER is overrun with ppl who are unvaccinated.”

    She responded and said,“I didn’t say you were wrong. Nevermind I don’t want talk about this anymore.”
    It was crickets in the chat after that.

    I usually don’t give a shit about my social media ppl being loud and wrong. But my family and friends giving me these bullshit anti-vax points? I can’t let that slide. Misinformation can literally kill you. If she chooses to make your choice based on facts, then Godspeed.

    If I shamed her into STFU about that anti vax foolishness then good. If I shamed her into getting the vaccine even better. If I shamed her into never discussing COVID with me again, that’s fine too. Lol. Don’t come to me with the foolishness.


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 3 years ago

    Im tired. Fuckem.

  • mizzbarnes - 3 years ago

    I had a friend who caught Covid, called me and this woman said that she rather die than deal with Covid. She recovers, we talk again and she was more terrified of the side effects of the vaccine versus dealing with ACTUAL COVID?!?!?!!?!?!!?

    I just looked at her, shook my head and wished her good luck. That moment had me realize that these people are so fucking exhausting. Let me stay hydrated and vaccinated.

  • B.Mont - 3 years ago

    I have a Black friend that says that he would only get the Vaccine if it was mandatory for the races he plans to run this year. He follows the news and often posts COVID updates on his IG. He is well aware of the danger. Alas, he decides still not to get the shot. That doesn't stop me from trolling him about getting the shot though.

    Other than that, I recent met a older white guy at this event I was at and WOW. It started off a cool networking conversation but somehow Vaccines came up and it got interesting. The majority of my social circle can at least acknowledge logic and validated news/information but this man right here... he tried to throw all the nonsense my way and had to hit him with the facts. I'm glad I do my own research across many outlets and listen to your updates. I was not about to let this man spout off with such misinformation in my presence. He casually bowed out and went to talk to an older white woman that would listen. These ppl really do exist and aren't just in the news

  • Eugenio - 3 years ago

    My brother caught covid from my sister. This was last year May. He didn’t. Get his first shot until last week. This is because he had a baby born on the 2nd and we would not leave home alone about getting vaxed.

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