Do you drink wine?


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 1 year ago

    Per the poll, "Yes I drink wine!" The fruity kind, lmao. After all, I'm a nigga!

  • Mwangangi - 1 year ago

    I drinks all the drinks. I don't like [regular //cheap//] tequila, but I'll even drink that. Don't really dig reds I prefer white wines and more towards the sweeter/citrus-y. I also like all the bubbles. I don't really get hangovers so that's probably why.

  • gina - 1 year ago

    this was such an interesting interview and episode! I'm definitely going to check out the bad & boozy podcast! Can you have her back around the holidays to recommend wines for small family visits/gatherings (if we can have them again)? Great show as always! ps just got my virtual ticket as an early bday gift to myself.

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