Should 'Ted Lasso' go there with Ted and Rebecca?


  • EBV - 2 years ago

    Jeff's comment is like spot on its great.

    I am a shipper of Rebecca and Ted NOT just because, but because if you have ever seen a Rom-Com movie that is literally the whole concept. Falling in love with your BEST FRIEND. And just being yourself. What Ted has literally spent one full season in helping Rebecca realize this. But in return Rebecca has helped Ted learn alot about himself too and helped him in his divorce process, something she knows a ton about how it can affect you as a person. Despite his jovial personality he isn't bullet proof. They both are complete opposites but balance each other so well. Their interactions crack me up. I love How Ted Lasso is picking kinda like themes for each episode and focuses on different characters in them and highlights them. This one was LOVE. And I loved it.

    But I also think it could just be tease too. Not sure if they would get Rebecca and Ted together so quickly but I have seen faster relationships before. And I also thought what if it is her EX?!?!? EEEEK.

  • Jeff - 2 years ago

    There were also not so subtle references to “You’ve Got Mail”. In YGM Meg Ryan was “shopgirl” and in Ted Lasso we see on Rebecca’s phone that she is “bossgirl”. In YGM Tom Hanks was NY152, in Ted Lasso Rebecca is chatting with LDN152. There is also a line in YGM where Tom Hanks won’t reply to a question as it is “too personal” as did Rebecca.

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