Grade 'You Are My Spring' Season 1:


  • Carole - 2 years ago

    Loved the entire story. However, the last two episodes. I was hoping to see them have some romance. The ending did not show any romance between the main couple which was needed for the ending

  • Judith - 3 years ago

    What a confused and disappointing drama. The thriller part was really interesting but was given a back seat to follow the rather juvenile romance which was beyond cloying. Why did they even bother to putvthe thriller into this story- why did they bother at all I was left feeling by the last two episodes. In particular the last episode sank into a self help, cliched , drawn out lecture on love and helping others.

  • Rene - 3 years ago

    I think the whole series is a disappointment. It seemed to me the writer(s) lacked direction leaving one grasping to get hold of the actual story. The characters lacked depth and conviction, there was no real chemistry between the "couples". Trying to combine too many stories in one is not successful abd leaves one with an overwhelming feeling of boredom. It is very slow moving which in itself is not a problem if you are able to grasp where the writer/actors are taking you.
    The English translation is good and mercifully without spelling mistakes and incorrect expressions - i.e. not translated fully. I do not understand Korean, but love the sound of the spoken language. And prefer listening to Korean with English translations.
    The filming is very pleasant on the eye - refreshing to see aspects of Korea not previously seen. The lines and scenes are kept simple, soft, filmed with an eye for colour and composition.
    Sadly i do not think i will watch the series again despite many of the actors and actresses persons i admire and appreciate for their skills.

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