Where Should Alex Reyes Pitch In 2022?


  • Troy Fisher - 2 years ago

    Reyes' arm can't sustain 200 IP. He has excelled as a closer, so keep him there. It minimizes the wear & tear on his arm and maximizes his value. Putting him back in the rotation is just asking for more arm problems. He has never pitched a full season, except this year...in the bullpen

  • Tom F - 2 years ago

    How is Reyes ever going to become an efficient starter? His lack of control results in an elevated pitch count. He won't make it past 3 innings as a starter in my opinion.

  • Roger&Tina Adams - 2 years ago

    Personally we think Reyes should be sent back row. To the miles for however long it takes for him to get his act together. He has lost his confidence and needs to regain it and he won't regain it in the majors.

  • Irv - 2 years ago

    Don't fix what is not broken!!! Leave him in the bullpen

  • Jeff - 2 years ago

    Trade him before he falls apart. His value may be at its peak right now.

  • Darryl - 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t trade him, but I’d definitely try to get all I could for Flaherty this off-season.

  • Tom - 2 years ago

    Trade him STAT.

  • Justin - 2 years ago

    Trade while value is high before wheels falloff

  • Darryl - 2 years ago

    They should be starting him now as an opener to ramp his innings up and see how he does with a 3-4 inning start every 5 days.

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