Grade the 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' Premiere:


  • Lee Varmuza - 1 year ago

    Live the new show. Both characters are a pleasure to watch

  • Dini - 1 year ago

    From the bottom of my heart, I’m in love at the first sight with Hometown ChaChaCha.
    The story growth, actors, character building, cinematography, message, and all the things in this drama are incredibly beautiful.
    I don’t think I need any further explanation.
    My heart was so full after watching the first episode.
    I really appreciate it.

  • Cj - 1 year ago

    Homcha offers not just heart warming scenes but life lessons as well. The sceneries they are showing in this drama are truly calming and beautiful. I commend the superb portrayal of each character. I am getting curious how each of their story will unfold. The interactions sometimes are simple and light but can warm your heart and give you teary eyes, which you find yourself enjoying. I recommend this drama to everyone. A slice of life genre like this is what we need to reflect on ourselves and on our actions.

  • Sarah - 1 year ago

    This dramas is so heart-warming! It's just what I needed to ake my weekends better. The leads chemistry is amazing and my heart flutters every time Du Sik smiles. Can the next episode came soon already?!

  • Lara Ann Garcia - 1 year ago

    This drama is refreshing. I needed this. I have not watched current kdramas or have stopped finishing them because they get too heavy on the emotion and thinking-side (serial killers, adultery, deaths,etc)...this is a feel-good drama and would definitely have a happy ending but I don't mind, but I want to know how it and the characters achieve it.????

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