Should Montreal match the Kotkaniemi offer sheet?

  • Dragan Pelic - 1 month ago

    Goodbye KK, he's probably worth 2.5-3.0 tops! The joke is now on the Canes....they will regret trying to get back at the Habs.

  • Melvin shonias - 1 month ago

    He doesn't worth 6.1m he should get 3million only

  • *HAL* - 1 month ago

    Marc take the picks next year's draft has enormous amounts of draft eligible centers and wingers that can turn to center. Get your scouts to work look your a smarter than normal GM Your supposed to have people in place to help you and I both know the kid is good but 6.1 million not a chance then what's he going to want if he has that 1 good year and you go out in 1st or 2nd round or not make playoffs. We know you have put time with this young fella he's seemed to let you know how he's feeling bye signing the offer sheet we want guy's who know what it's like to carry that emblem on there Jersey with pride win a cup some of these young players need to be put in their place just can't keep happening and all you GM'S are allowing it your the guy that stands up FUCK Him time to cut your loss let Caroline be the next contract problem.

  • Yan Surprenant - 1 month ago

    Kotkaniemi is north even worth 3 000 000$ right now. I see him producing +- 55 pts in about 3 years. So 55/60 pts would then be worth 6 000 000$ for a #2 center.

    Too much of a guess righ now...

    Sorry but Coao Bye KK

  • Backflipz - 1 month ago

    KK may have a better chance to reach his ceiling on a contender, not to mention with the security of a team willing to invest that much in him. Carolina and Montreal making the NHL great again ????

  • Noah - 1 month ago

    though he’d be an overpayment at this point and was a healthy scratch during most of the Stanley Cup Finals, i think they should match. otherwise why let Phillip Danault go? he could’ve been their shut down 2nd line center. I also do agree with the comments above

  • Josip Tomic - 1 month ago

    He will NEVER be $6.1 million unless he improves on everything. Habs will not match it. Goodbye KK.

  • David Morris - 1 month ago

    The Hubs should not match it; put Carolina in a cap bind! Still passed they moved their AHL affiliation from Charlotte.

  • Peter Rodgers - 1 month ago

    He is not a six million dollar player.He doesn't seem want to remain a Hab.

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