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  • Bryson - 3 years ago

    ONE TREEE HILL is the best by far

  • Joey - 3 years ago

    The originals and it’s not even close

  • Huda Telfah - 3 years ago

    It's a hard decision but i have to say the vampire diaries

  • Levin - 3 years ago

    Arrow----> best one ever

  • Jess - 3 years ago


  • Tawrens - 3 years ago

    Supernatural or Legends

  • Tawrens - 3 years ago

    Supernatural or. Legends

  • Kenneyy - 3 years ago

    The Flash hands down. He's just the best Cisco and Chester p rlly made it some spice on top of it already being a great show so did the actors themselves.

  • Wayne Smith - 3 years ago

    Only one show which is the best Roswell New Mexico best show on tv

  • It that guy - 3 years ago

    It All American that does it for me!!

  • Dave - 3 years ago

    The Republic of Sarah

  • Leslie Turner - 3 years ago

    Nancy Drew!

  • William Combs - 3 years ago

    Supernatural or the 100

  • Aron Oliva - 3 years ago

    I vote for Arrowverse corssover

  • Corina Raaijmakers - 3 years ago

    Supernatural all the way.

  • Cassie Karlson - 3 years ago

    One Tree Hill by far. They had the best characters. I just got done watching all 9 seasons again for like the 5th time because you can just relate to the problems.

  • Geneva Castro - 3 years ago

    No offense but, it's no contest. Hands down SUPERNATURAL!!... I'm a super fan even got a Supernatural tattoo recently. My second would be Vampire Diaries.

  • Mark McGillivray - 3 years ago

    Legacies, Superman and Lois and The Flash

  • Robin - 3 years ago

    Legends of Tomorrow

  • Sandra - 3 years ago

    Correction Jay Ryan

  • Ken - 3 years ago

    Legends definitely

  • Sandra - 3 years ago

    Beauty and the Beast. Kristin Kreuk and Jay Walker were amazing.

  • Chris - 3 years ago

    Arrowverse has been the best, Superman and Lois was strong out of the gate. Supergirl has been a true gem. However, I think Stargirl is the most underrated series on the CW. Wish I could say Swamp Thing, but you just aired the original, but edited, episodes and went nowhere with it...

  • Hope eyes - 3 years ago

    The vampire diaries, The Originals, and Legacies 1000000000000000%

  • Anonymous - 3 years ago


  • yvette battles - 3 years ago

    Sorry King fu that was a typo in the first comment I sent

  • yvette battles - 3 years ago

    Charmed and supernatural are and was the best shows on the CW. But kung fuck and star girl is up there too

  • jack - 3 years ago

    just because supernatural ran for 15 seasons does not make it good Ɛ> god bles

  • Faith Vander Snow - 3 years ago

    No offense to the other shows, but FIFTEEN seasons of SUPERNATURAL takes the cake..OR should I say PIE!!

  • Terry J Dunn - 3 years ago

    Star Girl , of course most of the shows are good and have there fans . Some have ups an downs it all comes down to which shows have better stories better writers . Here's hoping Star Girl wins this poll

  • Aurora Revenclaw - 3 years ago

    Supernatural is the best. No offence to other shows.

  • Robyn - 3 years ago

    Nikita is a massively underrated show. It's legit excellent but if I have to choose just 1 then the originals is my favourite, it was almost perfect, such great story arcs and character growth and it had a great ending. Both inspiring and heartbreaking in equal measure.

  • Claudia - 3 years ago

    Arrow tutta la vita!!!

  • CP - 3 years ago

    In actually rewatching Hart of Dixie now for the millionth time and I just got through rewatching Vampire Diaries for the millionth time too. But supernatural is the one that should win!

  • Renee - 3 years ago

    Supernatural is OBVIOUSLY going to win. Yall ever seen their fan base? Not only was it 15 whole seasons, they have their own convention and everything. That being said, it'd be my #3. I'm going with Vampire Diaries and The Originals and my top two. I'm not liking Legacies much.

  • hesham jubary - 3 years ago

    man do a Smallville remake

  • Jeanpaget - 3 years ago

    Arrow forever!!

  • Marianna - 3 years ago

    Walker is my new favorite and Supernatural will always have a place in my heart.

  • Tricia m - 3 years ago

    Supernatural always

  • Deshawn Holmes - 3 years ago

    Supernatural all day.

  • Gloria - 3 years ago

    Supergirl, es la mejor serie de la CW porque trata temas reales difíciles como el racismo la homofobia entre otros trata de dar un faro moral a la juventud perdida y falta de valores pero también no sea salvado de la agresión de estos grupos difíciles es por eso que es la mejor serie de todas.

  • Karen - 3 years ago

    The Vampire Diaries hands down as the top It’s one of the few shows I rewatch quite a bit. The Originals and OG Gossip Girl as well.

  • Tammy - 3 years ago


  • Billie - 3 years ago

    The Secret Circle!!!!

  • Viekka - 3 years ago

    Come on a lot of good shows are here Beauty and the beast, The Vampire Dairies,The originals,Legacies,The Tomorrow People,Arrow,Smallville,Flash, Supergirl, Supernatural

  • Josh Chan - 3 years ago

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the best show of the CW, as well as just the 21st century

  • anonimo - 3 years ago

    Was Veronica Mars on the CW? Cause I would have voted for it if I had known.

  • K Muck - 3 years ago

    The 100 and Jane the Virgin are two of the best shows on ANY network.

  • Cristina Armoa - 3 years ago

    Supernatural and Walker are the best show ever !!!!

  • Ricky Tran - 3 years ago

    LEGENDS FOR THE WIIIIIIIIIN! They keep getting better!

  • Michelle - 3 years ago


  • Softcopy717 - 3 years ago

    Supernatural 100%

  • Yo - 3 years ago

    Smallville obviously

  • Lisa - 3 years ago

    “Supernatural “

  • Tori - 3 years ago

    One Tree Hill was the best show CW ever did! I still watch it on DVD when I'm home sick! I've also rewatched the whole series with my Teenage son. My sister rewatched it with her Teenage daughters. It covered like every teen problem. And the characters were actually likeable. I actually loved how well they transitioned them into adults.

  • Guilherme Freire - 3 years ago

    Legends of Tomorrow for the winnnnnnn

  • Tiki - 3 years ago

    The Originals & Walker.

  • Josh - 3 years ago

    How is Veronica Mars not on this list?

  • Drew - 3 years ago

    Gossip girl was the best and 90210

  • Henry Norcross - 3 years ago

    Supernatural got a bit more confusing and messed up after season 5, but the acting and the cast was so good that the show was worth every second of it no matter what. Sam and Dean felt like natural brothers and the actors basically became brothers because of it.

  • Brenna - 3 years ago

    Walker is the best. I love it.

  • Rosana - 3 years ago

    Apesar de ser uma série "nova" Walker pra mim é a melhor eu estou amando essa série.

  • Jules - 3 years ago

    Supernatural’s the best, by far in my opinion!! The Winchesters monster hunting was the best!!

  • 69 Road Runner - 3 years ago


  • molly k - 3 years ago


  • l - 3 years ago

    supercorp endgame

  • anonymous - 3 years ago

    supercorp endgame

  • hi - 3 years ago

    supercorp endgame

  • hello - 3 years ago

    supercorp endgame

  • Carlotta Bosi - 3 years ago

    Why wasn’t Cult in the list

  • Nicholas Powers - 3 years ago


  • Alicia Loeffler - 3 years ago

    Why do I need to leave a comment

  • Jessica Metcalfe - 3 years ago

    The Vampire Diaries will by far always be the greatest show the CW has ever done

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