Do you watch reality TV?


  • mizzbarnes - 10 months ago

    When I watch 'My 600 pound life, I sit and wonder......almost everyone is married or booed up. Again, I'm not doing something right...LOL!

  • Mr. Hilton - 11 months ago

    Lil RaeRae!!! Always a great guest. Always a fun conversation. You niccas made me go down a hr. Long rabbit hole on dayum “cheaters” ???? Love the way you “slay-ving” as usual.

  • Blue Wave Rider - 11 months ago

    I like shows like, Ice Road Truckers and Swamp People. I hate the reality shows where you put a bunch of noncompatible and disfunctional people together just to see who fights who. When you name a show something like, "Fake Ass Lovers of Wannabe Sports All Stars", you KNOW ain't nothing going on but the beef. Miss me with that shit.

  • Alicia - 11 months ago

    Reality tv is my guilty pleasure, I do sneak and watch a lil bit. It was nice to hear Rae Sanni talking about reality tv in the manner that she was instead of the whole reality tv is trash and I'm too good and disciplined to indulge in it that I'm used to hearing.

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