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Which anagram was nothing PUTT trouble?

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  • John Hunyady - 4 days ago

    For me, Calico was clear, Gurney took a minute, the answer was on par with the cartoon!

  • Angela - 6 days ago

    Hi Edward…If you check above, you’ll see that you’re not alone. Calico seems to be the stumper today. And for some reason, whenever I hear the word Calico, I always think of Annie Oakley. I don’t even know all that much about Annie Oakley…but she just always seems to come to mind! Hope you’re enjoying your day Edward, and thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • Mike - 1 week ago

    That was a tough one to get, Edward. I’m sure you’ll remember it for next time. Thanks for commenting and have a great weekend. Take care.

  • Edward Murgia - 1 week ago

    I didn't,didn't, have a problem solving the jumble except for the word calico

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