Grade the final season of 'Lucifer,' once you have watched all 10 episodes:


  • Carol Newman - 2 years ago

    HATED that Lucifer was CONFINED to hell waiting for Chloe to DIE for 70 earth years. The series made it clear that time moved on earth more slowly than in many millennia passed for him?

    Lucifer & Chloe couldn't have cheated??? Like Persephone & Hades? Just make sure Rory didn't find out?

    And totally agree with everything about the complete miss on Trixie's story.

    Finally, thruout the series there was a running gag about how much Lucifer DIDN'T LIKE CHILDREN. Yet thruout Season 6 he's all about this child that he's sacrificing his life (letting LeMec kill him). his pride (the stupid scenes with Rory serenaded, shopping trips, driving, etc.)......

    ALL of the characters except for LUCIFER and CHLOE had endings that were true to their storylines & traits thru all 6 seasons. It was as though Trixie was forgotten or replaced by Rory. CHLOE in Season 6 was a hot mess of contradictions: in thrall to the Flaming Swords power to the point of almost killing Lucifer, not concerned at all about raising an angel baby with killer wings ALONE while also raising Trixie (teenager!!!???) and resolving racism within the LAPD???

  • Vicki - 2 years ago

    Hated the ending. There were so many nonsensical holes left. Such as why could Lucifer not be in their lives until Rory remembered? He would have still left. And why could he and the detective not have seen each other away from Rory, in private for get always, as adults do? They also took away Trixie’s only father figure and leave her with nothing. Why……never mind, just too many…..

  • Jazz - 2 years ago

    I did not like how they ended. I was expect more than what it showed me. It never clarify if Trixi actually knows about Lucifer, maze and amendal. How did she feel when Chloe had to raise aurora with out Lucifer? Why couldn’t Lucifer come to see the birth of his child? Why wasn’t Rory with Chloe when she went down to hell? Where was Trixi in her mom final moment? When Ella blurted out that she knows everything, where was Trixi? So many question I have from watching this season that’s unanswered. I wish they would have made more episode instead of rushing to end it. I love Lucifer but for the finally It was ok.

  • Becky Palmer - 2 years ago

    The reason I didn't give the final season an excellent is for one item only. Trixie would have been at her mother's bedside as she lay dying if she could have been. I felt they gave her short shrift since there wasn't even a mention of her at all. Would it have been so bad for Rory to tell Chloe that Trixie was on her way from some destination?

  • Suemarie Simpson - 2 years ago

    Kudos for creating the cartoon Lucifer. I laughed so hard at Lucifers expression and there'd devil. It was perfect. Bravo writers and animators. Dare I ask for a real cartoon?! I bet other fans would love it!????????

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