Grade the 'Lucifer' series finale:


  • Rinehardt68 - 1 year ago

    My wife and i watched the finale while she at work and i was home.
    She's a nurse so we watched on her lunch break.
    She was her tablet and we had video chat our phones lol.
    It was Phenomenal and beautiful we both cried.
    Yes we both ask were is Trixie.
    Now we know.

  • Kristy Brooks - 1 year ago

    Very well scripted. It was sad, but also beautiful. Too bad it had to end, would have loved to see how Rory & Trixie got along afterwards. Who came up with the name Rory ? Sequel maybe with the girls,

  • Sierra Bragdon - 1 year ago

    Lucifer was my favorite show. Tom Ellis was the perfect actor for the part. Handsome, talented, just perfect ! I was saddened to see it end. I do feel that there could be a continuation of the show with the same actors beginning where the show ended.

  • Tina Strack - 1 year ago

    Ive watch Lucifer 18 times its my favorite and the end i love it

  • Martyna Dubensky - 1 year ago

    The final season of Lucifer is amazing, but it will rip your heart out!

  • Midge - 1 year ago

    What a glorious final season to a fantastic show!!! Will all from the show. The best and a happy future to all the cast.

  • Patricia Villasenor - 1 year ago

    The full series was out of this world, fantastic, awesome!! ❤️

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