Did you watch the coverage of the anniversary of 9/11?


  • Danielle Dee - 10 months ago

    Damn 94% —> voted “NO” including myself, but damn I thought I was gonna be apart of the minority. May the Lord keep them in peace… I was at work taking care of the patients.

  • Angela - 10 months ago

    I couldn't do it. It is super-pressing to think about and that depression is only made worse by the fact that this country has learned absolutely nothing and has doubled down on the propaganda and lies. I am sure there were some heartfelt tributes, and I feel deeply for the people who were killed and injured by this event. In the lead-up to 9/11, I just saw propaganda. It felt like some tv broadcasts were glamourizing the innocence of America as a country and pushing how "badass" we supposedly are. It just feels performative and packaged. None of those people deserved to die or suffer (so many are still suffering and getting sick), but I couldn't deal with the erasure of all of the lies and racist knee-jerk behavior that people indulged in and continue to indulge in. There is definitely tv programming somewhere that dealt with this and I am sure I missed out, but I didn't want to risk running into the smarmy content so I bowed out. My family and I just had our own private remembrance and my hubs and I discussed it with our kids. Speaking of discussion, there is a book you might find interesting: Reign of Terror: How the 9/11 Era Destabilized America and Gave Us Trump. I think this Trimp crap could be traced back to slavery and the killing of the Reconstruction era, but this author has a lot of good points. Thanks for all of the real talk and great episodes.

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