Which statue would you prefer to see where Christopher Columbus used to stand in Mexico City?

  • Roberto G. Romo - 4 days ago

    Erease the history won't change the present......
    "Borrando la HISTORIA....NO CAMBIA EL PRESENTE....

  • Garret Sobczyk - 6 days ago

    Hey, I have an idea. I don't think monuments of an era should be destroyed. Why not put them in a Museum with a full historic accounting of the unvarnished facts behind them? A museum can serve as a revolving door, a monument then can always be restored if further historic discoveries and social climates of the times demands it. The issue reminds me of one of my favorite books: Howard Zinn's book, "The Peoples History of the United States". Robert Heinlein: "A generation which ignores history has no past and no future."

  • Michael - 6 days ago

    George, shall we balance wrongs and compare them to each other? OK, will you agree that being a slave trader is worse than owning slaves? No? How about mass murder? Columbus was a mass murderer. No, it was not war. It was slaughter of innocent human beings. Now do you still want the man's statue in your public square?

  • George - 6 days ago

    Unbelievable push back. OK. Slavery is wrong, Wrong, WRONG!!! So deny history, anyway.

    Slavery has been around for thousands of years. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc., all had slaves. That’s how the work got done. Tragically, it’s still going on for profit in some areas of the world.

    Africans in Africa raided each others’ camps and stole women and children as slaves. Native Americans were doing the same thing for the same reasons. That’s how the work got done.

    Africans in Africa were actively involved in capturing Africans and selling them to the slave traders. After all, it’s “just business.”

    When the Spanish slave ship “Friendship” in English was over run and taken over by the Africans, they thought they were heading home, but wound up in New England instead.

    They were arrested and jailed. A huge trial ensued to settle if they were property to be returned or were they human beings.

    There were a number of petitions were filed with the court by a bunch of claimants to recover their “property.” Even Spain. The Africans were heading to a Spanish possession in the Caribbean to work the fields.

    When the court found they were human beings, not property, and were free to return home, Spain was demanding compensation for decades from the U.S., but never got it.

    When Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase, the U.S. slave population zoomed. The French owned slaves. There’s a reason why Portuguese is still the principal language spoken in Brazil. Portugal invaded and colonized the entire country and enslaved everybody.

    So, George Washington owned slaves. Lets tear down the Washington Monument and remove his picture from the dollar bill and forget he ever existed. Same for Thomas Jefferson, et. al.

    And we’ll re-name the nation’s capital to something that’s more socially/politically acceptable with the current times of denial.

    Again, slavery today has been wrong, and it has been a crime, for scores of years now in most parts of the world. Let’s do keep it that way, and continually strive to make it even better.

    But, still, what Columbus did was entirely acceptable in the 1400s. Why condemn him and so many others based on what’s entirely unacceptable today?

  • Brad Boner - 6 days ago

    Puhleeeeeese! Statues are inanimate stoneworks. Who cares? Put Popeye or El Santo up there. They at least entertained the youngsters. Columbus was a dude who once, when asked what he had discovered, said: "I discovered that Isabella was flat!" The then-Queen of Spain who funded his mischief, reportedly fumed for years, although that's suspect, too..

    I shall repeat: "All history is gossip."...


  • Tara Davis - 1 week ago

    Every statue is a piece of history and they’re beautiful and they may not represent the same mores and morals of today but that was then and that is part of history but to condemn someone for something that happened 500 years is absolutely stupid and ridiculous and ignorant!!

  • Sam Emalu - 1 week ago

    I am not a fan of Columbus, Robert E Lee and many others whose statues adorn many public places. Then again, neither am I a fan of re-writing history by destroying it, just because what it represents is no longer valid, or because we are ashamed of where we come from, or because it is merely politically inconvenient. By destroying history we erase the very thing that helps us remember and helps us learn from the past. Use them as a teaching tool - Update them maybe to put them in context, just don't erase them. Lest we doom ourselves to repeat the same mistakes. I did not vote in this weeks poll as none of the options were adequate to address this subject.

  • John - 1 week ago

    First off, George is a misinformed individual whose opinion is based on zero facts and prejudice. Secondly, Columbus was a slave trader and under no circumstances should a slave trader be honored in any way shape or form. A statue of an indigenous woman is much more appropriate in so many ways. If the powers at be don’t believe an indigenous woman is correct, then leave the space open.

  • Javier - 1 week ago

    No doubt it should be Vicente Fernandez G.

  • Michael - 1 week ago

    The crimes of Christopher Columbus should have been considered crimes in any century. The claim that he is vilified just because his morals did not conform to those of the 21st Century is balderdash. He was an evil man then, and he is an evil man now. There is no need to whitewash him because of his historic "accomplishments."

  • George - 1 week ago

    Oh, please! When will it end? Put Columbus back! Condemning someone because he didn’t conform with 21st Century standards because he lived in the 15th Century is absurd.

    How about destroying all Catholic churches and monuments today because they burned at the steak and executed others who defied the Church centuries ago and worshiped the same God but as a Protestant?

    And, somewhat off topic, the Unites States of America was formed as a union of Free and Independent States. Even the Declaration of Independence stated “these Colomies are, and of right should be, free and independent States.” That’s what the Revolutionary War against the English Crown was all about.

    Where in the U.S. Constitution does it state that any State that leaves the Union will be considered an act of war? Lincoln actually asked Lee if he would command the Union troops if war broke out.

    Lee declined. If push came to shove, he would return to defend his home State (Commonwealth) of Virginia. Today, he’s being called a U.S. traitor and his memorials are being removed.

    Interesting when the United Kingdom voted to succeed the European Union, war didn’t break out.

    Columbus might not hold up to 21st. Century, standards and beliefs, but he seemed to be representative if the same in the 15th.

    And, sure, put up all the monuments ya want for indigenous women, men, and children.

  • Janie - 1 week ago


  • William Conklin - 1 week ago

    Add a statue if deemed appropriate, don’t revise history

  • Ronzi - 2 weeks ago

    we need to honor the indigenous culture...
    They were here first###

  • Maria - 2 weeks ago

    Columbus should never have been up anywhere He was big part of the take over of the Mexican people .

  • Janis Perry - 2 weeks ago

    History is what it is, good or bad, we need to learn by it and move forward. ❤️????????❤️

  • David Warren - 2 weeks ago

    Vikings found so called Americas...(from Europe) with historical proof. In the meantime maybe in Pre History Chinese, or Polynesians, Northern Siberians and perhaps a mix of all of them.

  • Richard Alan Unger - 2 weeks ago

    Antonio Aguilar

  • Ysaura Bernal-Enriquez - 2 weeks ago

    An indigenous woman represents all of us because we are either mestizos or fully indigenes.

  • Ysaura Bernal-Enriquez - 2 weeks ago

    Una mujer indígena nos representa a todos porque todos somos mestizos o indígenas.

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