Do you wait before revealing your lover to you social media followers?

  • Brytanni - 8 months ago

    I've waited 12 years and 2 kids so far although I guess I could since I haven't done any cheating in years now so can't nobody call me out lol. I guess I'll do it one day, he's always getting on my nerves about it.

  • mizzbarnes - 8 months ago

    The blessing and curse of social media is that you get the see the mistakes of others. I've seen those Grand Opening, Grand Closing posts, far too often. However, I get that when you are happy, you want the world to know that you are happy and, on paper, the world should be happy with you. However, that is not the case. So, only the people closest to me knows who I date. And may not even put them on social media.

  • Kay - 8 months ago

    My favorite is the "Diddy crop". Women posting men and then cropping out their heads or, more hilariously, putting emoji stickers over their faces....Don't want to be caught out here looking crazy when his wife DMs you, hide him, sis!

  • Comma - 8 months ago

    I haven't heard the coverage about pregnant women not being vaccinated factor in the fear of miscarriage. I have been pregnant 3 times and have 2 kids. Since science has yet to explain why women miscarry, some of us get irrational and that can extend to life saving procedures. Some women opt out of genetic testing because it might cause a miscarriage. I remember that frame of mind and can empathize with women that have to make this choice. But if you not getting vaccinated STAY YO ASS IN THE HOUSE.

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